How to Make the Boho Gemstone Memory Wire Bracelet Kits by Beadaholique

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video learn how to make the Boho Gemstone Memory Wire Bracelets, an Exclusive Beadaholique Jewelry Kit. Gemstone chips, wood beads, and metal beads come together in this boho chic design of coiled memory wire. Each kit is finished off with a unique charm to suit your style. This is a wonderful kit for a beginner who wants to explore using memory wire in their designs.
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Hi, this is Kat with our exclusive beadaholique to make your kit in whichever color style you choose so for this particular kit we've done six different varieties up here so we've chosen three different gemstone chips so we have an amethyst we have a turquoise and we have a rose quartz now you can see that we've created a golden a silver version for each and each one comes with its own unique charm as you see here so for this kit you're going to get your memory wire you're gonna get your charm as well as a jump ring to attach it you'll get your gemstone chip beads you'll get noodle beads you'll also have a metal bead component and a wood bead now the only thing that you'll need to provide yourself is a pair of chain nose pliers and a pair of round nose pliers just to help you out with some of those loops that we're going to be making here in just a moment and the other thing that can help you with this is we're going to be using a little bit of blue painters tape but this is optional and I'll show you that in just a moment so if you have all of your supplies ready to go let's go ahead and get started so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna take our memory wire here now this comes pre-cut for you so we don't recommend trying to cut it with any flush cutters so all you're going to do is just find one end here and let me just kind of uncoil mine there we go so you'll see that you have six loops to work with so at one end what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a little piece of our tape and just fold it over the edge there and what this is gonna allow us to do is just kind of provide a little bead stopper to one end so that if we want to go back and change our design we'll be able to do that now the great thing is is that memory wire doesn't really have a size to it it'll expand and contract so one size fits all alright so now that we have our little blue tape here what we're going to start to do is we're going to start to load up our beads now if you didn't want to use the tape here you could automatically jump to the end and go ahead and make your simple wire loop I'm gonna show you how to do that once we get to the end but you could also do that here as well if you didn't want to change your design now the reason we offer this is because every gemstone chip has its own natural little shape to it so while we do give you enough of the gemstone chips to create the design sometimes a chip might be a little bit off so you might have extra beads or less than beads so what happens then is you can go back and change the design because you'll have plenty of wood beads noodle beads and metal beads to kind of help fill out your design also the pattern I'm going to give you here is just a suggested pattern feel free to mix and match and do whatever you like alright so let's go ahead and we're gonna start by doing three sort of wood beads and metal beads so every time I put a wood bead on I'm gonna put a metal bead on so I'm gonna do a set of three here I'm actually going to do only two metal beads and three wood beads because then I want to add one noodle bead now these are curved metal beads that you just kind of slide on to the memory wire and they should go right with the curve there all right so so far I have a wood bead a metal bead a wood bead a metal bead a wood bead and a noodle bead right there all right so now I'm gonna do five of the wood beads here so a wood bead a metal bead wood bead a metal bead a wood bead a metal bead and another wood bead one more metal and then another would be so I sort of have my five wood beads there so I'm gonna slide that all the way down and now I'm gonna pick up one more noodle bead and this really helps to add a nice little metallic to the beginning now I'm gonna kind of slide them down and kind of kick them around my little coil there you don't have to scooch them down too much they'll kind of naturally get down there but just if you want to sort of adjust to get them away from a little tip here that is a good good little thing to do alright so now we're going to add one single wood bead and we're gonna add another noodle bead here so just gonna slide that down alright so now again I'm gonna add five of our wood bead section and a metal bead go wood bead metal bead would be see I have three so far so this is my fourth wood bead one more metal bead and one more wood bead and now we're ready to start adding some of our gemstones so for this one I just kind of move that down a little bit there we go so for this one I'm going to add what is approximately about two inches worth of our gemstone chips along the length here which you know you can just kind of eyeball and again that's sort of why we give you the opportunity to adjust that tape there on the end so I'm just kind of fitting that so it's about a third of the way around because you can just see how different all these little chips are which is just really lovely it gives it a really nice sort of organic little feel so I'm just gonna string on some turquoise gemstones that are gonna like I said go about a third of the way around my memory wire so we're just gonna sort of eyeball about two inches worth of gemstones here and I'm sort of picking them up in my hand sometimes it's hard to find where the hole is because they're so uniquely shaped but what it's really nice is you can just keep on adding and you can see even in here there's just different varieties so if I wanted something that had a little bit more of that texture to it I can slip that in there or if I then want to try to add a smaller one there lots of different options all right so probably just a few more here and I think that should do it so yeah you know I'm actually gonna take one of those off there we go all right so now I'm just gonna kind of work and slide that down to the bottom so I'm just what I'm doing is just kind of trying to coil it around and just move it a little bit there we go just to keep an eye on it all right so now that I've added approximately two inches of my first length of turquoise what I'm going to do is I'm going to do five more of those wood beads with the little metal beads and you can even see that the wood beads have a little bit of variety to them as well so keep that in mind as you are making up your pattern that you want to use all right so that's two that is three and a metal bead one more wood bead one more metal bead and a final wood bead there we go and again we're gonna add some more turquoise now so again we're gonna do another sort of two inches of our turquoise and one of the things I love about memory wire is that it really is one size fits all so you can get a really great design this these make wonderful gifts because you don't have to worry about this sizing for your recipient definitely a few more here and you can see that I'm sort of alternating some of the larger ones with some of the smaller ones just helps give it again just that really nice organic little feel all right slide that down see how we're doing I'd say one or two more can't hurt alright so now we're gonna add one noodle bead and the noodle beads are great to use in this design because they actually allow a little bit of space to sort of happen because you have a lot going on here so that's just a really nice little thing all right so we're just kind of scootch everybody down there we go all right so we just added another gemstone and then we added one more of our noodle beads so we're gonna do another five would be it's here of course with our metal beads in between I always like to use metal in conjunction with gemstones it gives it a really nice sort of bohemian feel and that's that's the look we're going for here today all right so that's three wood beads and here's my fourth one more metal bead and one more of our wood beads there we go alright so again if you come to a point where you want to add three wood beads or just one or two go for it you can do whatever you want with these it's really really fun alright so we're gonna keep sliding that down so we have another part of the turquoise here so another section of our gemstones sometimes you'll find it a little hard to find the holes on some of these gemstones and it's just because we wanted to get that really natural feel by using the chips so with that sometimes you have to kind of fish around and find exactly where the hole is I got to start working it down a little bit sometimes it can get caught up so just keep you'll see it's getting a little bit caught because of the natural state of those gemstones so they kind of want to stick together so we're just gonna kind of take our fingers and just move it down move it all on down because we get a lot to load on here alright so I'm gonna add some more gemstones here all right so that should do it for that section of gemstones so that was our third section of our turquoise there so now we're gonna do five more would be its last metal bead and would be there we go gotta slide that all the way down now and we're ready to add another section of our turquoise beads I'm gonna take a moment here just slide everything down and try to get it as close to the bottom of there as I can everybody's just sliding on down there and this will also give you a chance to really see how it's developing see if you like the pattern because you can always change it up you know if you're following me so far you can always change it up from here say you want some more wood beads in there more of that section just go ahead and do whatever feels right alright so we're getting closer there you can see it start to develop so now if you look sort of at the bottom of what we have so we've done three little sections of our turquoise gemstones we have some lovely spaced out noodle beads in there and the wood beads it's coming together really nicely so you can just see the reason we do the pattern this way is to just kind of have those new two beads give a little bit of space so because we have the gemstone chips we really want to show those off alright so one two three so if you it's easy for me to count the sections of gemstones here so I did a few less gemstones here than I had wanted to so I'll make that up in a little bit here so I'll add a little a little more gemstone later that's why I kind of like this kit we give you all the supplies and you can really make it your own alright so I just added five more of my wood beads there so we're ready for another turquoise section so I'm gonna make this one a little bit bigger so we're gonna maybe go almost halfway around with this one just to kind of make up for the fact that I maybe didn't add as many before so but I can just have fun and make it your own this is a beautiful thing about the kits we give you guys a new technique to try and if you're interested in and if you really like this we do offer the other kits as well as if you want you know maybe a different color it's a totally different design which is really really fun all right so I'm gonna use some the larger beads here to give me a little bit more width there we go I'm gonna slide that down and so this is one of those ones where you gotta really search for that hole there we go and this could also work with round gemstone beads as well so if you're watching this and when I do this technique you can choose various different beads a lot of things work with memory wire it's a really fun fun thing and a fun technique to learn I'm just gonna slide some more down there just so I can check how long that width is alright so yeah I'm liking that one am a lot more so it goes almost halfway around so I'm happy with that one alright so now we're gonna add a noodle bead slide that all the way around and we have five more wood beads three four and one more so one more metal bead yeah and one more would bead just slide that down and we're gonna do another section of our turquoise and again just pay attention to the shape and you know see how they're all laying together and as they kind of twist you'll be able to kind of squeeze more on there just as they want to find a way to fit together I love how different all of these chips are you can just see that some of the coloring is just really different it's quite lovely just squeeze that down there all right so now we're gonna add another noodle bead and all the way around there we go and another section of turquoise and I believe this will be our final section of turquoise here so I'm just sort of you can see that I'm getting a little pickier with the ones I want to want to use they're all really good I'm just trying to look for some interesting shapes that I might want to get in my design something that I maybe haven't used before you can see that some of these are a little tinier so they make for some really great little color there and if there's any last little cool ones that I definitely want to get in here this is a good opportunity for that so now we're gonna slide that down and here's another opportunity to just kind of get it all down there towards the bottom all right so now we're gonna do another noodle bead and we're gonna do five more of our wood beads here of course with our metal beads one more time I like the little beads that happen on these little metal beads again it just gives that nice little interest to our design I guess that's for all right so you can see that we're getting towards the end here so start thinking about how you want to end it now we do have some leftover gemstone chips so you can start to add that here but I'm gonna keep going I'm gonna do another noodle bead slide that down and what I'm gonna do now is I'm actually going to take a little piece of tape here and cover the front or I'm sorry technically the back half here this is where we've been stringing and what I want to do is I want to move to the front here so what I'm gonna do first is I'm gonna remove my tape and I know that I'm gonna be happy with my design now so going to get the blue tape off my finger and what I want to do now is I want to take my round nose pliers and you're gonna want about a half an inch or so and you're just gonna take it in your round nose pliers and just bend it in to create a nice little simple wire loop facing in towards the center of that gemstone memory wire so now I have my loop here at the front so now what I can do is I can flip my work back over here to where we were stringing and now is a good opportunity to kind of really move all those beads down and you can see that I'm not already getting a little bit more space here at the beginning or I'm sorry at the end I'll try to keep my verbage the same so all I'm doing is I'm just gonna kind of actually grab that with my pliers here so I can just kind of really move them all down here and you can see that little spaces are kind of popping up so I want to make sure that everything is gonna be nice and snug down there at the bottom so just kind of moving around the gemstones just making sure that they're all gonna sit and everybody is gonna be happy down there so we're just kind of moving that all together cuz we want it to feel stiff not too loose so that's what this step is for alright so I think I'm happy with that I'm really liking the way everything is laying here there we go and actually I'm getting a lot of noodle beads right there altogether so what I'm gonna do is I am going to adjust my pattern here now this is where you can kind of have just a little bit more fun with it and make it your own so I'm going to take that last noodle bead off there and because I have some extra gemstones I'm going to add some extra gemstones here to the end now I'm not going to add a whole bunch but just a little section to kind of help me bridge that gap there all right so now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to add that noodle bead back and now I've sort of bridged over just so that my noodle bead won't be totally there so I have some more gemstones happening which is just just a fun way to kind of do it so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add a wood bead a metal bead a wood bead a metal bead and another wood bead I think I can probably get four wood beads on the end here that'll be perfect all right so I'm gonna end it with four wood beads for mine my design here so again we have that about half an inch there and I'm gonna take it in my pliers and I'm gonna bend that in and we're gonna finish it off with a nice little loop there on the end just the same as we did on the other side so that's the ending to our design there so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to flip it back over to the place we started so I have my little loop there and the last little thing I want to do is I want to add my charm so I'm gonna take my chain nose pliers here and I'm gonna pick up my jump ring grab it with my round nose pliers give it a little gentle twist and then I'm gonna slip my charm on and then slip it on to the little loop there come in with my round nose pliers one more time close that little jump ring up make sure he's closed nice and tight and we are all finished so again there's a lot of different ways that you can do this you can actually see that we have a lot of metal beads our noodle beads and wood beads left over so you will be able to create a fun unique pattern using the techniques that you've seen in this video I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more exclusive and hey if you're new here be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique

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