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Hi, this is Kat with and the Swarovski channel chain now here I have a pure drop pendant in crystal and gold and this is 21 millimeters so it's nice and petite and very perfect for earrings and then I have some of the gold and crystal channel chain so we're just going to be using a few links of this to create this earring very simple project so all you're going to do is you're just going to need two pairs of pliers just to open those jump rings so let's get started so what we're going to do first is I want to use three links of chain here and you'll notice in my earring here I have one at the top that doesn't have a jump ring because I was able to open this particular earring finding just like a simple loop and then at the bottom here I do have a jump ring that is attaching my pendant so what I'm going to do is when I get my chain I'll notice that this side doesn't have a jump ring so I'm gonna start by attaching this to my earring hook so just go ahead and take it take your plier and you're just gonna slightly bend it open and thread that on and now just go ahead and close that up you don't need to open it too much you don't want to compromise your earring hook so now that I have my chain attached to my earring hook I'm going to count one two and three and two this jump ring right here I'm gonna go ahead and open it by taking my two sets of pliers here then just go ahead and pry that open very gently slip off the length of channel chain and set that aside and what you're going to do is just very carefully just slip that loop on right there okay get my pliers out of the way there you go and still holding it and all you're gonna do is gently just close that jump ring up nice and tight and that is it that is how you make a beautiful simple pair of drop earrings featuring at the channel chain by Swarovski as well as the pure drop pendant you can find all of these supplies at you

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