How to Make Resin Fringe Statement Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the Toulouse Earrings. These statement earrings feature a wonderful fringe created out of resin stick drops. The fringe is easy to make using simple oval jump rings and is suspended from a Zola Elements focal. The only technique needed to make these earrings is how to open and close a jump ring. It's that easy! All supplies can be found at
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with by zola elements now the pieces we're going to use in this particular earring is this little link so is a round disc with two holes and then these wonderful little Dingle stick pieces and then you can see we also have this other element by Zola elements as well and that does come in gold as well as the silver color and then we're going to finish it off with a little post earring by tierracast now really quickly before I make this project I do just want to show you a little quick overview of some of these really wonderful pieces and like I mentioned they come in links as well as they come in these like little pendants so a lot of different options however you want to connect them and it's easy to connect them with just jump rings for this project I'm going to be using oval jump rings here's another inspiration piece by our designer Kat she just used these wonderful rings and she linked them with jump rings as well and then there's a so these two other colors of this wonderful resin we have the one that's called garden party and then a more classic tortoiseshell and the blue is the Twilight so I think if you were going to do this earring in gold you might want to consider that garden party or even the tortoise shell okay let's make a pair of earrings so we need the wonderful little dangles we need the link we need the connector we need the post and we're gonna link everything together with oval jump rings and we're gonna be using two pairs of chain nose pliers and that is it for our tools so let's first connect it on here now there are four holes already punched in this finding which is very convenient for us to open a jump ring you just grab it on both sides and twist there's a hole drilled at the top of these pieces just link that jump ring right through that hole as well as the hole at the base of the zola elements of metal finding and you close it back up I'm going to do that for all four of them now another thing I like about this pair of earrings is they are statement earrings they are of a larger scale but because we're using the resin they're very lightweight which is nice sometimes when you have a bigger earring you end up with it being a little bit on the heavy side which can be uncomfortable to wear okay so we've got the fringe done you can see it just kind of hangs now we're going to connect the link so this piece does also come as like a little drop pendant and the difference is this has one hole and this has two holes and we definitely want the one two holes for our project here okay so there is a single hole at the top and then we're going to connect this on to the resin piece and there's no right and wrong side to these zola elements resin pieces okay one more step and then we are done so we're just gonna connect now now there is a right and wrong side to the metal piece so you want to make sure it's facing forward and there we have our earring I'm gonna lay that down here you just have to add an earring back which is very easy to do but there's our pair of earrings featuring Zola elements resin again this is the Twilight and then we've got tortoise shell as well as garden party you can find the supplies for both of these projects as well as the instructions and other pieces by Zola elements that would coordinate beautifully with these pieces at

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