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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make the bright renewal necklace now this necklace is going to feature some beautiful gemstone chain and i have this chain here that has these beautiful little gems and these little palettes here these are kind of like little connectors so this is just a really beautiful chain so we're going to use this and then i also have a moth connector pendant and this is from the renewal collection from tierracast you can just see that it has a little hole there at the very bottom and it kind of has that space up at the top that we can utilize if we want and then it has these two little holes on the side so that's where we're going to be connecting our chain now the only other things that you're going to need is i have a couple of head pins here that i'm going to use with some scattered little gemstones and then i have some jump rings and a lobster clasp so for tools what you're going to need is just a couple pairs of chain nose pliers a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of flush cutters so if you have everything ready to go let's get started so coming to find one end of my chain here now this is where i have one little extra gemstone you can see it's because i had one little guy here at the very end now we do sell our gemstone chain by the inch but you can see that if you were to sell it by the inch you might get a piece or you might not so when you want to purchase let's say you're thinking about making a necklace that is about 18 inches what i would suggest you do is to buy at least 20 inches what that allows you to do is you can see here on one end it ends with one of those pieces but over here i'm going to have some extra length so the first thing i'm going to do is i'm actually going to line up these two pretending i'm going to cut that off you really want to make sure before you do any cutting that it's going to work out the way you want it to so by doing it this way you'll see that i have my two there and i match two more two more two more and two more but here you can notice that i'll get four little gemstones on each side so i can actually use this tiny little white gemstone here right where my finger is as the center if i wanted to start and place the gemstone chain right on the edge there onto my piece alternatively what you could do is you could make it so that this starts right off of the piece there so you do have a couple of options i'm going to do it the other way the first way that i kind of talked about so i'm going to come through i'm just going to line this up here at the end making sure everything is where i want it to be there we go one two and three and four and there we go all right so now for this one this is the white bead that is gonna kind of come off here so when you go to clip your gemstone off you wanna make sure that you're clipping the right loop because we want to keep the other loops intact so just remember for the one that's on this orange one on this side we want to keep that fully intact just like that so now we're going to come to this side here and carefully again clipping off the loop of that white gemstone now i have a gemstone here that has no more loops so he's not totally useless though i'm going to finish this off here by trimming that little wire there and i'm going to kind of add him to my pile so i think i can use that a little bit later okay so now very simply i have both of my chains coming out like this and now i can just attach this using a couple of little jump rings so this is where those two pairs of chain nose pliers are going to come in handy and i wanted to use really nice and tiny gemstones here i'm using four millimeter 20 gauge jump rings because i want them to be strong enough to sit through this little hoop here but not too big that they're not gonna fit here nicely so i thought that would be perfect there we go because we want it to be nice and strong this pendant is uh it's weighty it's not super heavy i'd say but it's definitely got some weight to it all right and we're just going to repeat that on the other side by opening up that little jump ring slipping it in to our pendant here and closing this up there we go all right so now we have the first part of our necklace going so what i'm going to do is i'm going to kind of flip it around because we're going to start to work on the back portion here so now when you come to this side here i think i want to cut off this entire length of gemstone chain so what i'm going to do is i'm going to come in here and just snip that off perfect and because i had to cut this last little loop here i'm going to cut off this last little yellow piece so i have a little chain there of three and i come in and just remove this there we go so now i have three little beads there now you'll notice that this probably came from just the way it was cut so we lost a little gemstone there so what i'm going to do is i'm just going to nip that off again while keeping the other piece intact now you can save this little trio you can use it for something but we can also do something a little bit later with it but before we move on to utilizing that i'm going to come here to the end so this is the end of my necklace and i'm going to need a couple of jump rings and this is where we are going to attach our clasp so go ahead and come in we're just going to open up some jump rings you can also make your own gemstone chain as well i just want to put that out there to you if that feels good for you we have a video showing you exactly how to do that with wire and your favorite gemstones all right and then we're going to come here and we're just going to open up this last little jump ring and this will be the other side of our clasp clasp excuse me so we just need to close this up and then our lobster clasp has something to attach to on this side but let's head back to our piece here at the bottom and we have a couple of options when it comes to finishing this piece now we have this little length here so we can always add that to the bottom with just a couple of jump rings and then we have some head pins here and we can put those there so we can finish it off completely so we can create a full little sort of tail to our moth if you will you can also do it where you just add one little loop here and we can add just one little gemstone there at the bottom so you have a couple of options you can also load up your head pin with three you can kind of make it a little a little trio down there at the bottom so you do have many many options when it comes to it but really the basic techniques are going to be simple wire loop or wrapped wire loop so what i'd like to do here is let's go ahead and take one of our eye pins here or excuse me one of our head pins rather and what i'm going to do is i'm going to create a little wrapped wire loop so go ahead and pinch it right above there i'm going to bend that backwards wrap it up and over the top bring it across and now i'm just going to grab it with my other chain nose pliers there and just kind of create a cute little wrapped wire loop just like so and now i'm going to come in with my flush cutters and snip that off there we go and if you need to you can take your chain nose pliers and just sort of pinch that in all right so now i have my cute little wrapped wire loop there that i think will look really nicely at the bottom so just to finish it off i'm going to go ahead and take a jump ring and open that up slip on my wrapped wire loop and slip it on to the end piece here and i'm going to sneak my pliers in there and give that a nice good closure we don't want that little dangle to go anywhere all right so there it is we have our little wrapped wire loop hanging from the ends of our chain and of course we have it finished on the other side with our uh lobster clasp there we go i'm trying to flip it around so you can see everything in frame there so we have a beautiful little necklace and you can also use this in other projects or whatever you like you can create some beautiful earrings with that whatever you like so be sure to save your little scraps from using gemstone chain so this was the bright renewal necklace thank you so much for joining me you can get all of these items by heading over to and if you're new to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from you

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