How to Make a Beaded Mask Holder

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to use a simple strand of beads as a mask holder by adding a lobster clasp and crimping a crimp tube to complete the design. This design uses silver plated lobster clasps, but we also offer stainless steel and sterling silver as well for easy cleaning. This design is 24 inches but please adjust for your desired size.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make a diy beaded mask holder now this is super simple and totally customizable because i encourage you to choose your favorite beads or this is a great opportunity to kind of create a bead soup so i did a little play on that here so it's a great way to use all those extra beads so i am using one of the miyuki blends here now this is the serenity mix and it comes just like this you can see it over here it's got some really beautiful greens whites and blues and then i alternated my pattern with some czech fire polish rondelles and czech fire polish rounds so all i did was i did 15 seed beads in between each and alternated that so you can kind of see my little pattern that i have going on there so to make this super simple all i need to do is just remove my bead stopper here and then what i'm going to do is slide on one of my crimp tubes and let that fall all the way down to the bottom and i'm going to slide on one of my lobster clasps go back down through that crimp tube and because this is my first side i'm going to do it a little further away so you can see so i'm just going to slide that down and then create a little loop not going too tight now this is something that i see a lot you go too tight and then it kind of ends up really pinched there at the edge so you that's what you really don't want so what we want to do is let that kind of sit and create a little bit of a loop for us so once you have that space where you want it to go ahead and come in with your crimping pliers and i'm going to set mine right into that notch there i'm using the four in one crimping pliers and you can see that it wants to dance around a little bit so just kind of move it up towards the top there and then now i'm ready to crimp and now i'm good to let that go so what i need to do now is just sort of rotate that 90 degrees get it into my crimping pliers going this way so we get that nice little v-shape and then we just crimp again in that next little notch there so that is that and then all i need to do now is just come in here with my flush cutters and trim off that tail so you can see that i have a nice loosey-goosey sort of lobster clasp there which is exactly what i want so now i can slide my beads down and you're not going to be able to see that and it looks like a nice little silver seed bead there so i'm not going to be adding a crimp cover you can absolutely do that but i'm just going to come to the other side here and i'll show you again and this is another little trick i like to keep my beads right on the spool that way i don't waste any wire now i'm just kind of getting this situated scooting my beads down but you'll notice that i'm keeping a really nice sort of loose coil happening up here and what i find that does for me is it prevents me from having anything that's too taut when you end up going to crimp so i'm just going to cut off that spool there and set that aside and then slide on my crimp tube again you can let it fall all the way down to the bottom slide on my lobster clasp and then we're just going to go right back through that crimp tube now this would be a great opportunity to use those magical crimpers as well i'm using the xuron foreign ones like i said but this is a great opportunity to explore that as well because it will truly look like a little silver seed bead all right doing my crimp doing my rotation there we go and then i can come in here with my flush cutters and get really nice and close and trim off that tail all right so now onto my mask i can just flip it over and use these little lobster clasps to attach right to those loops and let it fall down there i kind of like to have it you know right at the base of the ear but then you can take this off and remove it so that it is nice and easy to take care of i would just recommend you just wipe it down you can also use sterling silver these are plated we also have stainless steel as that is an option as well so it's super simple these are 11 0 miyuki's and i find that this is a really nice wire to use it's the .018 inch and this is a 49 strand so it's going to be nice and strong for you all right i hope you enjoyed this video you can see even more videos and get all of these supplies by heading over and shopping at and if you're new to our youtube channel here be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from you

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