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Hi, this is Julie with carnelian gemstones we have fasted teardrops as well as faceted heart briolettes so really pretty stones and this is a pretty simple earring to make for the actual structure we're gonna be using artistic wire I have a 26 gauge gold and then just a simple earring hook for tools you'll need a pair of chain nose pliers wire looping pliers and a pair of cutters let me show you how to do this we're gonna start by wire wrapping our little hearts briolettes and to do so we're going to need three lengths of wire about three inches long each you don't have to be precise three four inches you can take the wire and you're gonna feed it through the little hole at the top of the briolette and then you're going to slide it down and you want to make your wires crisscross but leave one end longer than the other so why ours crisscross and then the end that's only got about an inch on it go ahead and twist that so just wrap that around the longer wire and then trim off the tail now you're going to take your wire looping pliers and right above where you went ahead and loop to the other wire go ahead and use your wire looping pliers to make a loop on top of where you just wrapped it so just like that so the wire looping pliers do have to work for you pull it all the way around rotate your pliers up to the top and then you're just using your hand make a number of loops around your wire and you can do as many or as few as you want in this case I would just recommend making sure you do at least one complete loop for security reasons okay after you've got your loops trim off your tail and take your chain nose pliers go ahead and push that tail into your wraps so you don't have a tail that would poke out and poke you so there's one I'm going to do all three of them in the same fashion these are so tiny and so pretty there we go okay just finishing up why are wrapping our briolettes so now they all have a nice little loop up top which is going to make them very easy to attach to the art earring so now we've got these three pretty teardrops and you can see their facets so again we're going to take three separate lengths of wire then this one you want to have just a wee bit longer I'd say 4 to 5 inches long it's nice because 26 gauge wire is super flexible very very easy to work with them so in this case we're going to start by creating a wrapped wire loop just by a standalone one so we're going to start the wrapped wire loop like so so we've got a loop but before we actually put the wraps all around it I'm going to just slightly open it and I'm going to slide on one of my little heart briolettes now I'm going to grab right below where the wires crisscross so the actual loop itself and now I'm going to make my wraps I'm going to do two to three wraps and you see that pulling the wire out and straight the long lengths of wire so I don't want that to be kinked and by doing wrapped wire loops you are creating a very secure structure so don't trim off the tail if there's a rough end push it into the wraps and now go ahead and place the wire through one of the teardrop beads and then right above in it you're going to create another wrapped wire loop and I love these wire looping pliers because they actually let me hold on to the whole piece as I'm doing my wrapping and if you've seen my other videos you know I'm a big fan of these pliers are just a really nifty tool that comes in handy saves a lot of work okay so now we've got the base of our earring now we're gonna create another wrapped wire loop and same deal before we do the wraps you're going to not only slide on a briolette we're going to slide on that piece we just created with the teardrop and then also a briolette and grab the loop and make your wrappings it's nice to tuck in that tail as you go so you don't have to go back and do it later okay I need another teardrop so you see how we're just building up this design and another wrapped wire loop and if you wanted this to look a little bit more wire heavy you would just keep doing your rap so what you could do is just keep going and spiraling it down along the bead it would be purely for aesthetic reasons at that point but you can definitely do it if you want it to look a little bit more wire wrap II okay last one okay here we go it's our final one we're just gonna put it on it and this time we are going to create that wrapped wire loop but we're not going to anything else to add to the top because our earring hook has an open loop at the base for us tuck it in and now we'll open the loop at the base of our earring hook the same way you to open a jump ring and then just slide on your wrapped wire loop and really make sure that you close this loop very nicely and tightly because you are attaching on two it's such a thin gauge wire it would be easy for it to slip out of the loop if your loop is not really closed very well but there we go we have a matched set of really pretty gemstone earrings using faceted heart briolettes and faceted teardrops you can find the supplies for these earrings as well as other wire wrapping projects at you

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