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Hi, this is Kat with a cap ere of earrings now we've done this in previous videos before where you see that we've gone up on both sides to do the herringbone but in this I'm going to show you how to do the single drop version so this is a little bit more basic than the other version so this is a great way to get started with that herringbone and for this I'm going to be using a 24 gauge artistic wire and artistic wire is great when you're learning it is a craft wire and then once you feel confident you can move up to the sterling silver the silver filled or the gold filled and I'm going to be using an 8 millimeter gemstone bead for this you can use any bead of your choice and I have a little earring hook later because I'm going to show you how we're going to turn this into an earring we just need basic tools for this so I need a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of flush cutters and a pair of round nose pliers I'm also going to be using a ruler so you guys see how long my wire is gonna be so let's go ahead and get started and on my spool here I'm just gonna take off about 10 inches or so of artistic wire snipping that off with my flush cutters and now I can set that aside alright so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna move about two inches or so from one end coming in with my round nose pliers here I'm gonna come in and what we're gonna do is we're in essence gonna make a wrapped wire loop so I'm just gonna bend that backwards wrap it up and over at the top and I'm gonna move my wire across and now what I want to do is I'm just going to wrap so that's one wrap and I'm gonna do two three four five and I'm the sixth one I'm going to wrap it towards the back bring it across and then I'm gonna take my round nose plier out flip it over to the back and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna trim that little wire piece right like that just trim it and set that aside and with your chain nose pliers you can come in and just kind of tuck in that little tail of wire if it's sticking out at all all right perfect so this is what we should have so far it's just that nice little wrap with those six wraps up top and what we're gonna do next is we're going to string on our bead string it all the way down just like so alright so make sure because with these guys there is a front to back so make sure that little tail is on the back side and what we're gonna do is we're gonna wrap this so it comes up and around in front of that wrap so very carefully just make sure you get a nice sharp corner there and wrap it up and around the bead and make sure it comes across and sits just in front of that wrapped wire loop and now what we're going to do is we're going to wrap it around that wrapped wire loop and I'm going to bring it out to the side here so I came up and across wrapped it around and going on top of it I'm coming out to the side now I'm going to bring it down so it sort of frames the rest of the bead there and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna actually go in front of the first wrap there so you can kind of see what's happening there you can see I'm going in front of that wrap and I'm gonna repeat that one more time and I'm gonna go around and over and down again and this time coming behind so now you can see that I'm going down and around and behind that first wrap we did coming up and now I'm going to wrap around that wrapped wire loop once and twice and now just bring that towards the back coming around clipping off my wire and sort of pinching that in with my chain nose plier and then what you can do on the sides here is you can kind of just bring that wire together so that it creates that nice little tight little frame there on your bead all right and the last step here is we're just going to take our ear wire I'm going to open that little loop just by giving it a little gentle twist slip on my piece and close that up and there you have a fun little earring that's just a nice little wire wrap and it's got that herringbone but you've framed your little gemstone bead or your pearl very nicely in a lovely little earring so that is hard to do the single herringbone wrap you can find more videos and all of these supplies by heading over to

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