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Hi, this is Julie with and I'm going to show you have to do a fun. quick and easy Halloween project so what I've got here is this earring I made I was really simple to make but it's fun and it's really a case where clever beads shine through you don't have to do much work then. So I have a TierraCast tombstone bead here. This little charm it's different on each side and then I've got this ceramic skull bead a couple bicones and I have hung it from a ball post so what you're gonna need for this project in terms of the tools are a couple pairs of chain nose pliers a pair of cutters and then I'm using a pair of wire looping pliers you can use round nose pliers I just prefer the wire looping so I've got all the ingredients here to make my second earring. So I've got the TierraCast charm a ceramics skull, 6 millimeter bicone 4 millimeter bicone and a little earring post the backing and 3 eye pins. To make this first go ahead put an eye pin through your ceramics skull and make a simple wire loop right after the skull and I want my loops to face the same direction. So I'm taking note of that just going to squeeze and it does half the work for me and then I'm just going to rotate bring my loop around where they criss-cross I'm just going to snip just like so, put that aside for right now I'm going to do that with my 6mm bicone and my four millimeters bicone Now I am ready to assemble you can see how quick this is coming together and we were talking probably under two minutes to make an earring so I'm gonna open the simple wire loop at the base of our loop the same way I would open a jump ring link onto it the charm close it backup, go to the top loop open it up, you'll notice when I was making these I didn't really bother to make sure that all my loops were closed after I made them. I knew I was going to have to open them right back up close it and work my way up now here's an interesting thing I'm going to show you in just one minute link on my last bicone Now I wanna look at it and see if it's gonna hang straight I've got the skull on top of the tombstone that looks good and I've got the middle bead he likes to wander around which is fine, it's kinda fun got the top bead, just working my way up. Now I have a problem. Since my loops are facing the same way I'm not be able to connect my earring hook. So what I'm going to do is on this top one I'm gonna grab one end with one pair of chain nose pliers gonna grab the other end with the other pair and I'm gonna just twist it now I have one loop facing in one direction and the other group facing in another direction and open up this loop connect on my post. Close that backup add the earring back. Now I have a complete set of earrings. You can wear one with the Nevermore facing forward and one with the rest in peace facing forward so in under a couple minutes you have a really fun spooky pair of earrings. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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