How to Make the Clarabel Earrings from the Vintaj Designer Series

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
Learn how to make the Clarabel Earrings using a connector piece from the Vintaj Designer Series. Also learn several other tips for altering and embellishing Vintaj components.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie beadaholique to show you some pieces that are part of the vintage designer series i want to show you a few ways of really embellishing and altering these pieces they are great foundations for jewelry designs so let me show you a couple of the pieces first you can see they're very highly detailed and they're in this wonderful natural brass color it's a great be here a nice leaf so some really interesting pieces and they're very easy to really make come alive and make pop so one way you can do that like we have this bird here we can take the vintaj relief block and just sand across the top of it and pull out some of the shiny brass below you can see how that really comes alive you can do as much or as little of that sanding as you want so that's one option another option is to paint them with vintaj patinas so here is the before and here is the after and it was really a very simple process of just using the relief block to pull up some of the shiny brass below and painting it with patinas and then gluing it to a cuff on doing some wire wrapping to match and then another great option I'm going to show you how to do that right here is to embellish with little flatback crystals so i made this earring here nice simple but elegant design and the foundation for it is this little connector piece and I want to make the earring here in the video just to show you really how easy it is to do something like this so we're going to be using the connector which is part of the designer series by vintage a pearlescent white coin pearl by Swarovski and the vintage earring finding and also a head pin and then some of these ss5 swarovski crystal flat backs and this is in a crystal paradise shine a real pretty purple color so the tools we're going to need is we're going to need a crystal katana or if you have a toothpick with some beeswax or magic pick whatever you want to use to go ahead and pick up these crystals and apply them to the finding we're going to be using some GS hypo cement glue pair cutters a pair of wire looping pliers and chain nose pliers so it seems like a lot of tools but it really does come together very quickly so I'm going to put a piece of plastic as a little baggie down on my work surface because I'm going to be using glue and I don't want to get it on my cloth and I'm just going to start by putting some dots of the hypo cement on my connector here so this has a really nice pointed tip applicator so it's very fine and we've used this in the design space that's got a little bit of dried glue around it but yours will be very clean if you purchase it so I'm just going to put these dots of glue and I'm putting a dot wherever I want a crystal as nice because this doesn't dry superfast that I can actually put that many dots down and still be able to put the crystal inn and I apologize it's a little hard to see to put that needle in from a distance normally I'd be a little closer to it but I don't want my head in camera so here we're going to go we're going to just take the tip here this nice sticky tip pick up a crystal and set it down into the glue and we're going to repeat and do that for all of our dots I'm not worrying right now that they're exactly centered how I want them I'm going to go back and do that in just a minute alright so now I'm going to turn the katana around and with the pointed end I'm going to press them a little bit more firmly into the glue and also make sure that they're right where I want them I'm going to let that dry and as that as drying I'm going to take my pearl and place and head pin onto it then I'm going to take my wire looping pliers and just grab it right above the Pearl and squeeze and that just created half the loop for me pull the wire down rotate the pliers to the top and pull that wire so it crisscrosses itself and now we've made a loop right where it crisscrosses I'm going to just go ahead and snip it off and now what I want to do is I do want to wait probably a good 20 minutes or so before I go ahead and apply the earring hook and the Pearl to the base now that our glue is dried let's take this piece and turn it into an earring so really simple here we're just going to take that little loop that we made and we're going to open it whoops gotta grab it first open it like a jump ring and then we're just going to slip it into that bottom open work piece of the link close that loop back up go ahead take our earring hook open that loop the same way slip it onto the top openwork section well now that's why you want your glue to be try before you do this and we're going to close it back up as well so those are now done and we have three different ways to really embellish these vintage designer series pieces you can add rhinestones to them you can use that relief block to pull out the shiny brass below or you can paint them with patina of course there's other things you can do as well but these are just three different design ideas on how to really quickly and easily alter these beautiful vintage pieces you can find everything you've seen here as well as written instructions for these projects at you

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