How to Make an Eye Pin from Wire

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
Learn how to make an eye pin from a length of wire. You will see how to make one with a wrapped wire loop and one with a simple wire loop. Advantages to making your own include being able to use a wide variety of colored wire, making any size eye and length you want, and you can coordinate your eye pins to the rest of your wire jewelry components.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Julia beat Holly canned in this video I'm going to teach you how to make a pins from a spool of wire I'm going to show you how to do eye pins with a simple wire loop on the end and then once with a wrapped wire loop I'm also going to show you two different ways of doing it one with wire looping pliers and one with round nose pliers so this is a really fun technique just to know how to do one you can use a bunch of different colors of wire that you know you can't usually find eye pins in like this pretty rose gold or this iron color also it gives you a lot of flexibility because you can make that length of wire that you're going to stick your beads on as long or as short as you want so you can even have a five inch long piece of wire which is something that you don't find a pins available in as a longer length like that so let me show you how to actually go about doing this you're first going to cut whatever length of wire you want and we're let's start with the round nose pliers you're just going to grab the tip of the wire between the two noses of the plier and you're going to turn your so you're just making a little loop and then going to finish off and make sure that loop is complete then you're going to go back grab the wire basically where the edge is of the loop and the main length of wire and then just pull that wire back so it's straight and then just make sure your loop is closed so there is a little simple wire loop and you can open and close that just like a jump ring keeping that in mind since that is how it's going to stay closed I would use a 22 gauge or heavier wire if you're making a simple wire loop eye pin now to make a wrapped wire loop eye pin with a round nose plier grab your lengths of wire and you want to grab a length of wire that's about an inch longer than what you actually want your eye pin to be and about an inch or so from the end grab the wire and bend it so you're making a nice 95 degree in then push your wire up over the top of the round nose supplier rotate your pliers pull that wire around and then just grab that end of the wire and make a couple loop so you can make as many or as few as you want and that is a really nice secure loop then you'll just trim off the tail and then you can go ahead and use a pair of chain nose pliers to clean it up so there you have an eye pin that was using the round nose pliers and you made a simple wire loop now if you want to use a wire looping pliers it's a little bit easier so you're just going to cut that length of wire we're going to make a simple wire loop eye pin we're just going to grab the wire so that the end of the wire is right up against the end of the concave part of your wire looping pliers and squeeze and then just twist it around like so go back make sure you're grabbing it right where that loop starts and bend your wire back so you have a nice straight length of wire to put your beads on and to make a wrapped wire loop one again you're going to grab a length of wire that's a little longer than what you need by about an inch just grab it and that wire looping plier plier made that nice curve for you rotate it up and while you're still holding it make those loops around there you go straighten out your wire and trim it off and now I'm going to put this one on a bead and make a wrapped wire loop on the other side as well so you can see how that would look in a project trim it off and use your chain nose to clean it up so now we have a wrapped wire loop on either side of our bead which is really nice and that's kind of what I did here in this project I did a little bit more fancy wire work here but basically both sides of the bead had a nice wrapped wire loop and I just connected the beads together with a jump ring so really a fun easy way of going about creating eye pins you can then coordinate all your eye pins with the wire that you use in your projects you can use different colors of wire you can make an eye pin with a really big eye which is fun if you're maybe trying to put multiple things onto it so a lot of different advantages to doing this and it is really quick and very easy to do you can find other tutorials showing you how to use wire for your jewelry projects at you

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