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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com so that you have individual rhinestones in settings to work into your beadwork whether it's be the embroidery or bead weaving whatever it might be and before I begin I want to say a special thanks to all of our YouTube viewers and those who comment because this video was inspired by someone asking how would you go about beading rhinestones which are difficult to be because they don't have a hole traditionally so this is a solution to that and I love it when I get ideas from viewers and people who love beading and trying to solve a problem for them so let me show you how to do this so rhinestone cup chain if you're not familiar with it it is a series of rhinestones and individual settings all linked together with these little metal bridges is very flexible and it's really fun to work with it comes in a bunch of sizes and colors so if you want to break this apart which you're going to be doing is you're going to cut that metal bridge like so and when you do that there might be a piece left in there or it might slip out and what you can now do is you can take your needle and run it through that opening and come out the other side so you can now work this individual rhinestone in a setting into your beadwork and it's nice because that hole is actually quite big or you can get a lot of passes of thread through it so I'm going to show you that one more time with the smaller rhinestone cup chain so just going to cut that thread bridge and I'm just using a pair of flush cutters and now I'm just gonna take my needle with my thread and run it through the base now this is a little bit tighter because that hole is smaller so you'll want to use a thin needle but you will be able to do multiple passes still and now you can put these little embellishments either on an existing project or perhaps you're going to create a new project around it feed them on to some ultra suede or Lacy's stiff stuff beading foundation or work them into your bead weaving projects whatever you might want to do so a really fun way of subtly being able to bead with rhinestones and they look quite nice in their little settings you can find a wide selection of rhinestone cup chain as well as a whole host of other beading supplies at beadaholique.com you

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