How to Make the Dia de los Muertos Earrings featuring Austrian Crystals

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make a wrapped wire loop and how to assemble this style of earring to achieve the perfect cluster look for maximum sparkle. Choose your favorite colors of Austrian crystal bicone beads to pair with your personalized charms.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make the dia de los muertos earrings featuring swarovski crystals now i have some beautiful little tierracast charms here and i just thought this was going to be such a wonderful project for the fall season and i have four different colors of these swarovski crystals here to play with so what we're going to do is we're going to create this little cluster earring here by graduating those little wrapped wire loops all the way up a chain so we're going to i'm going to show you how to construct that but first let's go ahead and start with making our wrapped wire loop and to do that we're going to need a pair of flush cutters and a pair of round nose pliers and later what we're going to do is when we attach everything together we're going to be using two pairs of chain nose pliers there so that's going to help us a little bit later but let's start with our wrapped wire loop so the first thing we're going to do is go ahead and take one of those eye pins and i'm going to slide on one of my little crystals there and let that fall all the way down to the bottom come in with your round nose pliers and you're wanna gonna want to come in a little above where that bead is you see mine's really just not that far above it's about the width of my little nose there so what i'm going to do is bend that backwards and then i can wrap my wire up and over the top and now i'm going to rotate my pliers wrap it around the front side there so you can see that it's coming just above where that bead is so you can see when it slides down just above and now here's where if you want to and i'm going to do it so i can get my hands out of the way is i'm going to use my chain nose pliers here on the very tip so i'm going to help wrap it around so i get a really nice tight little wrap i'm going to just sort of rotate that bring it around and again and this is why you'd want to use maybe a 2-inch head pin so you can kind of really use that to grip that wire there so that is how that wrapped wire loop comes to a finish and then we can just come in with our cutters and snip there we go and if you need to you can tuck that little tail in just by giving it a little squeeze with your chain nose pliers there but now we have our wrapped wire loop so what i'm going to do is i'm going to repeat that for all of my beads here so you should have four of the jet four of the orange here four of that beautiful uh shimmer that green and then we also have the amethyst shimmer there as well so you'll be able to complete all of those and then i will show you how to construct the earring okay so once you have all of your wrapped wire loops done we are ready to construct the earring and we're going to start from the bottom and work our way up so the first thing we need to do is take one of our jump rings here and i'm using a five millimeter 20 gauge jump ring and just go ahead and open that up just by giving it a little simple twist and then we're going to slip our charm on and now we're going to go ahead and close up that first jump ring without anything added to it alright so now we have our first jump ring done the next thing we're going to do is open up another jump ring a little twist and now here's where you can add on two of your little dangles just by sliding them on and now we're going to slide on the jump ring attached to our charm slide on two more of our green so we have all of them working all at the same level there and now we're just going to close that back up all right so now this is going to work a little bit like chainmail where you're going to want to keep those little dangles on either side so be careful as you lay it down there so now we're gonna pick up another jump ring open it up slip on two of our orange dangles here and now we need to pick up our jump ring but making sure that it is in between the four that we have there so we have two on each side so you can see let me try to bring it a little closer to the camera there you can have two on both sides of that little uh jump ring there so what we're trying to do is we're creating a little bit of a chain mail effect all right and this is just gonna help those clusters sort of sit nice and evenly as we go around so adding two more of the orange there and again being really careful as we sort of lay that down keeping track of where we need to pick that up have another jump ring ready here now you can also pre-open some of your jump rings if that helps you you can add on now two of the purple and you can do this with any colors you like you can do this all in one color i just thought it would be really fun to give it some nice nice little color gradation happening here all right now i'm making sure that i'm slipping my jump ring through so i have two orange on either side and now before i close that up adding two of the purple all right and you guessed it we're gonna do this one more time with that jet up at the top you can also do this with various other beads you can do this with little gemstones as well but it's just a really basic simple technique that allows you to really showcase and kind of you know make things look a little more dense because these are just these are really tiny crystals these are only about four millimeters so they're going to be real small all right and making sure that i am on the right side of my jump ring slipping it through there perfect all right so now adding on two more of my little clusters there and the final step is to go ahead and slip on that earring hook just like so and it kind of just becomes one of the little dangles there closing that back up and we are all finished so that is how it looks you can now really see that it sort of plays around and moves around there so it kind of has that nice little little way of hanging down so that is how easy it is to do the dia de los muertos earrings you can do the same charm you can mix and match like i've done here feel free to choose your favorite charm and your favorite crystals or beads to use in this technique i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to and if you're new here to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from you

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