How to Make the Gemstone Memory Wire Bracelet Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video learn how to make a gemstone memory wire bracelet, an exclusive kit by Beadaholique. In the video you will learn how to work with memory wire, string on your beads, finish the memory wire ends with simple loops, and add a Nunn Design charm to the end. In an exclusive Beadaholique kit, you get all the supplies you need to make your project.
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Hi, this is Julie with i'm eating a leek so we have a couple different types of gemstones here we've got amethyst with a pretty little Nunn design Lotus charm we have lapis with the Infinity charm we have turquoise with the ohm symbol rose quartz with a pretty little moon and then we have this one here which has several different types of gemstones some colorful ones combined with a little triangle charm and these are turquoise here so what you get when you buy an exclusive because it's so fun and colorful so with this kid here you're going to get what you see here you're going to get the memory wire it's been pre-cut for you which is important because memory wire requires special memory wire cutters you don't ever want to cut it with your regular flush cutters that will damage them you're going to get wood beads you're going to get these pretty turquoise beads you're going to get these little gold beads the charm a jump ring for the charm these lovely little colorful gemstone beads here and some noodle beads so all the supplies you need to make that bracelet and then for tools really simple tools you're going to need a round nose plier a couple pairs of chain nose pliers just to open that jump ring pair of scissors to cut your strands of beads and just some tape so let's go ahead and begin alright so let's go back to our ingredients now so the memory wire if you're not familiar with it I want to show you what it is because it's the main component to what is going to be the foundation and the structure for our bracelets so this is memory wire looks much like a slinky and it holds its shape and its pretty springy and so what you do is you start on one end and you thread your beads on and then you have them rest up against the bottom end and you'll notice on these bracelets both ends are finished with a little simple wire loop now what we're going to do to start is we're not going to make that loop we are going to put a little bit of tape on the end and the reasoning behind this is if we were to make that loop and let's say you did all your stringing of your beads and you got to the very end of the project and you decided hey I really wish that there was an extra turquoise bead down there at the beginning well you would have to cut off that loop and since you couldn't use just regular cutters you'd have to use memory wire cutters so I kind of want to avoid that or you know the other option would be you'd have to take off all your beads and then restring them all just to add an extra bead or two down here so let's not do that when we can very simply just put some tape about quarter of an inch from the end and have the tape act as our bead stopper so that's going to prevent the beads from falling off and now we're going to cut our strands yeah beads everywhere so if you have a cat that probably have fun if you have beads that go flying I know they do for me all the time so then we got some of the wood beads started and like in this kit you can see you're obviously getting extra beads beyond what you're going to be needing so you'll be able to use them for another project so sometimes our kids do that when you know we have an entire strand of beads and you're not going to quite need all of them you do sometimes end up with extra just depends upon the kit so in the instructions for this kit the way I wrote them that I thought would be easiest to follow was I divided all the different types of beads into what I'm calling segments so if you look at this bracelet you'll see a segment of three of the turquoise beads is repeated often a segment of five wood beads with a gold bead between them is repeated often a segment of eight of these pretty little colorful gemstones is repeated often so let me show you what these segments actually look like so there is a segment of the turquoise let's count out eight of the gemstones and these are dyed magnesite if you're curious what type of gemstone they are so let's see that's eight of them and then for the wood one it's going to be a wood and metal combo so a segment looks like that so would be metal wood metal wood metal wood metal wood and then just a noodle bead so those are your main elements to this bracelet and they're just repeated over and over again in a certain pattern to get this look and then if you look at say a gemstone one here that has more the gemstone chips we are actually one fewer segment because we don't have the colorful one and it's just like a segment of a couple inches of a gemstone chip and that's what's written in the instruction so tell you to do the noodle bead the wood the wood metal bead combo and noodle so on and so forth and they'll tell you do a couple inches of your gemstone chips alright so now let's start the actual project that was just a little bit of preliminary to help you understand the instructions when you do get this kit so for this one here it starts with three turquoise so just string them right on to your memory wire and then it talks about needing a segment of rondelle's so that is going to go ahead and be eight rondelle's and I like you get quite a few different colors I like to mix up the color so I don't have like all Pink's as one segment all Purple's as another but you can do whatever you want this is your design so that's something to keep in mind to definitely feel free to deviate from the pattern have fun put them on in whatever order you want you're going to get a lot of beads to play with okay so the next one we're going to need is a noodle and the noodle just goes right over that memory wire and it comes at the end so once you've done a few go ahead and scoot them down and just scoot them down just work them by pushing down your memory wire until they end up on that bottom row and are resting against that tape end I'm going to do a few more and then what it will be is in your instructions it will give you the exact pattern to follow so basically what you're seeing here where it's a segment of this segment of that so after that noodle I needed a wood bead segment wood metal wood metal wood metal wood metal and wood and then after that we're going to do three more of our turquoises followed by another noodle I do I show you something the noodles are a little hard to shimmy but you can all often times shimmy the other beads and what I mean by that is just hold your memory wire like this and just swirl your beads down the only one that doesn't store also well is the noodle bead and that one you just have to kind of push down okay and so we've really have one complete round and then that's all you're into you're just going to continue on it's really simple it's really fun look at your pattern as you go especially with the ones that have the gemstone chips as so as you're building it up look and see like oh you know I really would like an extra would be there I'd really like a few extra gemstone chips you know two to go a little further Adam you're going to get plenty of supplies to do that so feel free to go ahead and just have fun in that way of your designing all right let me add a couple more things and then I will do the rest off-camera and then I'm going to show you how to come back create a simple wire loop to finish it on both ends and attach your charm so let me just do a few more here so I left off let's see I did a turquoise and then a noodle and now I need another wood segment and the woods segment is always going to be the same it's going to be the would be the metal bead would be metal bead etc so you have the combo of the five of the wood beads and four of the metal beads and that's true for all of these kids so then we're going to do that one and then let's see what our next one is going to be is a turquoise let me show you these guys down and then I think you probably have gotten the idea of how you go about building these bracelets here we go just keep on doing that following the instructions that come with the kit and then I'll show you what it looks like when we're all done and how to finish it off I've done almost all of my beading and I want to show you a couple quick tips before I finish it off so once you've got about this much go ahead and really make sure that they're all right down at the base just kind of make sure that they're tight so that you don't have a big gap hidden somewhere maybe a noodle bead got stuck midway down or something you just don't want to have a big gap and then finish off your bracelet and be like oh no so that is one tip now you have got about this much about half a coil left and I've noticed especially with these guys because the gemstone chips really vary in size even if you follow my instructions exactly your bracelet is gonna kind of finish up a little bit different and that's great that's part of the beauty of these guys so when you have about half a coil left just look at your design and kind of be like well what would look good right here you can still follow the instructions but like I'm like oh you know what we haven't had any wood over in this section for a little bit so I think I'm going to add a wood segment so kind of go a little bit off the instructions right at the end if you feel like it so that it's just more aesthetically pleasing add a wood okay and I'm looking and I'm like hmm what what might look good next and so here thinking maybe a few more turquoise okay so that's good got a nice balance happening especially when I look at it like from here so let's go ahead and add some rondelle's I'm just gonna add the rondelle's that I have left okay and you know what I think I'd really like to finish it with a little bit more wood because we got the noodle here we got the turquoise here and we have the wood down below here so let me just finish it with wood and what's nice about the wood too is we can kind of customize how long we want to make it because like the noodle bead is a fixed width so we'd have to make sure we have a spot that was big enough for it so now that we've done that we're ready to finish it off again shake it a little bit make sure there's no gaps and I've got about a quarter of an inch left so to finish it off you just take your round nose pliers grip the memory wire end between the two noses and rotate and you're making a little loop and then put your other nose back in it rotate some more so you have a nice closed loop and then your beads are not going anywhere now you can flip your bracelet over and if you want you can inspect it from this side and see if you want to change anything up and if you do you would just simply take that tape off and then under string your beads from this end and add them however you want but I'm pretty happy with this so again just make that nice loop make sure it's closed and then that's going to stop your beads and we have a finished bracelet now we just have to add the charm so to add the charm we're going to take our chain nose pliers and we cut the kit comes with an open jump ring so to open it just put it between the two pliers with the open slit facing the top twist add your charm a two-year loop and again this is why you want to make sure that that loop was nice and closed there's a full loop close it back up there's our little charm on our kaleidoscope gemstone memory wire bracelet so again we've got the Claddagh scope one we have an amethyst we have a lapis turquoise chip one and a rose quartz one and they all have different charms by Nunn design on them I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial showing you how to make the memory wire gemstone kids which are exclusive kits by beadaholique you

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