How to Make the Kensington Graduated Pearl Necklace - An Exclusive Beadaholique Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video learn how to make the lovely Kensington Graduated Pearl Necklace, an exclusive kit by Beadaholique. In this kit you will get everything you need to make this classic design.
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Hi, this is Julie with today all next kit which is an exclusive kit by peta Halik so it comes in a couple different colorways all of them are 21 inches long and they're really easy to make and this is a very classic timeless design so let me show you what you'll get when you purchase this kit you're gonna get all the supplies to make the necklace that includes all the pearls so we have a really pretty graduated strand a strand of eight millimeter and a strand of six millimeter this will come strong I was just really eager to start this project so I cut it you're gonna get your beading wire your lobster clasp a couple crimp tubes a couple crimp bead covers and a jump ring now you're just going to need to supply your own tools and the tools are very basic we have a pair of chain nose pliers cutters and a pair of crimpers and I like the pocket crimpers you can definitely use a regular full size crimper as well so let's go ahead and begin and I'm gonna move these pretty colors out of the way and these are Czech glass pearls and they're really nice of a very nice luster to them so let me just move those guys up so we're going to start by going ahead and adding 1/2 of our clasp to the beading wire and what's great when you purchase a kit buy via Holly you get exactly what you need to make that project so if you are going to purchase all the supplies you would get a whole bunch like 50 or 100 crimp tubes and maybe ten clasps and this way you get really what you need for the project so go ahead and begin by stringing on one crimp tube and then either your jump ring which is a closed jump ring or your lobster clasp and I'm going to do the lobster clasp okay so slide it down so you have a tail of about two inches and then go back through your crimp tube and slide it up to the lobster you just want a little gap right there just so it can move you're going to take your crimper and there's two notches if you're not familiar with a crimping plier so the one closest to your handles what you're gonna use first is a shape much like a kidney bean and then there's one that's more of an oval shape and you're gonna use that one second so just go ahead and grasp the crimp tube in that notch closest to your handle and squeeze and you can see what it does is it flattens it out but what it does is it flattens if it curves it too so then you rotate it so it's upright and you put that into that top notch and again you squeeze and that folds it over on itself and now you can easily go ahead and pick up a crimp bead cover which looks much like a bead that's open maybe see it better against my hands there's an opening you want that opening facing out away from your pliers and you're just going to slide that guy over your crimped crimp bead and you're going to squeeze and basically you're just creating a nice little cover now you're gonna string your beads from the opposite end of your beading wire and in this case you're gonna string half of what each of these strands first now on the smaller beads you get 30 beads per strand and on this size bead you get 22 so you're gonna want 15 of these to be strung first followed by eleven of these guys so let's go ahead and first do our 15 and you don't need a needle the beading wire is stiff enough to act as a needle so one two three whoops I'm gonna do 15 okay once you've got your 15 strung go ahead and slide them down now you see I have a tail of about an inch here I like to just go ahead and string pearls right over that little tail it just gives a little added measure of security versus trimming that tail right up towards your crimp now you can just trim it after one bead if you want or you can just slide multiple beads over it to I'll just do a couple and make sure when you trim it you trim the short part of the tail and slide your beads down and just double-check your count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 so now we're ready for our next size and this is how we're making it a graduated pearl necklace is we're getting bigger as we go towards the center so I will want 11 of these guys strung on but those guys go to the base and now we're going to string on the graduated section and we're going to string it in the exact order that it comes pre strung so very easy to just kind of see how this is coming together and this is a great project for a beginner beater as well as a more experienced one because you are making a very timeless classic piece but it's quite a simple process you end up with a really lovely result and it doesn't take that long so this is a really good project if maybe you've been thinking about getting into beading and just haven't really known where to start this is a good way of doing it you'll get all the pieces that you need in the one kit so you don't have to look around and figure out what you need to order it will also get you familiar with using beading wire which is very handy there's a whole bunch of different things you can do with stringing and beading wire you can hear these clicking against each other they're really quite nice and substantial okay so pull those all the way to the bottom and our necklace is more than half way done so now we're gonna go back and add the remaining of this mid size bead which will be another 11 now there are going to be when you're viewing this will probably be a few cuts here and there but please know this doesn't take very long there isn't a lot of lengthy stuff happening during the cuts of this video so really this is a great project for just an afternoon or if you just want to be able to make something you know and have it done right away I know for me that's really nice to end up with a beautiful finished piece after sitting down for a little bit and then be able to wear it of course so now we're gonna string on this small size again there we go and you're gonna use every bead that is provided in the kit and so we're down to the very last part of the process here and we want to do is you want to kind of wiggle your pearls make sure they are all down resting up against the base where you started you want to sure there's not like a big gap of beading wire I'm gonna string on our crimp tube and then we're also gonna go ahead and add our jump ring we're just going through the center of it and now we're gonna loop back around and go back down through that crimp tube and several other beads again you can go through one two three whatever you want and when you pull this down again try to make sure there's no big gaps and one tip I also like to provide I'm gonna scoot this down make sure there's no gaps I like to do this I like to just purposely kink it up a little because when you wear it it is gonna curve if you want to go ahead and have this in a straight line and pull as hard as you can so there's absolutely zero gaps or leeway your necklace could become quite stiff and you want it to move and flow freely so I do like to just make a little kink in it on purpose before I crimp my crimp bead there we go now back to the my crimping pliers again that notch that's closest to my handle and then we've made that nice kidney bean shape fold it over that's good and secure and now we're just going to add our crimp bead cover once more which is just a nice finishing touch a little bit of a professional element so you don't see that crimp slide it over there you go you can see here it's really just hiding that crimp bead now I'm gonna go from this end and just squeeze that's covered all we need to do is trim our tail and we have a finished necklace there we go and this is a graduated strong pearl necklace and the kit is called the Kensington necklace and is available exclusively at beadaholique and we have other kits as well so we have a whole host of bead weaving we've got kumihimo we've got loom work which are a really fun way of learning a new technique I hope you enjoyed this video and please check out all our other ones as well you

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