How to Make a Sea Glass Spike Bangle Bracelet

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
Bangle Bracelets are great to be worn alone or in sets of multiples. In this video learn how to make a really unique bangle bracelet using Artistic Wire Twisted Wire and cultured sea glass 2-hole spike beads. Make one or make many.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and wire you can see that it's nice and twisted and these really great cultured sea glass bicone beads and there are two whole beads so you can see here that we've got the wire going through both holes I'm going to show you how to make this and it's nice it's flexible so it's gonna be really easy and comfortable to wear so you're gonna need three of these spike cone beads and they come in a bunch of colors I love them right here they look like gumdrops they're really a nice shape to them so I've picked out this wonderful rich blue color and then you're gonna need some artistic wire twisted wire in the 22 gauge size now there's a bunch of colors available and I have selected the gold I think it's gonna show up best in this video you're also going to need a ruler a mandrel I've got an oval mandrel here a bracelet one then you're going to need a pair of cutters and a chain nose plier so you're going to start I'm going to clear these guys away so we just are focusing on what we're actually using you're gonna start with your artistic wire and you can see that it is twisted so it really shimmers beautifully and you're going to want to cut 48 inches of it I have an 18 inch ruler right here I'm just uncoiling it as I go making sure it doesn't get twisted well twist it in the wrong way I should say so here there's 18 another 18 which makes 36 and one more length of 18 so we've got 48 inches now on the actual spool of artistic wire you get four yards so you're gonna be able to make two of these bracelets purple and have just a little bit left over so begin by threading on these sea glass beads through one hole of each of them now a pretty standard size for a bangle bracelet that needs to slip over the wrist is 8 inches I've got my bracelet mandrel you can see we've actually gone ahead and hand marked the different increments on here so I'm going to focus on this 8 inch one and I want to slide these beads down to the halfway point of my wire now it's pretty important that you do get them at the halfway point so if you want you can measure how much you have coming off the end or you can just line up your two ends but you do want to make sure that they're pretty much right at the halfway point so you can see my two wire ends are just about even take your beads the wire through them it's a little tricky to get this guy started and put them on that eight inch mark and I have another video for beadaholique that shows you how to make these marks if you don't already have them marked on your actual mandrel okay so we're gonna do that and we're just going to hold these ends we're going to take one of the wires and wrap it around the mandrel so it comes up the other side and now we want to thread it through that second hole on each of these now this will get twisted and kinked it but it is wire so you can just work it back out so you see has gone through that first hole so I'm just gonna pull it through if you're lucky and it shoots right through all three holes great just shoot it through but I have found that does not always do that okay so it got through one made it through the second one I'm just gonna scoot this apart a little bit because I don't want this wire to get a solid kink in it I wanted to be as smooth as possible okay and now we're going to go through that third one too okay so you see where that little tails coming out so now that we've got that go ahead and pull it tight on the mandrel you want those Center and the top so it's already looking better than did a minute ago when you're fiddling with it so take the other wire that you have not threaded through any holes yet wrap it around and go up through the holes going the opposite way so we just went this way through now we're going to go through those same series of holes but going in the opposite direction so that your wires crisscross on the inside so got it 3-1 before I pull this all away I'm gonna just see if I can get it through a second one and see if I'm lucky enough to get it through the third I mean it looks like it's just gonna go through one time for me here you're going to tighten up all your wires at the end so don't worry if they're a little bit loose right now poor thing is just to get them through there you go and the third one so well all your wires tight at this point it's cute it down so it stays on that eight-inch alright so this one it's going here so we've criss-cross through the top holes now we want to criss cross through the bottom one so we're gonna take this wire over here that already went first through those top second holes wrap it around your bracelet mandrel so it comes up this other side and we're going to go through these holes now yeah I went through two at once all right so each hole has two wires going through it in opposite directions and you got it on the mandrel so before you go any further because you're about to pull this off the mandrel is what we're gonna do next pull your wires tight now what we can do is we can slip it off of the mandrel and the project is going to be relatively easy from this point out we've got all these wires gonna hold it here we're going to take the wire on this end and wrap it up and over all your wires and pull so we just made one little twist okay we're gonna do that on the other end now to wrap it up and over okay inspect your bracelet make sure that your wires still look good and now we're just going to do wrappings over and over and over again wrapping a portion of these three wires to give this extra security and also a really nice decorative element as well sometimes helps once you've done a few wrappings to hold your rapping so you're no longer holding the spikes which can be a little bit difficult to hold on to and honestly at this point you can wrap as much or as little as you want so it kind of depends on the look that you like you can even use some of that leftover wire on your spool and wrap the entire surround see what's starting to look like I've done about an inch I'm gonna go to the other side and start wrapping it cuz even though we started out by making sure that our beads are really in the center of our wire when we did all that Criss crossing it ended up a little bit uneven which is just going to happen because you're yanking the wire through the wires are shifting a little bit so it's very much natural for them to get a little bit off so you wouldn't want to wrap all the entire length of your wire on one side and then realize that your other side was a little bit shorter and that you wouldn't be able to have even wrappings okay so those are about even looks like I mean just do a little bit more on this side okay so I'm just gonna trim my wire then you'll want to just make sure that you don't have a rough edge so I'm going to trim my wire I'm gonna pull it up just really nice and tight right there tremendo I'm just going to take my chain nose pliers and just push it in to make sure it's nice and squished in there not protruding so it won't poke you do that on the other side as well okay there we go we've made a bracelet now what you couldn't do to which I think could be really pretty and I might do it here just to show you how you would do it you can add a little anchor right here if you don't want these loose although I kind of do like them loose I'm going to put a little bit of wire wrapping right here just as a a decorative element and also and anchors those together so I'm gonna find what looks to be the center I'm just eyeballing it I'm gonna start a little bit off-center so I have room to wrap I'm just holding the cut wire against the wrapped wire and I'm looping it over and pulling it snug and I'm just gonna do some wrappings - just a little bit more so as you can see you can definitely have fun with this design you can deviate from the original pattern like I'm doing right now I just saw something I was like oh maybe that would look nice like that I'm going to trim it and now that I have this I'm actually curious to see what these might look like fanned out so it's just wire it's not gonna hurt it I'm just gonna pull it apart a little bit see if that would look interesting which kind of does well have a little bit of a hard time staying in this position just because it is 22 gauge wire that's kind of a fun look actually it'd look nice on your wrist so that's one way of doing this bracelet or you could keep it like the original design which is just the solid wrappings along the edge no wrapping in the bottom middle bit just gives you an idea play with that have fun just squish these back together if you don't like them so you can find this project as well as the wire and the beads and other supplies at you

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