How to Make a Modern Bangle using Swarovski Crystal European Style Large Hole Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video, you will see just how easy it is to make a modern bangle with Swarovski Crystal European style large hole beads. No tools required!
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Hi, this is Kat with style large-hole beads now I have my bangle here and I've gone ahead and picked out my selection of beads I have some really beautiful sort of spiky Swarovski crystal beads and I also have these spacer and stopper beads in various different colors and then I also have a really neat really faceted helix bead so I just want to show you really quick the great thing about this is that you need no tools because the bangle itself has these two screw caps at the very end and they also have their own little crystals set in there and this is sterling silver and it is actually flexible so to do this all you do is you just take your fingers and unscrew the cap there and it'll come right off you set that down now I've sort of already decided how I want mine to look so I'm just gonna start picking at my beads so again I have one of the spacer stopper beads and it has that nice rubber core on the inside so you'll notice when I slide that down it will kind of stop itself right there nice and secure now this one is not a stopper bead so you see how easy it just sort of slides on and I want to put another crystal right on the edge of that and now I'm going to add another stopper bead and this is in a black diamond so that's sort of gray black color which i think is always really pretty and I'm gonna add my helix bead my other black diamond stopper bead to kind of secure that in place again so you have secured those little stopper beads are again I have a jet stopper bead a spiky crystal and another jet stopper bead now mine aren't quite in the center so I'm just gonna kind of shift them all down right there and you see they stay completely in place which is really really fun and now you just take your little screw cap and you screw it right back on and you want to make sure that your teeth are nice and even so you don't kind of ruin that but both sides unscrew actually and so if you ever want to change this out or you want to only have one bead or two beads or all stopper beads or let's say you get one as a gift from your kids or your spouse this is a great little nice sterling silver modern bangle featuring the european-style large hole beads and again you can switch those out as often as you like with this particular bracelet and it's a really neat modern idea to use these beads I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and many more at you

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