How to Make a Wire Pendant Bail Using a Head Pin

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you'll see how to use simple wire wrapping techniques to create a DIY pendant bail from a head pin with a decorative dome. The triangular shape of this bail can be customized to fit thicker pendants when you don't have a pre-made bail handy.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique to show you how to make a handmade triangular pendant bail using a head pin and how to make a necklace with it sometimes you have a pendant and you just don't have the right bail for it either because it's a large pendant or it's just a shape that you're not used to working with so I'm going to show you how to make a customizable bail from a head pin to fit these irregular pendants so right now I'm using a Swarovski crystal Wildheart pendant and I'm using a decorative head pin this is a beadalon head pin it's got a coil dome at one end which is really pretty and for tools I have round nose pliers flat nose pliers and flush cutters so let's get started I'm gonna take the pendant and take one of these head pins and this pendant has a hole right through the center of it so I'm just gonna place the head pin through the hole from front to back with this decorative edge in the front now I'm gonna take my round nose pliers and about an eighth of an inch from the back of the pendant I'm going to grip the head pin and just roll my wrist forward pointing the end of the head pin toward the top of the heart pendant alright and that's gonna create about a sixty degree angle because we're making a triangle so now I'm gonna grip the head pin again over the top of the heart pendant and once again I'm just going to roll my wrist forward and I'm gonna bend the end of the head pin down toward this decorative dome so now you can see the triangle shape taking shape there now I'm going to take my flat nose pliers and I want to get the end of the head pin kind of cupped underneath this decorative dome with the flat nose pliers I'm going to grip the end of the wire and just wrap the end of the wire around that dome it's sorry and there's about enough room to make like one-and-a-half wraps and now with my flush cutters I'm going to cut off the extra wire and with my flat nose pliers I'm just going to gently tuck the end of the head pin underneath that decorative end of the head pin all right so this is your triangular pendant bail the wraps work to make it snug against your pendant so it's not going to be flopping too much back and forth and now just to show you how to make it into a necklace I'm gonna take this finish chain necklace off of the pendant that I already made and I'm just going to take the end without the clasp and feed it through the top of this bail and then you just close up the clasp and your necklace is all done and ready to wear so that's how to make a customizable pendant bail from a decorative head pin you can find all of these supplies at thanks so much for watching you

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