How to Make the Beaded Centerline Bracelet and Ring Set - An Exclusive Beadaholique Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the Beaded Centerline Bracelet and Ring Set, an exclusive kit by Beadaholique. In the video you will learn how to bead the center inset of both the cuff bracelet and ring. Both pieces of jewelry are adjustable and the kits come with everything you need to make this project - the bracelet cuff, the ring, Nymo thread, Miyuki Delica seed beads, glue, the pattern, and even a beading needle. The only tool you need to provide is a pair of scissors. Each kit features a different pattern and a unique designer-picked color palette.
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Hi, this is Julie with and ring set which is the exclusive kit by beat AHA League and actually comes in a couple different colorways and different patterns but if you look at this example here which is the one we're gonna do in the video you see it's a really nice finished cuff and on the inside is almost like a little piece of loom work and also the same thing with the ring as well so this is called the santa cruz color combo and pattern so that's going to be that one this is another one which is wonderful warm tones and this is a Sonora and you see it's done on a silver bracelet instead of the gold you'll also notice it has corresponding thread here is botanical Cove which is wonderful shades of purple and violet and white almost like an ombre effect and then the final one here is Monterey and this is a magenta blue and a very pale mint so just a really different look on that one too and you see that that mint just pops with the contrasting of the colors so when you purchase an exclusive kit from is adjustable you can squeeze it to fit whatever ring size you like you're going to also get the bracelet and you'll notice these wonderful little holes along the outside this is gonna be our anchoring point you're going to get a big eye needle you're gonna get some e6000 glue you're gonna get all the beads you need you're actually gonna get more than enough beads to do this project we're providing quite a bit of extra beads here and then you're going to be getting your thread as well so all you're going to need to provide are a pair of scissors some little toothpicks or scrap pieces of wire to apply your glue at the end and a post-it note to put your glue on you're also going to be receiving the pattern and in this case for the santa cruz one i cut it out of the sheet that it comes on i liked having a little smaller sheet to work with so that a little easier for me when I'm doing my bead work and then you're also gonna get detailed instructions as well and of course you'll have this video so I want to get started right away on this because it's really fun to do I found that when I was making these samples I just enjoyed it more and more so when you first look at your cuff bracelet which is what we're going to be starting with this is gonna be the first one we bead you'll notice that there are 23 holes on each side which means your pattern is gonna be 23 beads long and you're gonna be able to make a pattern of pattern that's seven beads tall and we are using my yuki delicas size 11 o which is what these are really made for now if you do look at the rows of beads you'll notice that they're all evenly spaced with the exception of one spot on here and so you look down here and there's a little bit of a wider gap between these two holes and sometimes these two holes will be up here with a little wider gap sometimes they'll be down here like if we look at the ring the wider gap is on the opposite side it's a top left and this one is bottom left so I'm going to show you both ways so regardless of which hole placement you get in your kit I'll show you how to do it is very similar as the same technique it's just a slight variation and the way you start this is you find that gap and you go diagonal across and this is your starting point and because I am right-handed I like to work from left to right so I flip mine around so that gap is up top and I am gonna start right down here and this just makes it so that your beads line up straight and I'm not at a slant and if you ever get a bracelet where that gap is not really identifiable don't worry about it if your little holes are placed a little closer together just start on one corner and is going to be fine so we are going to begin by cutting our thread and we're going to be using Nemo that's what's going to come with your kit and your 9-mil color a thread will coordinate to your beads and you're going to want to cut two lengths that are 45 inches so we're essentially doubling our thread to make it a little bit thicker to help stabilize the beads in the bracelet so I've already pre-cut my thread and you're gonna line up your ends and then you're gonna place them into a big eye needle if you haven't worked with big eye needles before they're really wonderful they're so easy to work with and they're great when you have a situation we have like multiple threads going through that eye or a little bit thicker thread so a really great little handy tool you do get one with your kit so pull it so that you have one tail that's about six inches or so on one side and then your other length is just hanging off the other side do not tie a knot to begin with we're gonna go back at the very end and tie a knot so let's look at this bracelet again you remember you have already identified where that gap is if your bracelet does have an identifiable gap and you're gonna want to go diagonal across to it and since I am right-handed I'm gonna be working left to right if you are left-handed just reverse that the technique won't change so this is our starting hole down here and we're just gonna go from the back forward and so we're gonna pull it so that we have enough tail hanging out there we're gonna be able to restring our needle onto it at the very end so that's what you need so whatever you're comfortable with I think this is probably around 10 inches or so and you're going to get a pattern that comes with your kit and since this is a santa cruz one you see right here is where we're gonna start so i'm gonna pick up a blue bead turquoise it's actually two turquoises a blue two more turquoises and another blue and this is why this reminds me of loom work because you put them all on at once for each row alright so now we're gonna just slide them down and be a little bit careful that your thread doesn't knot so you just want to be a little bit careful in the beginning just because you have a lot of threads you're working with so now that we've got those slid down we're going to take our needle go through the center because you always want to go from back to front so now we're gonna come from the back on that top hole and pull and then you're going to use your fingers and stabilize it a little bit and now we're going to go back through our beads okay and now we're gonna go from put the needle through that Center again and in this case because it's our starting row we're gonna go back from the back to the front again through the same hole that we started with pull and now that we're out front we're gonna go up through those beads one more time make sure that this road is really nice and secure and straight just pull and pull nice and snug pull tight you want those to really be set in there and that too is why you're doubling up your thread alright so we are on the front side again so we're gonna take our needle go through the back side and now we're ready to go over to the next row so you're gonna go one hole over put your needle through but I want to make sure that my thread is out of the way I don't want to go in the middle of my two threads so let me just pull that out of the way a little bit okay so we're on the back side coming to the front and now we're ready to pick up our next row of beads so if we look here here's Row two so we're gonna need two of this pretty kind of turquoisey color one of the blue one of the white I know it can be really hard to see the white here on this white tablecloth another blue and two more this turquoise okay so those are all on our needle we're gonna slide them down okay and now again we want to go back to front so that needle goes through the center and then going that one hole over because you're now on your second row so you want to go on the second hole pull now you want to go back through them and pull nice and tight and now through the center again and now you're ready for your third row whoops there you go and because it's just one of the interior rows you don't need to go for that third pass through so you're just ready to go over to row three okay and look at your pattern so Row three is going to start with a blue two turquoises and then another blue two more turquoises and another blue pull all those beads down and then go from the center to the back and then that third hole over on the bottom row pull and you can already see our pattern is starting to form so we're gonna go back up through the beads and pull again same thing we're just going from back to front and it does get a little bit easier even as you progress because you're reducing the amount of thread you have hanging out here isn't it just in the beginning you have so much thread okay so we're on that fourth hole over which is going to correspond to the fourth row so on this one it's going to start with a white and then it's going to be a blue three turquoises then another blue and another white and you can see how few beads we are really using here so you're gonna have a ton left over if you wanted to do another project with them okay pull those down go through that Center again so handy that has a nice big opening and then from the back hole number four and up okay and through your beads again there you go so let's compare for what we've got here so this is our pattern and it's quite large and cut out but this is following the pattern and you're just gonna keep doing this all the way until you get to the end so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do this off-camera until I end up with just a couple rows left I think that's gonna be a little bit easier to understand this video because in this video I also want to show beading of the ring because that little gap is on the opposite side and I want to show you how that would just change ever so slightly you're starting so I'm gonna keep on beating and when I come back you'll see that most of this pattern will be done and just remember always go from the back to the front so you see I've done quite a bit of beadwork here and you really see that pattern developing and I've just got three rows left I would do want you to note the orientation of the thread so when you're looking at your piece you can see it probably is gonna look very similar down here the threads are straight up and down and over here they're at a little bit of an angle that is totally correct that's always supposed to be if for some reason yours are both straight great all that really matters it's a you want your beads to be straight so if your beads are going at an angle you'll want to rewind this video and check maybe where you went just a little bit off track but as long as the beads are straight everything is good so let's go ahead and finish these three rows and then I can show you how to tie it off and to trim your threads as well and then we're going to move on to the ring so we've got a blue two turquoises another blue two more turquoises and an they're blue okay we're just doing the same pattern as always so go through the middle you've noticed that middle sections getting narrower up through from the back end up through your beads make sure you definitely go through all the beads in a row just like I said as if you were doing a loom work one make sure you go through every bead okay no we are getting tiny and squeaky for this little gap another row and what I do is with this particular pattern this is the center point and this side here is a mirror image of this side here so you can keep looking at your pattern absolutely or you can just look at what you've already done on this side and copy that so that's a little trick I like to use and a little faster for me just to refer to the bead work I've already done all right so here's the burrow we're copying because it's a second to last one all right last row again go through that little bit of that Center that's left exposed go up through that hole and now the last row is gonna be a blue to turquoises a blue to more turquoises and another blue and of course you'll be following the pattern that matches your kit and using those colors of course too you'll have enough beads provided in the kit to be able to kind of mix and match so if you buy multiple kits you could always swap out which color you want to do with which pattern because you'll have enough beads alright so there is that last row and now you'll notice that my tails here let me first go up through here just to anchor the beads to start okay my tails that I started with are getting to be almost the same length of my working thread so I want to go ahead and scoot that around a little bit so my tails are shorter so you notice that your thread will probably start to fray a little just because you've been using it so much but there I'm just gonna scoot it like so so my tails are a little bit shorter alright I'm gonna go up through those beads pull now I'm gonna go back to the back side pull and I'm actually gonna go through these one more time so it's that final pass through which is like what we started with when we began this project these are really very durable you're really anchoring these beads on which is nice okay through all the beads and the beadwork itself is now done and you can see how the thread choice actually becomes a design element we're gonna take our needle and bring it to the back again and this is where we're going to tie it off so if you look on the back side you see it's all nice and neat as well and there are these very convenient handy little thread paths this little thread bridges so we're just going to take our needle and go under the one over it's next to it and pull and make a little loop now we're going to take our needle go through that loop and pull and that just creates a little knot now if you want you can do a double knot but I don't want it to be too scratchy on my hand especially when I do the ring so I found that just one knot is fine we're also gonna add glue to it now I'm gonna run my thread down the row of beads next to it and pull and that just tucks that knot right up against those beads if we look at the front you don't see it at all so now we're going to take this thread off and in just a minute we're gonna add a little bit of glue so I'm just gonna not trim it all the way right now I'm just gonna trim it a little bit shorter and now we're gonna go over to the other side I don't remember you left about 10 inches to start you did that so that now you can come back and rethread your threads onto your big eye needle okay and we're gonna do the same thing on this side so we're just gonna go to the thread bridge that's next to it so one over just catch under it with your needle make that loop and go through it and you notice I'm going through the loop of both the nineth Reds so since we have our thread double pull it and run your needle through your beads that are one row over there's my needle gonna come out that's gonna come out on the front or the back is hitting this piece of metal right here so you're just having to be kind of gentle with it figure out where we can get it to come out there we go came out the backside if it comes out the front don't worry about just pull it all the way through and then just pull your thread to the back just push your needle through to the backside again all right so that is now done and now we're gonna add a little bit of glue because I want to have this as a finished piece before I go on to the ring all right so you get with your kit some e6000 glue it's gonna come sealed there's a little point on the tip that you can puncture the seal with so just turn it upside down push and there is your glue and you sure don't need a lot put your cap back on and then you're just going to put that glue on top of that not just smearing it in you can do that on both sides and then what you can do is you can just trim your threads just go in there up close trim same width on this side and you have a finished bracelet I'll put this on my wrist here at the end of the video so you can see what it looks like worn but since I just applied that glue I may let it dry for a few minutes okay so the bracelet is all done now I want to show you the ring you're gonna notice that the size is obviously smaller for the little inset is 11 beads wide by three beads tall and you're actually going to get that pattern as well is just simple stripes but you can also vary that any which way you like I think a chevron would look quite nice too so when we're looking at this we need to find our start point again so we're gonna look for that gap and it is right here so if we look at it it's actually on the bottom if I orient it so I want the gap on my right is on the bottom right corner which if I go to add and all cross means I'm going to start on the top left which is actually opposite of the bracelet so before it was on the top right and we started at the bottom left and now it's on the bottom of the right hand side and we're going to start on the top left your actual technique is not gonna change but I'm really glad that I can show you both ways just so that you don't get confused when you get your kit so for this we're gonna want to do a shorter length of thread as well I've pre-cut 30 inches 30 inches is plenty it's just a matter of I like starting with a little bit of extra because I'm still gonna need to leave that tail on all so we're going to use our big eye needle again and we're gonna open it up there we go take both ends together and put it through the big eye needle and we want that tail of six inches or so now we're gonna smooth out our thread and we're gonna begin our beadwork so starting top left going from back to front we do need to leave a tail of about ten inches again to be able to thread our needle on at the end and tie our knot there we go we've got our ten inches doesn't have to be exact and we're gonna pick up our beads now following the pattern we're gonna do a white bead a dark blue in the middle and then we're gonna do the turquoise and I like to do the dark blue in the middle just because it provides the most contrast but you can do whatever you like of course I'm gonna pick up one bead two beads three beads go so do color blocking that would be really pretty to slide those guys down go through the center and then from the back to the front and then up through your beads again okay pull your thread to the back by going through that Center and then unit couldn't probably notice I'm trying to hold this longer tail out of the way just so it doesn't get tangled and then we're gonna go through this same row one more time just because it is that beginning row and the bead works the ring excuse me it works up pretty fast just because it's so few beads okay going from the back I'm sorry going from the front to the back and we're gonna move over so we can start our second row and with this straight pattern to create it every row is going to be identical so it's really easy to do and since this is row 2 we only need to go two passes so one up one down and then we'll move on to the next row so you don't have to do that third pass okay move over to the third hole over for Row three and same technique as the bracelet now I wore this ring home one day accidently I forgot I had it on it was very very comfortable I'm gonna put it on here at the end so you can see what it would look like worn but it was a surprise to me that I forgot that I had it on just finishing my second-to-last row now we're ready for the last row oh here we go you see that we've created those stripes and we just have that little gap left now we're gonna add our last three beads to complete our bracelet and ring set so since this is the last row we're gonna go through it like normal but then we're gonna do that one last pass through so here we've gone up now we're gonna come from the back we're gonna go down gonna pull our little needle to the back side go through that hole again and do one more pass up through and then bring your needle to the back again pull tight all right now on the back side we need to tie a knot so we're gonna go ahead and go under that thread bridge of the next row over just giggle our needle go under it creates a little loop there so I've got my tails here there we go and pulled it out okay little knot and now we're gonna run our thread down through the next row of beads over just to pull that knot closer to the beads and tuck it in a little bit because this is gonna go on your finger you know I feel secure with that knot I'm gonna put glue on it in a minute but I'm just gonna trim this tail this is such a narrow little space to work in want to get rid of any excess thread I can alright back to our starting thread you left that nice length of there to start with okay place it through your big eye needle now same thing on this side we're just gonna go one little thread bridge over create that nice little loop make sure you're going through both strands at the Nemo pull go through go go down through that bead row pull it and then trim it we're gonna add our glue and a little bit of glue is all you need okay so that is now done as well so here is your complete set you've got the cuff bracelet and you've got the little ring and I'm gonna show you what the bracelet looks like on so you can stretch it out a little bit to make it wider and then you can squeeze it around your wrist so that's what that one looks like now I'm gonna try on the dry ring and I like to wear it here on this finger so so there we go we have the complete set and again this is an exclusive kit by beadaholique they're called the beaded Center line bracelet and ring set and you can pick whichever color way you like and whichever pattern you like so if you buy more than one set definitely feel free to do a mix and match with the colors for sure it's really fun to do so I hope you enjoyed this video and check out beautifully calm as well as our YouTube channel for a lot of other kits and videos

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