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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make the golden honeycomb adjustable bracelet now we are going to be using a pre-finished adjustable bracelet that you can see here and it has these little jump rings on each end which is lovely and this little slider bead that will allow you to adjust the size so this is a really really fun technique so we are going to be using a honeycomb connector from the tierracast renewal collection and this is in that beautiful sort of antiqued gold and we also have some czech glass round beads here and i went for a very honey bright yellowy color but feel free to choose whichever beads you like i also have some eye pins here and some head pins now for tools what you're going to need is you're going to need a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of flush cutters and a pair of round nose pliers so if you have everything ready to go let's go ahead and get started all right so the very first thing that i want to talk to you about is how are we going to adjust the size so let's go ahead and take a look now if you were to just put your beads or excuse me just put the honeycomb in there you can see that it's a very small little space there so what we want to do is we want to expand that space kind of one by one adding in these little beads with their simple wire loops now the great thing is is you can make a bunch of these and then kind of size it see how it feels take them off put the back on however you want to kind of go about it but before we get into that the first thing i want to do is show you how to finish off these little ends here down at the bottom so this is where we're going to take our head pins and we are just going to slide on those beads let them fall all the way down to the bottom and then go ahead and pinch with your round nose pliers a little bit above where that bead is because what we want to do is we want to bend it backwards wrap that wire up and over the top wrap it around and if you want you can come in and grab your chain nose pliers to give you a little extra grip and what we're going to do is we're going to wrap that and make a wrapped wire loop go ahead and wrap it once twice i'm going to be able to get three out of mine perfect and now coming in with those flush cutters we can just cut that off right there so now we have a cute little dangle that we're going to attach at the bottom so let me repeat that once more slide that on come in with my round nose pliers just above where i want it to be bend it backwards wrap that wire up and over the top bring it around and go ahead and wrap that wire once twice and three times perfect and since that extra's just gonna be scrap anyway i'm not so concerned that it coiled itself all right so now let me just pinch in my wire here i have a little little extra wire on the end there we go perfect now like i said you'll notice that these have little open jump rings here at the bottom so we just want to adjust that or excuse me not really adjust that we want to open those so we can fit on our little dangles here now you could also add some little charms there on the bottom if you if you want um i just figured i had the beads and i thought it would be nice to really drive home that yellow color i just think it's going to look look like a dripping drips of honey all right so now again coming in and we're just going to open that up slide on my little dangle there beautiful and close that up all right so now we have that part finished so we know that when you're sizing you can pull this down and pull it all the way down to the bottom and that's as big as you're going to be able to get it now i like to just kind of give myself a little extra wiggle room so i'll kind of pinch that up just a little bit there so now when we come to do our sizing here we have a little bit more understanding of how big of a space we want so let's start and let's begin by making some of our simple wire loops so let's go ahead and start with that eye pin we're going to slide that down now for this one we want to pinch a little bit closer because we want to get a really tight little loop because we're not going to be making those wraps on as a on a simple wire loop as opposed to a wrapped wire loop i know you're wrapping the wire around the pliers but it's still considered a simple wire loop to do it this way and then go ahead and come in with your flush cutters and set that little scrap aside so now we're just going to make a few of those here and i'm just going to do this really quick so again coming in right there pinching pulling back with your pliers and wrapping it up and over the top and around all right so let's see how it starts to look if i make two on each side let's see if that's the size that i want the good thing is is you'll have plenty so if you purchase this from you will have plenty of eye pins and beads to work with as you can see here on my table so don't feel like oh shoot i can't adjust it as much and the other option that you have as well is if you wanted to take one of these eye pins and let's say you wanted to string three beads on one eye pin or two or whatever it is you can create fun little patterns you can do you know seed beads on either side whatever you want this is really such a great versatile project for you to explore and really make your own okay so let's see let's see where i'm at with four so how are we going to connect all of this let's go ahead and we're going to take one of our loops here and just bend it backwards just to open it just enough i'm going to slide on the jump ring of this piece here and then i'm going to close this up move to this side and i kind of have to rotate it in my hand i'm just right-handed for sure all right and there we go and now i can slip on this side and close that up and as you're working just make sure that all of your loops are closed that's often the the most common thing when it comes to broken jewelry is that your loops just aren't closed enough okay so that's one side there now i'm going to move to the other side and do two on the other side because i want to see if that's going to be enough all right so opening that loop there we go just like so moving to this side and i know i'm kind of like i said flipping this around and rotating it in my hands there we go making sure that is nice and closed okay so again here we are now if that seems like it's going to be big enough for you then go for it by all means if you want to add a little bit more you can do so at this time i think i'm good with this size so what i'm going to do is i'm going to come in and i'm going to close this up and just open that little loop there slip on your honeycomb oops there we go i'm like come on all right close up that little loop there go to the other side and we're just going to repeat that by opening up this little loop closing it around our honeycomb and that should do it so that is our finished style there again like i said you can always add more or if you want to you can add different things charms it's a really great versatile piece to really make your own so i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to you

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