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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to make the czarina bracelet which is this place right and it features these with a pretty vintage style glass cabochons. I have a few different colors of have them. I'm using the 18mm size and then I'm also using this really beautiful Nunn design bezel bracelet setting. It's also 18 millimeters Some of them are going to fit like a charm and some of them are going to be a little snug. So what I'm gonna show you is how to make them fit even when they didn't want to. So you're going to need some E6000 glue and a pair of chain nose pliers the really important thing here is that if you're going to a specific color pattern like I have black, blue, red, black, blue, if you wanna do it random or do one in the Center the same two here, the same two here. Figure out whatever pattern you wanna do and you're gonna wanna make sure that you're placing the specific cabochon in place that you're going to use in that place in that spot because some of them are not quite exactly uniform and you want to make sure that your making it fit for where it's going to go what you do is put it in and see if it happens to fit on its own. This one is just a little bit snug What I'm going to do is very gently but firmly grasp the edge and pull out you don't want to yank on it so hard that you break the welding and lose your bezel but you are just going to bend it very slightly just work your way around the whole thing just get it to be a little bit tilted out and now it fits. So once it fits see if you can get it out again so if it fits just go on to the next one and than bend out. If you're going to use these same colors I noticed that the blue ones are a little bigger than the other colors and so you need a little bit more work to get them to fit and if you get it bent a little bit too you can just bend it back and the red ones are also I noticed a little bit smaller so I'm just gonna see, yeah this fit's very pretty easily you wanna make sure that you get all of them adjusted before you start gluing because otherwise you'll have to wait for all of the glue to dry before you can move on to the next one so it doesn't fall out when you pick them up all you need to do is glue them in and one thing I will say is because it's a snugger fit it's not necessarily going to sit totally flush on the bottom so why you don't need to fill the bezel with glue I would put a pretty decent amount of glue on the bottom of the bezel and just so that in case it's not flush with the bottom it still going to make contact with the glue and just be care that you push it in a bunch of glue squishes out that you wipe it off before it starts to dry. All you do is glue in your cabochon and then you're gonna want to of course let them dry all the way before you wear it and that's all there is to it. It's pretty simple once you get them to fit in there and it's a very striking project. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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