Show and Tell: Exclusive Beadaholique Holiday Kits

SKU VID-1150
Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see the beautiful variations of your favorite kits in holiday colors. From Kumihimo to Beaded Loom and right angle weave, choose your favorite kits and make them in new colors. Refill kits available too for select designs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and these are our holiday editions and these are some of our favorite kits of throughout the year and we have done them in holiday colors for you so let's just go ahead and dive in I have the very popular long kumihimo necklaces up here and we have our beautiful red and gold and I just love how fluid this is and if you've bought one of these kits before we are going to have the refills available as well so you can just purchase the refill kit if you already have the full kit and we have the red and gold a very pretty snowy blue and white and a green and gold so that is what we have for the long kumihimo necklaces and for a little more kumihimo we have the kumihimo wrap bracelets and we've done sort of a fun little candy cane as well as a little New Year's Eve edition so if you're getting ready for that holiday as well you can get nice and stylish with a kumihimo wrap bracelet and again we'll have the full kits and the refill kits of these as well now I love this little reindeer and he just looks like he belongs on a very fun little Christmas sweater so we've done a green white and gold loom as well as another sort of sweater pattern for that sweater whether we're all experiencing and this is red and white and silver and again both of these are going to be available as full kits and as refill kits now here are two bracelets that don't have refill kits so they're just the full kits because they don't require any extra tools but we have the super duo blooms and this is done in a more of a poinsettia pattern so we have that beautiful red and gold and green and then we have a the Chevron right angle leave now this is a beautiful chevron pattern and you can see that we have done it in beautiful green and gold with that winter berry sort of backdrop so this is just a really nice classy piece that you'll finally I think you'll wear on probably one of those Christmas is that I hope you're all going to so there you have it there are the exclusive beadaholique you can get all of these at you

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