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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com and we've got them an antique gold and antique silver plate they're all lead-free pewter and they're this really cool bubble shape show you so I've got a lot of variations the actual shape itself you see they're all stamped with the alphabet letters I lay them out like this to really show you that you get quite a few of these when you order from beadaholique so for each letter you're actually going to get 10 of each which is great it really it opens up the possibilities of what you can do with these and they're very affordable charm too which is nice I think that's great if you're making gifts or perhaps selling your jewelry so down here I have them all laid out so you can see the entire alphabet side by side we've got them in the at that nice antique silver and then the antique gold all of them are around eight to ten millimeters across because there's a little bit of variation it will vary a little bit and now I want to show you three different uses for these and of course there's more than three but I thought it'd be fun to show you three different ways to use these pebble charms in your jewelry projects so here I have a bracelet set that is already made and I'm going to take one letter I'm going to take a j' for my name and I'm going to attach it with a jump ring to this to instantly personalize this piece of jewelry so this was an already-existing bracelet and we're just going to make it now personalized so this is a good gift idea so we're just gonna take that jump ring and we're gonna slip that charm around one of the bangles close it back up and there we go so just a little added touch so another thing you can do with these is you can spell out words names and messages so I've got a premade chain and I got some jump rings and I really like the mixed metal looks I'm going to combine the gold and the silver so I'm gonna spell out the word hope H Oh P and then e and now I'm going to put it on to this pre-made chain so again a very easy project but one that's actually very nice very wearable so we're just opening that jump ring slipping on the first charm closing it back up now we just want to pay attention to the order that we apply these there's the H Oh P and II let's see what we've got so we have our words spelled out and what's really nice about these two is they are printed on both sides so the letter is imprinted on both sides of the charm so that's kind of a fun added benefit of these and a third application is to create a jewelry tag out of one of these guys so if you're selling your jewelry and you want to create basically a label that stays on the piece or if you're giving it away as a gift and you want to create a little tag that stays on it you can do that very easily with these and that's another reason why it's great you get ten of these in each pack so let's say you're you know company name or your initials starts with an S you can just take that S and you'd probably want to do a matching jump ring I just happen to have a silver one here but a gold one would blend better but you would just take the charm put it on a jump ring and then attach it up near your clasp that way is not a dominant feature of the jewelry design but it is a very subtle nice personal touch basically your signature saying you made this piece of jewelry so that was just three examples of how you can use these petite little pebble charms you can find them and more at beadaholique.com you

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