How to Make the Fresca Beaded Fringe Earring Kits by Beadaholique

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to make the Fresca Beaded Fringe Earring Kits by Beadaholique. First, you will see how to bead weave 11/0 round seed beads onto a wire frame using circular brick stitch. Then you will see how to add graduated looped fringe to the design. You will also see how to attach an earring hook, as well as additional kit color variations offered by Beadaholique.
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique - how to make the fresca beaded fringe earring kits by beadaholique this kit comes in three really fun colors we've got Orange Crush we've got blue lagoon and we've got the pink lady in this video we'll be making the Orange Crush version and when you purchase this kit from 15 yards of the crystal fire line in the 4 pound test you'll also receive full Illustrated instructions on the circular brick stitch process and written instructions as well what you'll need are a few simple tools including a size 12 needle scissors thread snips or thread zap and some chain nose pliers so let's go ahead and get started to begin I have threaded a two and a half feet of the fireline onto my size 12 needle the first thing I'm going to do is pull some of these green beads in and we're going to do circular brick stitch around the form using these beads so you take my wire frame here and show you that there's a front side with the wire singular and then a back side that shows the tip of it the wire which looks a little less finished now of course you can decide which is the front and back to your eye maybe you like it more artisan looking you could have it on that side either way I'm gonna begin and work clockwise from the right so I'm bringing my thread through the hoop from behind and tying a knot around the frame once and twice and I want that not to land right up against the frame there I'm going to string on two of my green beads and pull them down against the hoop there we go now in order to get these beads to lay flat what I need to do is come through the hoop again from behind and I need to loop up underneath my right hand bead when I pull upward that's going to lay my bead flat down against the hoop now the other little bead is still kind of slanted so what I'll need to do is come down through that one and then up through the right-hand bead once more and that underlying thread bridge is going to flatten both beads out really nicely so at that point I can grip the little tail and place those beads where I want and I've begun my brick stitch weaving so I'm going to take on my next bead pull it down against the hoop come through the back of the hoop up through the bead and you'll see I'm heading from right to left through that bead and that positions the thread just so to pull the bead into position okay next bead on you'll see I have a method for pulling the bead down between my fingers to get it in place and you'll find what's comfortable for you coming right to left through that next bead pulling it down and we'll do a couple more through the back right to left and pull tight so what I'm going to do is go ahead and fill the entire edge of my wireframe in the same manner and when I get to the other side we'll go ahead to the next step so I'm just coming up to the other end of my frame continuing to add beads all the way through got the wrong bead there let me make sure I had the right one I'm coming right to left along the outer edge of your hoop you'll be adding approximately 48 beads the reason that I say approximate is because of the nature of circular brick stitch sometimes the beads require filling in a little more space you'll notice I'm coming all the way up onto the rounded edge of that wire just to make sure I cover the whole thing and in order to achieve that I'm coming down through the hoop again you see but I need to come up and around in order to achieve that final stitch and so I'm just working it into position where I need a long side that loop which is just a little bit in my way but what that does is it just covers covers the whole thing very nicely alright so I've got all my beads on and I'm ready to tie a knot so I'm going to take the tail from my other side and I'm going to take the thread I was working with and I'm going to tie the two together and you'll notice that I'm tying it kind of against and underneath that side with the edge of the loop which I'm calling the backside of my earring and for security I'm gonna go ahead and make a surgeon's knot where I come around once and twice and then further I'm actually going to make one more knot on top just to make sure it's secure now if you like you can weave each end of your thread in through your brick stitch but I'm gonna go gonna go ahead and clip you would probably also want to leave yourself more of a tail than I did maybe six inches would be good so I apologize about that but we made it work so I'm taking my scissors and I'm just gonna clip the threads off and we've completed our first row of weaving so now to begin the next one what we're gonna do is take in our fire line first we'll get my green beads out of the way and they'll be starting on the row of gold beads so I'm going to take my fire line and cut five and a half feet let me go bring my ruler in measure and by taking such a long length what I'm doing is eliminating the need for adding new thread as I go because that can be rather tedious and good start to see the knots so we'll be able to continue all the way through the fringe with this length so when I thread that on to my needle and I'm gonna go ahead and pull so that a lot of my thread is overlapping itself and that way I'll just have less length to deal with my starting place for this is going to be between the eleventh and twelfth bead down so what I'm gonna do is count 11 I've got my eleventh bead and I'm coming through from behind under that thread bridge between the eleventh and twelfth bead I'm pulling my thread through and I'm going to tie another knot this time I'll leave myself just a little more tail to work with so tying on like so and I'm ready to start my second row of brick stitch here's a little tip I'm actually going to take the tail and stitch it underneath my next row just to secure it I found in practicing that it sort of falls that way and it lends itself to securing in that method so for the next I'm gonna take in my gold beads string on two beads and bring them all the way down and then take the needle and bring it underneath that same thread bridge where we made our knot once I've got those secured I'm coming up from right to left through the right-hand bead and then to secure the left-hand bead I'm coming down through it and once more back up through the right-hand bead there's our beginning of our second row and as I go along I'm going to trap my little tail in there take on my next bead come through the adjacent thread bridge stitch up and through so I'm going to continue on this row and once I get maybe seven or eight beads in I will trim this little tail off and adding approximately 29 beads on this row when I get to the end we'll move on to the white row so I've completed my second row of brick stitch and added on at my 29th bead now the way that I know that these are even is I went ahead and counted down 11 beads from the top down this side the same way that I did at the opposite side so I came up the same thread bridge and that's gotten me even so to start my third row I'm gonna take on two white beads I'm gonna look at these thread bridges and I'm skipping the first one here and I'm gonna come underneath from behind the second thread bridge now I'm looking at how these beads lay and what I want to do is come up underneath my left hand bead down from the top of the right hand bead and once again up through my left hand bead and that's gonna lay my beads nice and flat on a slight decrease and because it's a decrease this is actually gonna be the same number of beads as the first one I know it's gonna be 29 beads so I'm ready to take on my next bead come through the next third bridge and head up through the bead and I'm resuming my brick stitch so I'm going to continue this all the way along my gold beaded section and once I complete this row we will go on to the next step alright so I'm continuing to add beads and what I wanted to show you here is that you can notice my thread is starting to get a little bit long on this thread bridge and my bead is tilting up like so it's getting a little bit scrunched and so what I want to do with my next bead is I'm actually gonna go under the same thread bridge as I did for the previous bead and this is what I was speaking about for the variability that can happen in circular brick stitch or brick stitch on a form and so what I want to do is just the same thing as usual I'm going to come up and under my next bead but it's going to land that bead just Ted bit closer and slightly tilt it against the previous ones I just want to get my tension as relaxed and flat as possible to line those beads up and what that's given me is some extra room to work on the next thread bridge so once again I'm gonna continue and we'll get to the next step after this now that I've completed the white third layer of my brick stitch I'm ready to add the fringe so to do that I'm going to begin by adding seven beads of these orange that's gonna be our smallest loop you'll see I'm coming out of my final bead I've added my beads on and I'm going to come back through the same bead now I'm going to come up through the adjacent white bead to the left this time I'm going to add on nine beads so each loop is going to work in an increase of two got one extra beat there we go okay coming back through the same beat I'll start to stack really nicely against themselves coming up through the adjacent bead I'll be adding on 11 beads and coming through this same beach so in this fashion I'm going to create the graduated portion of my fringe by increasing by two beads on each loop now I'm going to do that until I get up to 23 beads which is nine white beads down once I've gotten to twenty-three I'm going to move on with you and we're going to add 25 consecutive loops to a certain point so let's get up to 23 and then we'll move on so here I've added nine loops of Fringe starting with seven beads and increasing by two until I've gotten to twenty-three beads on this strand here I have twenty-five and I'm ready to loop back through this same bead that I exited from moving in toward the center of the hoop that's my first loop of 25 now what I want to point out here is that I know that I added 29 beads around in on the white row and I've come down nine so my 25 beads are on the tennspeed I've gone ahead and counted I know that I'm going to have eleven fringe loops that are 25 beads each and the way I figured that out was by counting nine down from this side so that each of them is going to match the count on the opposite edge of the hoop so I went down nine and figured out where I need to stop doing 25 and start the decrease alright so in case you've added or subtracted one bead on this edge you'll want to add or subtract one loop of 25 in your fringe in order to land a symmetrical layer of graduated fringe on the opposite side of your hoop so I'm going to go ahead and continue with my counts of 25 I'm going to come up through the adjacent bead take on my next 25 beads I'll continue that process until I reach the point where we're going to do the decrease and then I'll join back with you at that point here I've added my final row of 25 beads and it landed me on the ninth bead down from this edge of my hoop so I know I needed to say that this space for the remaining graduated fringe of my earring that means I'm going to start with 23 beads on my next fringe 21 on the previous and continue in a decreased fashion in the reverse of what I did on this side in order to graduate my fringe up I'm going to complete the seven beads on the very end and then we will tie off and weave in our thread all right I'm adding on my final loop of fringe seven beads coming through the same bead and I'm ready to tie off and weave in my thread so I'm gonna come down through this gold bead underneath the white one I just came out of and there's a little thread bridge right here on the edge then I'm gonna loop around through under that gold bead and just create a little whip stitch on there I'm gonna double up on that and then weave my thread in I'll travel up through the adjacent gold bead and down through the other adjacent gold bead get my thread where it's nice and tight tucked in there and I'm ready to cut off my thread I'm just gonna take my scissors and snip all right so you'll see that what I want to be the front is going to be on this side so I'm flipping that over and what you can do to get the fringe to lay is kind of train the loops all in one direction and that gives it a nice straight and clean appearance I'm ready to attach my earring hook so I'm just gonna bring in my chain nose pliers and go about loop off to the side slightly make sure that my front is facing forward slide on the loop of my wireframe and close it up so that's how to make the fresca beaded fringe earring kit by beadaholique again we have two other beautiful color waves we've got the pink lady version and also Blue Lagoon these and many other projects and kits are available at

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