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Hi, this is Kat with a learning now these are exclusive beadaholique so the beautiful thing about these earring kits is that you'll get to make 3 pairs of earrings with each kit you purchase so we have some beautiful color varieties in both gold and silver and what's also neat is if you purchase multiple you can actually mix and match your gemstones so the kit that I'm going to be showing you today is actually the one that features a beautiful tiger's eye some of these really fun turquoise and some black agate gemstones that have really nice beautiful facets to kind of catch that light and all you'll need to make these is a pair of chain nose pliers and a pair of round nose pliers or if you prefer you can use two pairs of chain nose pliers and you'll get your six earring hooks and your six pinch bails so if you're ready with your kit let's go ahead and get started so very simply I'm going to start by putting my gemstones into my pinch bails now when they arrive you might need to open them up just a little bit and these are nice and a soft metal so you can just open them with your fingers or if you prefer you can just use one of your tools to kind of just bend it a little far open and you only need to open the opening enough to get your gemstone to slide easily in there and then on the top all you'll do is just press them together and again you can do this with your fingers or with your tool if you prefer but you have trapped your gemstone into your pinch bail so go ahead and complete that for all six of your gemstones and just give it a nice little squeeze there and once you have learned how to do this you'll notice that you can actually put these gemstones in any of the findings that you prefer so let's say you wanted to put your turquoise ones in the spiral you can do that and because they are all the same size gemstone so they should fit in each hole identically I will say though that this is not something that you want to take out and Bend apart because eventually these will snap so these are not as interchangeable as you might think so go ahead and decide which gemstone you want to fit in each finding and I suggest leaving it as such alright so go ahead and pinch that together and I'm just going to tighten up some of these just a little bit just to make sure they're nice and solidly in there so now the only thing is left to do is to attach our earring hook so go ahead and take your earring hook now like I said you can use chain nose and or brown nose pliers and all you're going to do is you're going to open that loop the same as you would a jump ring so just hold it together and sort of bend it out and you don't need to bend it too far because all you're going to do now is just flip on the loop of your pinch bail and just bend that closed and just repeat for all six of your earrings and you'll notice that to close them up I'm just using one of my pliers because again this is nice and soft and easy to do if you just want to kind of use your fingers this is a great jewelry kit for someone who's just learning how to make jewelry it's nice and simple and I think that these earrings are so elegant you are going to want to make sure that your loops are nice and tight so sometimes you might need to kind of wiggle it around just a little bit just to make sure that your earring isn't going to fall off you don't want to lose these beautiful earrings and this is so nice and simple and yet it just comes together so quickly and easily and like I said this is really a great kit if you think you might have someone in your life that wants to get into beading but is a little unsure of their skills this is a great way to kind of get started alright just going to close up that last loop there and that you are all set so that is how quick and easy it is to make three pairs of earrings and like I said these are exclusive I hope you enjoyed this video be sure to check out all of our tips again at

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