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Hi! My name is Megan with and I'm going to teach you How to Make Increases and Decreases in Brick Stitch in bead weaving if you're not familiar with brick stitch go ahead and watch our other video how to do brick stitch in bead weaving first I'm not going to go into that basics of how you get started and how you do the general stitch. I'm going to show you increases and decreases in our basic video Andrea showed you how to do a piece that looks like this she had you doing an increase at the beginning of every row so I'm going to review that really quick cuz that is one of the ways you make an increase to make an increase at the beginning of the row you pick up two beads and you're go into the first loop the first row there and then you're going to go back up through the second bead and as you can see when you pull tight, that is making an increase its coming out and then diagonal from what you've got in the row prior so then I'm going to show you how to do an increase at the end of the row if you want to have your piece gradually move out to both sides or you just need it to get a little bit bigger in that one spot if you're doing a shaped piece or something of that nature I'm just going to continue the regular brick stitch to the end of the row this is the point in regular brick stitch that you would turnover your work we're going to do an increase of the end, you're gonna pick up another bead you going to go down into the last bead in the previous row then you're going to take your needle you're going to go up the bead next to that bead that you're coming out of and at a diagonal into the bead that's further back, what you're going to do is end up coming out in the third bead there so you have the last one, second to last and then the third to last and that's the bead you want to come out of pull that tight, that little thread bridge is going to pop right in, you won't even see it you're going to go down through that's second to last bead and back up through the last bead pull that tight and it's going to pop right in and be secure so as you can see that's going to add that diagonal increase, that gradual increase at the end just like we did at the beginning I'm going to show you how to do decreases so in standard brick stitch, in the very basic one there is not any increases and it goes gradually tapers to a point decreases are very easy 'cause they happen naturally to start a row with a decrease, take two beads just like normal instead of going into this first thread bridge going to go into the second one go back up through the last bead just like normal now to make it lay flat, we're going to go down into the end bead backed up through the last bead when you pull that tight it's going to straighten right up and that's how you perform a decrease at the beginning of your row then to form a decrease at the end of the row all we're going to do is not add the increase so I'll finish that up to show you the way that looks continue your brick stitch all the way across and here we're going to add stitch at that last thread stitch and then to do the end decrease here, we would just turn at that point so you could see here on both ends it's going in and decreasing and if you just did decreases all the way it would taper to a point this is how you do outside increases and decreases on brick stitch. If you need to change the width or shape of your beading weaving. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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