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this is kat with in two green and a gold and today i'm going to show you using this beautiful pumpkin orange kind of coral color and the opaque blue so to complete this project what you're going to need is you're going to need seven closed jump rings five open jump rings and these are both 5 millimeter 20 gauge I also have a 10 millimeter lobster clasp I have my fireline crystal in the size be a size twelve beading needle these are 11 Oh Toho seed beads and these are the czech glass silky 2 hole beads you can see they have a ridge on one side and are kind of flat on the other I also have my trusty threads up and I have a pair of pliers to help me it just simply open my open jump rings so let's go ahead and get started so you'll see here I have one that has six links and these are attached by closed jump rings and the six links will give you a bracelet that is about seven inches now when you get your silkies beads you'll actually get a strand that kind of looks like this and to make this bracelet you'll be using all but four so if you do want a longer bracelet you will need to purchase an additional lot of these silkies beads so to make one little link that's what i'm going to show you we're going to start by taking a length of our crystal fireline and you probably only need about maybe 18 inches or so and I'm just going to use my thread zap here and just snap that off set that aside now I want to show you a neat little trick I always have trouble threading my needle especially when I use the threads up because it creates a nice little tail piece so what I do is I take my flat nose pliers and I just pinch the end and it kind of makes a flat little sort of fan effect I don't know if you can kind of see that let me show it to you right there you see that it kind of creates a little flat and I notice that now my needle usually slips right on and I'm ready to go so go ahead and bring your thread down and what we're going to do for each unit we are going to use six silky beads so go ahead and pick up one bead and you're going to go through the top hole there I'll just slide that down I'm gonna pick up one seed bead and you're gonna pick up another silky bead but before you do I want to show you the way that you have to pick it up and order for it to lay correctly you're going to need to go through the top of the silky bead because you'll want all of the ones that line up to actually have the ridge on top and you can just sort of test it by just bringing it down so I'm going to pick up another bead again going through the top hold down repeat again until you have added all six and I'm just going to finish with one more seed bead and now I'm going to bring them together by taking my needle and going back through all the beads so I'm just going to pick it up and just go right back through all those beads and go through a couple at a time and pull it into a circle and you'll see it kind of comes together I'm just keep going around until your threads meet back up just like that and now I'm just gonna take it and just do a little double overhand knot just pull through and this is where you're going to want to pull tight because you're gonna want some good tension on these beads so there's one knot and a second knot there we go nice and tight now you see how all of the ridges are all on one side and so this is the inside of the unit so now just go ahead and take your thread and just weave it back through just a beat or two and then we're gonna zap it off just to kind of give it a tail yeah and that's that alright so now we're gonna take our thread zap and just zap off that one and you can just toss that away and zap off this side and we're done so this is what the inner unit looks like so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna create the outer unit again take another length of beading thread and this one you'll want to be just a little bit longer maybe two feet or so and you'll notice that you will sort of waste a little bit of thread you know how air quotes waste but I think that it is too difficult to work with such a small amount of thread you'll end up you know just being very frustrated trying to get it through the the loop there there we go okay so now I have another length of thread so I'm going to start by going through this sort of bottom hole here on the silky bead so start by going through leave yourself a good tail and now you're going to pick up five seed beads one two three four five okay and go through the next bead pick up five more three four and five and go through now on your third one here you're going to pick up one two three four five seed beads and you're also going to pick up a closed jump ring and just go right through there and what you're doing is you're capturing that jump ring to be part of the link so we're just going to continue around the circle picking up five more and going through the next silky bee now when you come to the sixth round here you want to get another jump ring in there because you want it to be directly across so again you pick up your five seed beads and your one jump ring and go ahead and go through there and now before we tighten this up just to reinforce it a little bit we're going to just follow our thread path all the way around that top circle yeah going through those last two we'll have our threads meet up and again we're just going to want to make two overhand knots and just tighten that all up right there and take your thread and just go through that last bead all right yeah and now we're just gonna zap off those two threads set aside so that is how you make one of the units and just know that when you're making your second unit when you come around to that second closed jump ring you're going to want to use this one and just thread straight through it so you can see right here these share that gold jump ring right in the middle there so go ahead and finish off your other five and when I come back I'm gonna show you just how to quickly finish the camille bracelet so now that I've completed all of my links this is what I'm left with and these are all closed jump rings that I have in here so now I'm just going to go ahead and show you quickly how to attach the clasp so go ahead and pick up your chain nose pliers and one of the jump rings this one's already a little bit open for me and I'm just gonna take my pliers and just open it a little bit more and I'm going to slip it on to one of the ends through the closed jump ring and then I'm just gonna slip on my lobster clasp and close that jump ring and that side is all finished now to move to the other side I want to create a little bit of a chain link so that I can adjust my size so go ahead and pick up one jump ring and open it and in order to create a link I'm actually gonna add two jump rings here I'm gonna close that and now I already have three jump rings ready to go open one more jump ring and I'm gonna take it and attach it to the link and attach it to that final closed jump ring right there and just close that up and that is it I am all done with my Camille bracelet so I made a nice gold and mint one here and then I have sort of this summer fun kind of colors this tutorial will be available at and you'll be able to purchase all of your supplies and tools to make this bracelet you

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