How to Finish a Strung Necklace without a Clasp

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to finish off a strung necklace without a clasp. Instead of using a clasp you will feed both ends of beading wire through the same crimp tube, going in opposite directions, and then crimp the crimp tube. After you have crimped the tube you will hide it with a crimp bead cover. This technique works great for long necklaces that can easily slip over the head.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with herbut no clasp and this is the necklace here that I'm going to finish and this works because this necklace is long enough just slip over your head so you're not going to need to worry about clasp now just as a comparison especially if you're new to beading this is what a traditional strung necklace looks like you've got your beads on here both necklaces are using this beading wire it's the same beading wire for both projects but this one is finished with a toggle clasp and you can see if you look closely here we've got some thread and wire protectors but we've also got a crimp bead beneath this crimp bead cover and we've done that on both sides so the necklace opens up and then you've got your toggle clasp now if you were making this necklace shorter or you just wanted a clasp this toggle would look great with it I actually built these two projects together so they've got a lot of similarities but I want to show you how to go ahead and finish this without a clasp so the tools you're going to need chain nose plier cutter and a crimping plier and we're going to be using a two by two millimeter crimp tube and a four millimeter crimp bead cover and our necklace is 32 inches long so plenty of room to fit over our heads and I've got it all ready to go so this here at this point where we got the beading wire coming out and the little bead Stoppers on you could finish it I either way so up until this point your stringing your necklace the exact same ways if you're going to add a clasp but what we're gonna do here is we're going to take off both our bead Stoppers and we're going to thread on a crimp tube so we've got that on one side and now what we're gonna do is we're going to criss cross and put our other ends wire through it as well so it almost makes like a little X in there I'm gonna pull that and now I want to feed it through a couple adjacent beads as well just so I have a little bit better anchoring point now I'm going to do that on both sides as well so now you can just pull it now with this strong necklace you do want to make sure that it's one tight enough that doesn't have big gaps so you don't want gaps if you look here you don't want gaps along the edge but you don't want it so tight that it's stiff so I kind of wiggle mine usually a little bit make sure it's still can wiggle and then there are no gaps so holding my two ends of wire I'm going to take my crimping plier and the other hand and this has two notches in it it has a front notch and a back notch the front one is oval shape the back notch is more like a crescent moon we're gonna be using the back notch first and we're just gonna put our pliers right in here what you can actually do is you can you got some wiggle room make sure you're grabbing that crimp bead and then carefully pull your beading wire so you don't have any gaps I have not crimped my bead yet once you've got it crimp your bead you crimp it just by squeezing so this what we've got so far first so now it mimics the shape of that Crescent and now what we're gonna do is we're going to turn that one up right in the front oval notch so it's standing on its end and now we're gonna squeeze and what that did is it folded itself in on itself so it went like this it basically just sandwiched it and now you got a little seam line right there so what we're gonna do now is we're gonna take a crimp bead cover and you can see this is basically an unfinished bead as an open bead essentially and we want the opening facing out and we're gonna slide this over our crimped crimp bead like so and squeeze and you can go a little bit slow here and start squeezing it from different angles so you've made a nice bead and at this point you can trim your wires so we have a finished necklace you can still move which is great that's what we want it it's not too stiff but you see this now is our closure so there is no clasp it is solid it's continuous and it's gonna hold that's not gonna pull out on you and you have a finished necklace piece and that is how you finish a necklace that's strung without a clasp and of course you always do have the option and we have other videos at showing you how to finish it with a clasp hope you enjoyed this video if you did please do check out our youtube channel subscribe we have hundreds and hundreds of videos or check out or you'll see more instructions for both of these necklaces you

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