How to Make the Coralie Bead Fringe Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this tutorial video, learn how to make the Coralie Fringe Earrings. These earrings feature delicate beaded chain that has been turned into tassel fringe with the help of a bead cone. A beaded connector link and little extra dangles off the fringe tips help to complete the design. In the video learn how to make simple wire loops, wrapped wire loops, cut the premade chain, and put your entire earring together.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with today that chain and so I had it here hanging because I wanted you to be able to see what it looks like hanging but I want to pull it off of this stand so we can look at it a little bit closer so you see what we're going to actually be designing here so we have four lengths of this wonderful beaded chain now this it comes pre beaded like this with all these little dangles and these are actually little seed beads in between we've added a few extra dangles at the base we're using a cone a bead cone as our topper and then we've got this other little rod got this little rondell which is czech glass in the middle to add some extra movement to it an extra length and then we have a little post earring so i'm going to show you how to make it what you're going to need is you're going to need for each earring nine inches of this chain and this is what this chain looks like it's so pretty I just actually want to make a necklace out of the chain as well and have it as a set all you'd have to do is add a little magnetic clasp to it and a couple jump rings you'd be done alright getting off track because it's fun to play with alright then you also need some little gold spacer beads the post earrings the earrings backs you're going to need of course two of these little cones some head pins some eye pins and then these rondelle's as well and we have the full listing of the specific measurements and what all this stuff is in the notes to this video so please do check that out and also a full project on in terms of the tools you're going to need you're going to need a pair of either round nose pliers or wire looping pliers a pair of cutters you want one with a nice fine tip these are Zirin I love them and then two pairs of chain nose pliers whichever ones you're comfortable with so those are your tools and those your ingredients so to make this earring we are going to start by making the little tassel links so if we look really closely here you can see that the blue beads are the center beads and the red ones are all the dangles so the blue ones we're gonna count and there's a hidden blue one up in here so there's one two three four five six fully intact little blue links you'll see that here each one has six so one two three four five six and then there's one that's hanging off which is not intact that's the one we cut through so now we're going to cut our chain appropriately so you're just going to take your cutters and you want to make sure that the top loop in the top segment you're cutting has an intact loop so here's an intact loop it means you can hang something from it either a jump ring or in our case an eye pin and some little extra dangles and a loop that's not intact looks like this see how that's been cut through so on this top loop we first want to carefully cut off the little dangles because they're not going to fit inside that comb so just be real careful when you do this that you're cutting the dangles and not that loop and save these because we're going to reuse them later in the project okay so we have that loop it's solid still structurally intact so we've got one two three four five six now on that seventh one which is right here we want to cut it and we want to cut it just beyond the coils through its loop and separate it out and now trim off that loop but try to keep the beads still on there so it does have a little bit of a rough edge but not much you want to cut that as much as you can there is one full length and we want to make four of those following the same process so here I've got the second one I'm starting at that top one again so this blue loop is intact but I need to get rid of these red day angles so I'm just gonna cut them off and just be patient it's you know it's kind of a little bit of a delicate process just making sure that you're only cutting those look those dangles off you're not cutting this loop but it's pretty easy to see when you have it in front of you but that's why you want a nice pair of cutters I can really get in there one two three four five six and then on the seventh one we're gonna cut it and pull it apart pull it off okay trim it and we're just gonna repeat alright we've got all our links here all our little wonderful tassel fringe pieces and now we're going to put them up through the cone and so if you look at our example earring here you see that we've got the four pieces put through the cone and then at the top we have a little blue bead and we have a very petite wrapped wire loop so what we're going to do is we're going to be using an eye pin and we're gonna need a blue bead so I'm actually going to go ahead and cut a blue bead from this chain here cut the coils and let that little blue bead slip off now we're going to open up the loop at the base of an hour of our I pin and we're gonna slip on the top blue links and these are the ones that we've removed all the red dangles from so make sure you're working from the correct side and we removed them because they're just not going to fit inside that narrow cone okay so once we've got all four on there we're gonna close that and really make sure it's closed well you can even give it a little pinch if you want to make sure that it's closed now once these get wedged in there there's not going to be much chance for them to flip up and come out of that there's a pretty tight fit so we have our cone we're just gonna slip it through our cone and slip it down over it and it's pretty cool you can actually look in here and you see that those little blue beads are fit in there really nice and tight so that is that part now we want to put a little blue bead on just for a little accent and now we're gonna make a wrapped wire loop and we're going to be doing that with our wire looping pliers again if you have round nose pliers you can also definitely make wrapped wire loops with round nose pliers okay so right where it exits the bead we want to try to pull this pretty tight okay grab the wire with your pliers and make a little loop Bend that wire over and down rotate your pliers up to the top grab this tail with your fingers while you're still gripping the loop and now you can either keep gripping it with the round nose pliers or you can switch to chain nose whichever feels more comfortable to you and we're just going to make a wrap you don't need to do a lot of wraps just to wrap and then trim your excess wire and now what you want to do is you want to go back and you want to tuck that little tail in but you don't want to press too hard because you don't want to accidentally crack your seed bead they are glass seed beads so there we've got all the dangles and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna add some little accents to this so if you see here we've got some extra stuff happening here and I did that because I really wanted these to fan out a little bit more when you wear them so it almost forms more like a triangle shape instead of straight up and down I just wanted a little bit more interest there so if we take a look at just one strand there are two extra dangles on it there's one that has one gold bead and one red and there's one that just has two gold beats pull these guys all over here and now to get the red beads we need to trim off their little wire bits so you can do that by this got that little ball head pin at the base of it just trim it and then that will release the bead if you work a lot with gemstone chain always save the little it's and bits when you cut it it happens you end up with just a little extra stone or a little extra dangle I found more uses for them and I just keep them in like a little jar and they're just kind of a fun thing to keep on keep on hand sometimes though - you can also use them in applications like this where you know you incorporate them back into the design to add consistency to the overall look alright so I know that I'm gonna need a total of six of these guys I need four for the dangles and two for up top right so let's create some little dangles I have a head pin my place one little red bead on it and one little gold spacer bead and I'm gonna create a simple wire loop so to create a simple wire loop same process is the wrapped wire loop I'm just grabbing it bending that wire down rotating it up to the top and Criss crossing my wire but now instead of wrapping it I just trim it where it Criss crosses okay and I'll tidy up that loop when I actually attach it to my my chain links so the second angle on this one is going to be two of the spacer beads same exact thing I'm just gonna grab that wire bend it down rotate to the top crisscross and trim so I'm going to attach these to one of my links so you can see exactly how to do it and then I'm going to do the other three so we're gonna open up this loop we're gonna look at here and we've got those two red two angles we have the little blue one and we have a nice intact loop on that intact loop we're just gonna slip that wire close our loop back up again give it a little pinch we want to make sure it stays closed and then we're gonna do the same for the little one with the red bead okay so just find that opening to that loop is getting a little bit crowded at this point which is fine and that's why we're only adding two extra dangles because I could not fit three on here okay so there it's through and now we're just gonna close that pinch alright so that one has the extras added and we're gonna go and do that to all three of them and make all the little dangles for ourselves we're ready to finish up our earring so we've got the tassel made that was a big portion of it now we just need to make the little connector Dingle and add the earring post we're gonna take an eye pin place onto it a red bead a gold bead another rondell another gold bead and a final red bead so that's what we've got there for our little segment and now we're gonna create a simple wire loop right at the end of it as well you could always make this a wrapped wire loop if you wanted to by oh no means do you have to though okay right where it Criss crossed we cut and since this one is already a little bit open for me in the creation process I'm just gonna finish open it up slip on our tassel and close it on up as well and now we're gonna add our earring and since this is a eye pin you can open that eye just nice and easily slip on the earring post there's really no right or wrong side to these so you don't have to worry about that close it on it and we're done let's just add it airing back and we have our pair of Coralie earrings using this really fun beautiful chain I just love this chain I've been trying to use in a bunch of different projects because I just think it's so pretty so that is our pair of earrings with these fun tassels and you can of course make these longer you're buying this by the inch so you can make them any length you want you can make them shorter you can make them longer have fun with the design and then do make up a matching bracelet or a matching necklace it'd be really a nice little set so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make this pair of earrings if you did please subscribe to our youtube channel and check out the hundreds and hundreds of other videos we have there and at

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