How to Make a Memory Wire Bracelet with Tweedy Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
This videos shows you a quick and easy way of adding pre-strung beads to memory wire and make a bracelet. The beads featured are Czech Glass Tweedy beads which have a wonderful speckled paint look.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and we've done other memory wire bracelets here at beadaholique to do this one because as i was designing this project i came up with a really quick and easy way of getting these strung beads onto the memory wire and i just think it's kind of a cool-looking project so let me show you how to do it for the supplies you're going to need three strands of Tweedy beads and these are eight millimeters in size they do come in other sizes as well you're going to need some bracelet size memory wire and I've actually already used some of this spool of it for this bracelet so you see that you do get quite a lot I want to add a little charm at the end so I have a little Nunn design charm and a little jump ring to connect the charm and then in terms of tools you're going to need a pair of round nose pliers to create the loops on your memory wire memory wire cutters to cut your memory wire you never want to use regular cutters it will damage them two pairs of chain nose pliers to open your jump ring and a pair of scissors so let's begin we're not going to pre-cut our memory wire we are going to just create a loop on one end so memory wire is great because it really retains its shape to create the loop just go ahead and grab the end between the two noses of your round nose pliers and bend it does take a little bit of strength because memory wire is really strong so just create a nice little loop then go to the other end of your memory wire and this is the little tip I came up with as I was making this bracelet that I thought was actually pretty handy so instead of cutting your beads off of this string keep them on and just slide your memory wire through the first bead up near that knot and the adjacent beads next to it and keep slide as many beads as you can and he's usually about four or five once you've done four or five beads go ahead and take your scissors and cut that knot pull the remaining beads off making sure they stay on the string now just go ahead go back and again put it through the hole with the string still there and then after you've done a few pull out your string and scoot down your beads and just keep repeating so if you're making a lot of these bracelets to give as gifts or perhaps you make jewelry professionally and you want to save a little bit of time this is a really fun little technique okay so we've reached the end we still have that end knot so just pull your string out and then just slide down your beads what really is very easy to do pull your memory wire coil and just shuffle them down okay they don't need to go all the way to begin with because you've got a couple more strands to add so again we're up near that knot we're just pulling the knot back a little bit so we can access the bead hole and once we have a few on move that not just cut it off you and keep adding them so really in just a matter of a few minutes I'm going to be able to get all my beads on all the beads are on now we just shuffle them all down to the bottom and once they're at the bottom you're going to want to make sure that they are nice and tight together and so the first bead that we put on is resting up against that loop we made and now we're going to trim our memory wire a little more than a quarter of an inch probably more like almost half an inch from the last bead so between a quarter and a half an inch just cut it off take your round nose pliers again and we're going to create another loop on this side I'm just bending that wire there we go so our bracelet is done and now I'm going to add that decorative little charm which is totally optional now you might notice I have a gunmetal jump ring and my memory wire and my charm are both silver and I did that just to emphasize that you don't always have to match your metals especially when your beads have a lot of different colors playing off of them so I'm just putting that little jump ring through my moon and I'll attach it actually could decide where you want to attach it whether to the pink or to the blue I kind of like the blue put it through the loop that we made and close it back up and we are done so a really quick and easy way of making a memory wire bracelet using some strong beads and in this case they are Czech glass Tweedy beads you can find more projects like this in addition to all the supplies and tools that I used at you

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