How to Use Glue to Set Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones into Gita Jewelry Components

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video you will see how to use a small dab of glue to secure Swarovski Crystals into a mouse shaped setting for a quick and easy pair of earrings. GS Hypo Cement Glue and a Magical Pick are the ideal tools for this job because they allow for precise application.
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Hi, this is Kat with ponents so i have a couple of different styles here so I'm gonna kind of walk you through what you might come across when you're working with your Swarovski crystals and your Gaeta findings all right so let me start up here at the top and I just want to kind of showcase some of the different findings so we have these big ones here and this is going to fit that 12 millimeter Rivoli and then I have these guys here so you're going to get multiple stones here and this is gonna fit a PP 32 or a stone size or SS 17 if you will so that's these little guys here so they're just gonna fit nice and neat in that little component and what I think is really cool is you can actually have a lot of fun with some different colors there so we have those as well and then over here we have the 12 millimeter cushion stone so that's sort of that rounded square stone shape and I also wanted to bring out this little guy here now this isn't an earring I'm kind of focusing on earrings here today but this is a really nice little antiqued finish so I wanted to kind of bring out the different style there so you could just see the silvers next to each other so that also fits that 12 millimeter cushion stone alright and then over here I have these little round ones and these are going to fit the stone size 39 and then finally all the way over here these are actually really neat I love these they're gonna fit - no vet stones which are kind of those Markey style stone and they're also going to do that same @pp 32s don't size 17 so you can see that I did a little emerald and sapphire in the silver version there so you can just see kind of what that looks like very nice and flush it's a wonderful finish there alright so what I'm going to be doing here in this video is I'm going to be talking about a little bit of a different style so I had these little mouse ones here and I think they're so sweet but you'll notice that they actually have a little bit of an open back so you can kind of see my hand behind there so you can't necessary put a dab or a glob of e6000 in there which is what we normally recommend for let's say one of these you can just kind of add some e6000 with a toothpick to that well and go ahead and place your stone inside but because the e6000 has a higher viscosity what we're going to do is we're actually going to use something a little different now we don't use this often especially when we're setting stones but it actually works really really well for this particular application and the reason is the Gio's hypo cement is going to be a little bit more liquidy if you will so it's going to sit inside these little wells a little bit easier and the great thing is is that it has a pinpoint applicator so we don't need to bother with any toothpicks or anything like that so I'm also going to be using the magical pick and this is a really fun little tool it has this little pad here so if you just sort of peel that off this is just a little piece of tape here so what is gonna happen is you're just going to use a little applicator tip and you just activate it in here it getting sticky on the end and that is gonna help us pick up our stones when we're ready to set them so I'm gonna go ahead and lay that down so I have that all set and ready to go and then the last thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just gonna have a little piece of and this is just printer paper here but I just like to put my glue down in case it drips just onto my paper I just really don't want to ruin my work surface here alright so let's go ahead and do this so I want to show you guys how this is gonna work and the GS hypo cement very cool alright so let's go ahead and take that out there we go set that down so you can see that it's already starting to bead up a little bit and that applicator tip so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start with this big Center one here so I'm just gonna kind of draw it around towards the top because I don't want to get it into that a little well there so I'm kind of working with the top quarter and just going all the way around and then I'm gonna come in and I'm gonna take my stone size 39 and this I could probably just pick up with my fingers there we go and I'm just gonna kind of slide that into place and you can use the other side of the magical pick just to secure it into place just to make sure that it's gonna be nice and in there there we go slip-sliding around there so just go ahead and kind of tap it in we'll just hold it there for a second now we do recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before you guys try to wear these we want to make sure that your glue has a maximum bond so we just want to be really careful that nobody loses any of their precious stones so all right so again just kind of going around the top edge there and this is where we definitely want to use our little applicator tip and we're just gonna set that in and it releases very easy and then I'm just gonna kind of niche that in and just sort of press it down and if you do get any glue on the back don't worry it dries clear and you can kind of peel it off but you can see that I'm really not using a whole heck of a lot of glue it's just really just around that edge but this is gonna grab onto that crystal nice and tight because you know it is hypo cement so it'll it'll stay with you all right I just do my last one there and again just kind of just making sure it's in there there we go you do have a little bit of time to work I'm just kind of moving these guys around all right so now what I'm gonna do is pretending I had done both I'm just gonna kind of leave him kind of maybe leaning up there I don't want to put him down I don't want those crystals to fall out so maybe we can lean him up against there there we go so now he can dry it with the right side up and then don't forget to close up your glue we want to make sure that tip stays nice and firm there we go all right now that's easy so it's so easy to do this guy's really really simple if you are going for one of the bigger settings I recommend a six thousand it's just going to be easier to work with you can use the GS hypo so night you're probably just going to use a little bit more but for the smaller stones and especially any of the ones that we have with the open backs like these little mouse here that's going to be great to use with the GS hypo cement alright I hope you guys enjoyed this video you can get all of these beautiful Swarovski crystals and Ghita jewelry findings heading over and shopping at

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