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Hi, this is Julie and in this video I want to introduce you to some of the new focal beads and pendants available at beadaholique and these are all hand-carved bone and natural shell so let me start with the shell ones first so we have a couple focal pendants right here we have an elephant and I'm really pretty Lotus and this is just lovely see the way it catches the light then over here we have some strands of a natural shell I'm going to flip them over so you can see that they really do have this wonderful luster on both sides we have some flat rectangles as well as some little coin ones and then for the hand-carved beads I'm going to pick up a lot of these to show you the whole orientation because I think that's really important so cut these little fishies right here now it does have the hole here that you could hang some kind of rope through but it also has a hole right down the middle of it as well here I'll show you the hole here so a lot of these do have multiple ways of holding them and I'm just gonna go through and show you these different pieces we have this horse right here and it's got holes throughout so we got some holes here and then also up here so you have different ways of hanging it this guy here it might be a little hard to see it's got the elephant front and center and then he's nice and smooth on the back we have a turtle and there's that hole it's a nice big pendant this guy is a really beautiful insect and you can go right through the middle with a stringing material here but again you could easily just do some knots along the side and then string it that way so a little fishy here these guys are great look at these big pieces all you need to do is attach some chain to the end and have a finished jewelry design here I did a very simple straining method I just tied a knot right up at the top it was just a simple overhand knot and then I used some fold-over end caps here and just magnetic clasp to finish that guy and this is an ultra suede which is very nice I think it complements the bone really well up here we have an eagle's head where they hold down the center really cool fish it looks great on both sides as well a cute little cutie cat and then the back of the cat is really detailed and as well here we have a butterfly and again you could just string it through those holes there as well an alligator and he's got a hole right through his belly here that's how he's gonna sit these guys here nice really large holes so you'd be easily able to slide those on to some cord you got a little kitten in the basket and then you see the back and then another couple of really great big carved vocals huge fish now he has the hole right here and then he also has it down his Center as well I think I pretty much covered all of them I'm just gonna pick up a few more that I might not have picked up but these are really nice substantial pieces and they're in limited stock as well we don't have too many of these and really once they're gone they're gone they're very limited to supply and each one is going to vary slightly because they all are hand carved so you can find all of these pieces as well as some project ideas for them at beadaholique you

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