How to Make Lucite Pumpkin Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video tutorial see how to make very festive lucite pumpkin earrings. A vintage lucite rondelle in a great orange color has been used for the pumpkin and lucite green leaves have been used to accent it. Little wire curls complete the look. Very easy and fun to make!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I have a really fun Halloween project Korea am a sucker for the holidays I love them and it's great when you can express here but for the holidays three children and I think this little pumpkin earring and I think it's really cute. So I'll show you how to do it. It is super simple so what you're going to need yes six-inches' have wire have an antique brass color wire here 24 cage and airing ok and had penned again army findings are gonna be an antique brass collar I have too little the site leaves that look like squash leaves and then I have this vintage this site pumpkin shape rondel in this wonderful popkin orange color so how you gonna do this I've got my six inches of wire I'm gonna find a middle point to speak a little crease I'm going to go ahead take my pumpkin put onto my head and then I'm going to take my wire right where that creases which is approximately the middle section miss gonna hold it on one end wrap it around with the other and is gonna make several tight little Erica I just basically anchor that wire on their now on one end take wanna may leave slit that on the wire and then and going to make another rap and another might take me otherwise her go ahead my very fun there as well just see there is a right and wrong side to these leaves one side is flatter one has a lot more detail so make sure the detail sizes how basically I'm just waiting to secure these on now I'm and take this wire going in the same direction as the other wire. Make a few wraps going around that middle head pin wire those are both secure, they're not gonna go anywhere. What I want to do at this point is with one my wires doesn't really matter with which one, make several neat and tidy wraps going up the stem my head pi. You can just scoot them down with your fingernail if there's too much of a gap between them you when you've gone up a little ways. You have some nice wraps take a round nose plier, you could either trim this down a little bit or you can leave it long. This a personal preference. I'm just gonna grip the end between the two noses and the round nose and curve it. I just wanna make curly Qs. So I'm just going to keep grabbing it and curling it at different parts go back grab my original part, there we go bend a little bit more. This one looks a little bit long to me I'm going to trim it a little bit. Make another curly Q bring the tip between my round nose just turning does not need to be precise have fun with this I need to be able to connect this onto my earring findings. I need to make a simple wire loop. I got these great wire wrapping pliers. So right above where my wrappings were just going to grab it with my wire looping pliers there's one that's concave and squeeze. You could do this with your rounds as well, make a simple wire loop that way I just like these round nose pliers. They're very easy. I just made a loop. I got my flush cutters snipping off the excess wire now with my chain nose I'm going to straighten out my loop now I'll loop at my pumpkin, if I'm happy with how the leaves I'll just leave them how they are or I can just bend the wire however I like. Those are about the same. It's kinda fun that the leaves are going a little different in direction so to attach your earring finding, just go ahead open up the bottom loop just like you would open a jump ring and slip it on to that simple wire loop we just made. This one has a little ball on it You wan to make sure that you hold that upwards Close that loop back up we are all done. So here is our little pair of cute pumpkin patch earrings perfect for autumn and halloween I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you can find all the project instructions for these and other free beading projects at in the free projects section. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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