How to Make the Butterscotch Candy Halloween Earrings

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you will learn how to combine Austrian crystal beads and wire to create a pair of earrings that resemble dangling butterscotch candies. Learn how to make this project from start to finish. Perfect for Halloween!

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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hi this is rachael with beadaholique and today i want to show you how to make the butterscotch candy earrings you see here now if you're like me I love Halloween I love everything about the holiday but I'm not really into the ghouls and the ghost and the witches and all the scary stuff I prefer the softer sides like the big bowls of candy you get when you knock on grandma's door down the street so that's what I had in mind when I decide this earring here's what you'll need to make the second earring in this project you will need some 24 gauge craft wire some Swarovski crystal dome beads some Zaretsky crystal faceted round beads 21 inch pieces of gold chain a gold jump ring and a gold earring hook and four tools I'll be using some flat nose pliers some round nose pliers and some wire cutters here and you can find all of these supplies and a full tutorial at so let's get started first I'm going to cut about a three inch length of this gold craft wire it doesn't have to be exactly three inches but that's a good length to work with and I'm going to make a simple wire loop on one end so I'll start by making a little bend in the wire with the flat nose pliers then I'll come in with the round nose pliers and loop that wire around and now i will cut out the extra with flush cutters and I'll just need that loop up with flat nose pliers okay so right now you've actually just made a homemade I pin and onto this I pin you're going to string the first dome bead with the wide flat end pointing down toward the loop then you're going to string the first link of your first piece of gold chain and they're very tiny links of chain but I promise they will fit on this wire so there you go just slip that right down now you'll string one faceted round bead slide that down and now the first link of the second piece of gold chain and last you'll string the second dome bead with the wide flat end facing up so now you can see that the butterscotch candy shape is taking shape there now this is kind of a tricky part you're going to make another simple wire loop on the other end of this wire but because of the shape of the dome beads they're kind of concave on the end so it's a little bit difficult to make that loop very close to the bead but we're going to try our best so I'll grip with round nose pliers and I'm just going to make a loser loop because I don't want to scrape the end of that bead and now I'll cut off the extra with flush cutters and I'll neaten that loop up with flat nose pliers just bring the end of that loop together in there so there you go that is the shape of the butterscotch candy and now we're going to add a jump ring so I'm going to find the end of that jump ring and open it and on to this jump ring I'm going to string the first link of both of these pieces of chain in this little candy component and this very skinny chain is difficult to work with but it does fit onto this jump ring okay so there's one and there's the other and now onto this jumper I'm going to slide the loop of this earring hook and now we're just going to close up this jump ring so there you have it there is the second butterscotch candy earring and you can find a full tutorial at along with all the supplies you need to make it thanks so much for watching you

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