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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique to see how to make the celtic clover earrings I had a real good time making these thinking about st. Patrick's Day coming up I was excited to see that we have these little clover focal beads so I wanted to do something with them and what I have here are some metallic olivine seed beads Toho's that are Demi round I've got the a toes and the 11 o some metallic green super duos checkmates two whole Barbies some Muller Czech glass clover beads and Michael credit your wire can you use some fireline and my 12 x 12 needle and how I'm going to start is by alternating three of the a toes of two of the super duos once I get those on there I'm going to add my two whole bead my bar bead and I'm going to do that three more times so that I have four bar beads on the line I really love green so I enjoyed mixing the different hues finding the sizes and shapes that will work and it's really fun how all these new types of beads fit together give you a lot of options for design work one more I always with the super duo's vet my beads I look and make sure that both holes are open because every once in a while a batch will have one that feels closed for some ways and if you end up having strung them all together and you're missing a hole it's tough so is that tip to make sure your beach' could to go they almost always are now but I have all my beads on I'm going to bring two ends around and tie first and overhand knot get those tight together one more and you could even more check here I'm going to do a surgeon's knot where I loop it through twice make sure that lands in between the 800 and the 2 hole bead or I want it nice and tight go ahead and clip that tail off and my next step is to choose a clove bead I'm going for green these are peacock so they come in all sorts of purpley blue green combinations get that strong on and into the center and I want to sew it in by taking the thread coming out of it and looping it around the thread that I sewed the circle of beads with so that it locks it in there on one side of that to hole beat and I'm going to do the same thing on the other side turn out to cope myself I'm going to repeat it again just to make sure it's nice and strong one more right some confidence that beats in place I'm going to start in on the second outer row of beads and for that I'm going to thread my needle through the second open hole of my bar beat I'm going to string on three of my eleven O's and go through the super duo you know once I get through super duo I'm going to add to the a toes in between give it a little more of a leaf kind of that outer cloverleaf effect and then three more eleven O's Internet bar bead and I'm going to repeat the process all the way around the edge and I got my last three beads in there and what I'm going to do is double back through the outer layer of the beads outer ring so that I bring the thread to the top of the clover make sure the earring is upright have the design facing the way that I want it before I add the ear wire I'm going to do the put that ear wire on is come up to the top bar bead I'm going to add three of these a toes onto my thread string them down to the top of the bar bead oh and you'll notice that the clover actually faces top to bottom on one side and on the other side it's the reverse so when when you put it on the ear wire you'll just decide which one you want facing forward I usually have the stem on the bottom so uh all right once I get my three a toes on there I'm going to double back through two of them so that my thread catches on that third one and I love how I discovered that the 802 hose can act like a jump ring so that will be the connection that I use for the ear wire to double this back through here this fire line is tough stuff so I'm confident that for a lightweight earring like this it will hold and I'm going to start to knot the thread to secure it once here and then I'll do one more knot in a different location the trick is always getting the thread to lay right where I want it and not catch on a different bead I'm still actually relatively new to see beading so in having absolute ball experimenting with these designs beadaholique has so many different colors it's wonderful alright so I wanna put my extra thread and grab a flat plier to help me open up my ear wire choose the front of my earring which is skin side down and go ahead and thread that Touhou bead off to the ear wire and then we have it to sweet little clover earrings great for people who love green and for st. Patrick's Day so there's the finished pair of clover earring Celtic clover earrings and this project bundle is available at you

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