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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm going to show you the stitch involved to make this bracelet. It's using all metal beads. I have little four millimeter cube in antique brass and antique brass twist beads and I have these little gunmetal beads and this is the super easy bracelet to make but I wanted to show you how do the stitching in the video just because it's a little bit of a variation on a ladder stitch and then I've added little magnetic clasps which go together really nicely to finish off the bracelet so I put this on you can see how it fits, it's very comfortable because of those flat cube beads so what you're going to need is four millimeters cube beads, the little gunmetal beads and the twist antique brass beads you'll need two magnetic clasps some wildfire black beading thread, this is .006 a needle and a pair of scissors. That's all you need for this project. This is a pretty basic which I love so I've taken a length of thread and you need to add more thread as you go, so just whatever length you're comfortable with. This is a little shorter because it's just for the video but I usually cut myself about two yards placea stopper bead about twelve inches from the end because when we start this we're actually going to be starting on the second row of our bracelet and then when we're all done we're going to go back, take the bead stop off, rethread our needle onto our tail and make the first row and add the clasp so let's begin. I'm not going to make this whole bracelet in the video but I'll show you how to make the stitch and then you're going to repeat so with that stopper bead on we're going to take one cube bead, one gunmetal bead a twist bead another gunmetal as you're placing these on they are metal beads, so they are hollow which makes it sometimes a little bit difficult to get them onto your needle they will go alright so that as you can see is the basic foundation for our entire bracelet, that little segment right there so now to make the next row take one more cube bead and go up under the last cube bead we just strong this is why I said this is variation of a ladder stitch in bead weaving because we basically just made a ladder go back through that second cube bead which was the last one we strung on now so that's anchored on there and now we need to repeat our pattern so we need a gunmetal bead twist gunmetal a cube bead slide those on all right so what we've got this but we can't really go to the next row until these two are connected down at the base as well, what's nice about these cubes is they really line up flush so in order to connect this what we need to do is take our needle go down through what was the very first cube bead come out the bottom pull those so that they're together now we need to go up and under what was the last one we strung and pull. You've got now a thread arc above and thread arc below, then you can have that on every sequence pull be cautious of your tension, make sure that these are lining up. They will be a little bit wobbly to begin with but as you get further along they're going to solidify so now we need another cube bead now we have to make a ladder stitch. We have to make sure that it's fully connected go up and under that previous bead on the last row so now this one's got the thread bridge above and a thread bridge below but now my thread of course is not in the right direction to make another row so we just need to go back down through that last bead so that our thread and needle is exiting in the right direction Now make another row. Follow our pattern This Bracelet comes together really quickly and just following the pattern, going back and forth so that's gonna complete our pattern pull that down now we have to anchor it to the other side go down through that top bead so you just make that top thread arc go back up through the bottom you're starting to build it now we need to attach what is going to be the first bead in the next sequence I'm going to do one more full sequence then hopefully you've got the idea of how to do this there's our bead again our thread is not the right direction so we need to go ahead go down through the last bead we strung just so the thread is coming out in the right direction repeat our pattern so one gun metal, a twist gun metal, and four millimeter as well we can't have it just hanging out there, we need to attach it so again just basically a modified ladder stitch where we're connecting them building the thread bridges so we've got that now I want to show you how you're going to attach the clasp do the exact same thing on this other end where you've left that long tail you would just take off the stopper bead, rethreading your needle and do the exact same process so what we're going to do I'll show you on the bracelet I actually just attached the clasp onto that last row. I just strung it on through the hoop at hte base take a one half of our magnetic clasp first take a cube bead and attach it now take your needle put it directly through the loop in the clasp complete our sequence. We've added a gun metal and a twist add another gunmetal and now we need to add the other clasps because we've got two on here and we need one more cube bead slide that down and attach your cube just like you've been doing with all the other ones so basically don't modify what you're doing at all for those clasps you just put them in there the little loop of the base has a narrow enough profile that it really doesn't affect the width of your bracelet so it just goes in there and it's nice and flush. So that at this point you would just incorporate your thread back into your beadwork tie it off as usual. We actually have another video on showing how to tie off your thread and add another thread. You'll need to know both of those techniques for this project I want to show you one little caution thing, you could tell that I just took one clasp. I separated it and put it on either end there's gonna be two sides to any magnetic clasp one is going to go like that where's going to be the pair of the partner the other one it's going to go like that so it's fine if you do what I did where I just took one clasp, separated it, but make sure you line up then the other halves when you separate your second-clasp so that they match this will save you some frustration to not having to tear out your bead work and redo it so that's a quick tip. This bracelet is very easy to make and it will get tighter as you go and when you do go ahead and weave your tail back in it's going to reinforce the bead work as well and then your final project is going to look like this I hope you had fun with this project. Check it out on our free project section on and check out our other beading videos as well. 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