How to Make the Honeycomb Double Wrapped Loom Bracelet Kits by Beadaholique

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to make the Honeycomb Double Wrapped Loom Bracelets from start to finish. These kits use the Wrapit Professional Series Duo Bracelet Loom to create these colorful wrap bracelets. Choose your favorite color to start then pick up a refill kit to make more color variations.
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Hi, this is Kat with and we have some lovely golds and green we have a really nice purple and pink and this one over here it's a little nautical inspired so we have that white and gold and navy we also have some fun coral and aqua a classic black and gold and then a lovely purple and aqua here so really fun beautiful kits and these today are going to be using the rapid loom professional series duo and I'm going to be taking this out of course and showing you how to assemble that together but just in case you have purchased another kit from us just make sure that you have that professional series duo to make these kids now we do sell these as full kits which will give you all the components and the rapid loom but if you've already got your rapid loom ready to go from a previous kit you can purchase the refill kits and the refills will provide you with all of the components to make this - the loom and the glue so you should have that already set to go so especially once you've made one and you want to make more you don't have to keep buying the full and we offer the refill kits so I'm gonna go ahead and show you what you're gonna get in your kit and then we're gonna get started so in your kit you're going to get your round leather cord your two whole honeycomb beads you're gonna get a button closure you're gonna get two packages of the Griffin silk and you're also going to get your eight O round seed beads you'll also receive your East six thousand glue but you'll need to provide maybe a couple of toothpicks or even a scrap of wire will work just fine and then you're going to need some scissors or snips and the other thing that you're gonna get if you purchase a full kit versus a refill so this is what you'll get in the refill if you get the full kit you'll get the rapid loom professional series duo now this is a little bit different than the initial rapid loom because it comes with tracts which will allow you to make the double length to get that double wrap alright so let's start by kind of just assembling our rapid loom here so like I said we have two tracks and then we have two of our end pieces here and we have two feet so what I'm gonna do first is I'm gonna put my two tracks together so you can see that there's a male and a female end here so we're just gonna put that together and just kind of slide it down and it'll kind of snap into place just like so and then on the front end here you're gonna take your front piece and this has your little clamp and you can see that there's a nice little sort of rubber band there so if yours has fallen out in the packaging just go ahead and place that back on there alright so this will just slide right on top there and just sit nicely on to the front and then on to the back is where we're going to add on our little slider piece and this just slides on and should move freely about the back part of your loom now to give it some nice stabilization I like to go three notches in for my first foot and just snap that in there and three notches in on my back foot and again that just sort of sits nice and easy so there's no tools required to put together your loom but this is the starting position for your professional series duo rabbit loom alright so let's go ahead and let me get some things out of the way here and the first thing that I want to talk about is the sizing of this so you're gonna get two yards of your cord now to get a seven and a half or a seven inch bracelet you're gonna want about fifteen inches but just to err on the side of safety go ahead and line those two ends up here at the very back okay and now we're gonna take our little button shank and slide it on to one half of that and then slide it all the way down and we're gonna find the center point of our two yards here so just like so there we go so now what we're gonna do is just take those two cords and make an overhand knot and just pull it through and pull all those cords through and now we're just going to want to scoot our knot and make it close as we can to the edge of our button shank there so go ahead and just keep kind of working that down there sometimes you might need to sort of just adjust it a little bit there we go all right so that is our first little knot there right after the button shank all right so now I'm gonna take my ruler here get my lumens away for a moment and I'm gonna go from that first knot to where I want that second knot to be which will be about 15 inches and this will give you like I said that 7 inch bracelet I'm gonna talk a little bit more at the end about how you can sort of adjust that length now you can already see that I have a lot of extra cord so you can actually make this a much longer bracelet if you wanted to but I'm gonna show you a quick little tip later on how to make sure that you can actually extend this without even actually adding beadwork alright so the first thing we're gonna do is it's 15 inches from not to not but what I want to do now is kind of judge the distance of my button because I want it to fit through my leather cord so it's about let's say about 3/4 of an inch for this particular button some of the buttons do vary so be sure to just check yours and what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to create another little knot because this is where our button is gonna sit and get both ends through there and now I'm just gonna try to work that knot right to that same spot you can kind of see that you can adjust a little bit the leather is pretty supple so let's see and that should fit very nicely alright so let me just go ahead and tighten my knot up there and that is our starting position so we folded it in half slid on our button add it or not went 15 inches added another knot and then left room for our button to fit through and you can also see that I have almost 16 or so inches each cord on the other side here so now the next thing is we're gonna set up our loom so I'm gonna move to the front part here with the little sort of duckbill clasp and we're going to take our button and we're gonna slide it into our little clasp they're leaving the knot on the outside just like so okay because we're gonna be working with our cords like this and then just to move to the other side I know this is really long on my table but what you're gonna do and actually I'm gonna turn this around so you can kind of see it there's a little slide notch here right in the center there and that's where you're gonna put the distance between your two knots so right in there you just slide it in this one you don't have to open or clamp or anything but this is it does allow you to kind of pull tension so when you're ready to start you're just gonna pull this piece back and it's gonna create a nice tension for it your loom and I want to make sure my button is nice and secure and in the center there all right so I'm gonna kick that back for a second and just let that relax well I get my other pieces ready here alright so you're gonna get your two cards of your Griffin silk here and you can see that it has a little needle attached to it so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna take this off of the cards and I'm just kind of stretching it a little bit with my hands don't worry if it's really kinked it'll kind of work itself out as we wrap it all right I'm just gonna do that with my second one here and this Griffin silk is really wonderful to work with it's a nice strong material all right let's get this off my cord off my card my cord off my card there we go alright so I have my two cords ready to go so I'm gonna go to the ends without the needles attached so it should look like this so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna do a simple overhand knot there and then we're gonna do another overhand knot and kind of bring those together you should have maybe about an inch or two at the edge here you don't want too much but you want to have enough that you can kind of add another little knot just to secure it now don't worry too much about kind of pulling this too tight we're gonna add a little spot of glue to it as we finish up at the end so we just want a nice secure knot all right so now we're gonna go to our loom here and like I said we're gonna kick it back and I'm gonna kind of move this down on my table so that you guys can see so we're starting at the end that has the button at the top there alright so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna I'm just gonna kind of separate these you can see but what we're gonna do is we're gonna take that knot and kind of place it right in the center there so I'm gonna get my cords on either side alright so I have one cord coming out this way the other cord is coming out this way so my knot sits right in the center there so what I'm gonna do is just kind of hold that knot with my thumb and I'm gonna wrap this cord around the right side of the leather and I'm gonna take this cord and I'm gonna wrap it down and through and around this side of the leather and just kind of pull it all the way through so you can see you just kind of get my tails out of the way what it should look like there we've just gone up and around and we've wrapped once and then wrapped once on the other side alright so now what I'm going to do is just kind of scooch this up a little bit and I'm gonna take these two cords here again getting that little tail out of the way and I'm gonna make a simple overhand knot keeping those cords on the right sides that they are already on so you don't want to do a cross over here and now I'm just gonna take that little knot and tie it down and then I'm just going to kind of scooch it up because I want to kind of hide that underneath the other not there so that I don't have too much going on alright so there we go just securing my knots making sure they're still centered there and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take that right hand cord and I'm gonna go down through the center and out and around and I'm gonna take that left-hand cord when we go down through the center and up and out and around all right so now we're ready to start in with our seed beads here all right so onto my right hand needle here I'm gonna put on one seed bead all right and then I'm going to slide it all the way down and now I'm criss crossing over you can see I just kind of have that little seed bead in my finger there I'm criss crossing it over to the left and I'm gonna take the left hand cord needle go through going the opposite direction and now I'm gonna pull that left cord all the way over to the right so we're creating this little crisscross motion here and now when I pull it down that bead is gonna sit right in the center there and for this first one I'm gonna just kind of adjust it with my fingers a little bit and make sure that he is nice and happy just kind of sit in there there we go all right so now same thing I'm gonna take this cord down and around and out and this cord down and around and out so you'll be Criss crossing your threads the whole time so you don't need to keep track of what was on the right or the left all right so now we're gonna repeat that again but this time because we're building up to a wider base we're gonna put on two seed beads to that cord and again just criss crossing it all the way over here and then on your other needle go back through both of those seed beads and we're gonna crisscross that over to the right now it doesn't matter if you go right or left first as long as you're kind of getting that criss cross motion all right and again just kind of making sure that they're nice and snug up there at the top and you can see that it's already starting to open up are a little loom here all right so down and around and out to the right down and around and out to the left and you probably guessed it we're gonna do three seed beads now because we want to build up to having our honeycomb bead in there all right so one two three seed beads criss crossing over making sure to not get your little guy in a knot here Griffin silk is very forgiving so it's sometimes it will kind of get in a knot because it's a little kinked but you should be okay there we go easy easy all right and taking that other needle going through all three of those seed beads there and criss crossing to the other side and pulling down giving it a nice little tug we want to keep good tension so now we have one two and three so again we're gonna go down and around and I'm gonna actually do this in one step just kind of taking my thumbs and going out so as you get a little bit more verse in this you can go a little faster so now the next part is I'm gonna actually take off my honeycomb beads from their strand here and the next part here so what we're gonna do is we're gonna pick up one seed bead and one honeycomb bead we're gonna go through only one hole and then we're gonna pick up another seed bead just like so so I'm gonna scoot that all the way down here and then just the same as we did before you're just gonna go through the one seed bead through the honeycomb bead and through the other seed bead this might take a little bit but you want to make sure you hit all three and then crisscross it over to the other side there we go all right so now you'll see that this will kind of pop up and it'll be a little bit wider than our three beads there but we have our first little set of our honeycomb beads there we go so now just the same we're going to go down and around and making sure there they come out the opposite sides here so here's where it gets a little bit different what you're going to do is you're going to pick up one seed bead here and then you're gonna carefully go through that honeycomb bead there and then kind of holding your needle there you're gonna slide on another seed bead and now go ahead and pull that one all the way through and now we're going to take our other cord and we're gonna go through the seed bead the honeycomb bead and the other seed bead and out the other side making sure that you're coming out on top of the other leather piece don't go down and through make sure you're going up and over and you're gonna pull that it's a lot of cord in the beginning here but once you get a little further down it gets a little easier alright so that is our first little honeycomb there so what we're gonna do is then just go down and around and out to the side so now all you have to do is just repeat using the honeycomb to whole bead technique so you're gonna go through that first one there and then come back through and pick up one seed bead go through the other hole and through the other seed bead so let me see if I can show you that really really quick one more time so one seed bead here one honeycomb and one seed bead and again these are really fun kits once you kind of get into it they're really really Zen and you can you know choose the full kit and then get other refills so that you don't have to have more of the tool the Loom if you don't want to if you already have one then you know our refills are a great opportunity to kind of do that as well all right there we go so now just pull that and this is where you can kind of adjust your little cords on the side you'll want to kind of play with it a little bit because you'll notice that because there's a bigger space here you'll see that blue cord a little bit stronger so just kind of adjust as you go go slow so again it's just it's a really fun little technique and we do have other rapid kits as well so that's a lot of they're a lot of fun to work with but again just keep in mind that if you have the Professional Series the duo you can do this kit but if you have the one of the regular kits you will need to get the duo so that you have the extra track all right so picking up one seed bead going through the honeycomb grabbing the other seed bead going all the way through there and then I have my needle from the other side here going through that seed bead through that honeycomb and through the other seed bead there you go this is where sometimes it can be tricky and I didn't get that last seed but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kind of come out here so that I get a better grip on him there we go and pulled her there we go alright this time just gonna pull that all the way through to the other side okay so now again I just want to kind of take a moment to just adjust my threads pull tight give it a little little tug and wrap out and around and I'm ready to continue so what you're gonna do is you're gonna continue for the length of your bracelet but I want to kind of draw your attention down here to the bottom so when you have about an inch or so left what you're gonna want to do is stop at that point and kick your little guy back here and let this leather relax because you put a lot of tension on it so it will adjust how many beads you'll have here at the end but let me get to that point there and then come back and I'll finish the video with you and show you how to finish it off and some more information about sizing techniques all right so you can see that I have woven almost the full length of my bracelet here and we've come down to the end and what I've done is I've kicked back this little back end here so that we have a little slack so he's been sort of relaxing for a little while here so now what I'm gonna do is you can see that I have about an inch to finish off here at the end so I'm just gonna click my loom back into the tension here there we go and I've already gone down and through and around and this is the point where you want to kind of take a look and see can I fit another two whole bead the honeycomb there before I taper it down and for my purposes I absolutely think I can so in case you want to just see it one more time here and just to kind of draw your attention over here to my little bead pile this is how many beads I have left and like I was saying that I am making about a seven seven and a half inch bracelet and you'll actually have more beads left over so if you're worried about that from the beginning go ahead and you know just kind of take a look there and you'll see that you actually have more beads than what you think I'm also going to show you how to extend it by using the extra leather that you're gonna have at the end of your bracelet as well so we're just gonna kind of pull that down and as we get down towards the end here I'm gonna need to kind of do one at a time and just take a needle through because we're getting down to the end of our Griffin silk here but you'll still again have enough to complete a few more rows with the beads so if you needed to add more beads you can do so and also if you needed to kind of readjust the leather you could very carefully take it off the loom here at the end at the back here undo that knot and move it I don't recommend it but if you needed to you can absolutely do that just be very careful because all your beads on here are not fully secured until we sort of ended it off and finished it off with some glue all right so now you're getting close to the end so we're going to do exactly the same tapering move that we did at the very beginning but we are gonna start with three seed beads on one needle here one two and three there we go bring that down crisscross going through all three and again I'm gonna take our needles and go down through the center that's why I recommend it in one at a time you'll get them kind of criss crossed all right there we go and now on to one needle we're gonna put two seed beads crisscross you can see that it's much faster when you have a lot less of that Griffin silk happening all right and then let's just do one more time and you guessed it we're gonna add one seed bead criss-cross that and bring that down so see how that tapered really nicely for me very nice alright so now we have a little tiny triangle gap there so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna loop it around is that we were adding another bead one more time and now with these two ends we're just gonna tie a nice overhand knot and then I'm actually gonna go down and through that little hole again and out down through and out and now we're gonna tie a little double knot just because we really want our work to be nice and secure and for added security we're gonna add a little tiny dab of re 6-thousand glue all right give it a nice little tug make sure that little knot kind of fits in there so it looks really nice and clean and part of the design and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our East 6000 here go ahead and unscrew that cap and yours is gonna have a seal on it so you're just gonna take the edge of the cap and just sort of puncture that and then we're gonna pour some of our East 6000 on to are a little sticky there close that up you don't want it to dry and then we're just gonna take a little bit of e6000 on to our toothpick and by a little bit I mean a little tiny bit and we're just gonna add it to that knot there and you can go ahead and kind of be liberal with it you just kind of want to get it all into the knot there we go and then I'm gonna move my loom here so you guys can see I'm gonna do it on the first side as well where we had our first knot and we're gonna add a nice little dab of e6000 there so this top part of the bracelet that you're seeing that you've done your weaving on this is actually going to become the underside of the bracelet the side that will face your skin so don't worry too much and what's really nice about the e6000 is it's clear so you really won't notice it too much alright so now we're gonna let this dry and I'm gonna let it dry in the full position here you also take the slack down it's entirely your choice but we're gonna let this dry for at least I would say 20 minutes before moving on but make sure you that you kind of let it dry at least overnight before wearing it because you're gonna put a little bit of tension on these knots so we don't want to have our work lost just so I'm you're just gonna let it dry there and I'll be back in a little while and I will show you how to take it off the loom and how to do one last little sizing thing on the end here all right so I've let my glue dry so the next step is I'm gonna take my snips you can also use just scissors for this but I'm just gonna snip off the ends of those little tips there and then I go ahead and set that aside and I'm gonna move to the front and I'm gonna do the same up here and just sort of take that off the front there we go alright so now I'm just gonna go ahead and slide it out of my loom here and go ahead and clip it out there alright I'm gonna set my loom aside alright so now we have our big beautiful wrap bracelet and I just love how gorgeous this looks this is one of my favorite techniques to use the wrap it looms it's just the result is just really really lovely and very professional so I love using this so what I mean the same is if you wanted to you could just leave this one notch for your button there but if you wanted to extend it further you do have all of this extra leather so you can create another button notch and that's exactly what I'm going to show you how to do here so it's the same you just kind of gauge and measure how long that button is and then just tie that overhand knot there and then kind of scooch it to where you think it needs to be kind of judge it and then we're just gonna tighten that up there we go looks like our buttons gonna fit very nicely through that nice open hole there alright so now I'm just going to tighten that up and then I'm going to take my snips or scissors and cut about half an inch to an inch further down the line there and set that aside wrap it up and we are all finished it's a nice little kit again we do sell these in full kits and refills so if you're interested and you just love the result be sure to pick up the other color variations as well that you saw in the beginning of this video but that is how to make the honeycomb double wrapped loom bracelet kids buy beadaholique if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit the subscribe button below and of course you can get all of these supplies and even more at you

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