How to Make a Triple Strand Climbing Rope Bracelet

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, you will see how to use the Climbing Rope to make a triple strand bracelet as seen in the Perri Bracelet. This video includes the instructions from start to finish for this bracelet. You will see how to measure and assemble this climbing rope bracelet.
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Hi, this is Kat with and just to show you it's nice and thick it's these this cord is about 10 millimeters around and I have these triple strand closures right here with a really nice clasp and I just added a little bit of embellishment by using one of our findings so for this project what you're going to need is you're going to need a couple of pairs of pliers because we'll be opening the clasp you're going to need a really good pair of scissors these are the findings that we have we have the triple strand closures the embellishment like I said and this clasp and it has the two jump rings attached to it you'll also need some glue I have here the e6000 and the super new glue which I'll talk more about in a minute I also have a lighter here I have my climbing rope I have a caliper to help me measure the millimeters I also have a ruler and I have some scotch tape here so I know it seems like a lot but they all have uses and I'll show you how easy it is to do this now let me start by showing you the climbing rope when you purchase the climbing rope at this is actually the size lock that you'll get now I know you can tell that this is way more than what you'll need to make this one bracelet but the good news is that if you miss cut you have plenty to try again so this is the climbing rope again like I said it's about ten millimeters and it's nice and thick you'll notice that there's a nice core and these ends have been burned and I'm going to show you how to do that with the lighter a little bit later just to prevent any frame so let's get started on making the actual bracelet now the important part here is the clasp because you're going to need to find out exactly how long the clasp is from end to end you'll notice that it's actually quite wide from the end to the end is about two inches but you have to keep in mind I'm just going to go ahead and take this out because I haven't glued it yet that there's a recess in here and it goes until about this point so you actually have a couple millimeters on each side that you need to sort of factor into your bracelet the good news is is that you can measure it try it on and then glue it or cut more if you need to always err on the side of safety so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to judge that measurement and it's just under two inches but the best way to do it before you've cut your bracelet is to do it the way I'm about to show you so go ahead and take your two pliers what you're going to do is you're going to open these jump rings now that you'll notice that they're oval jump rings so hold your plier down on one side and down on the other side this will make it a little bit easier to open them and you only want to open them as wide as you need to slip this on and go ahead same way and close and now I'm going to attach the other side trying to grip it a little bit from the bottom if you can open slip on the end close it nice and tight okay so now measuring it out you can see that it's just over about two and a half inches but like I said you have to factor in the recess so you'll notice that I'm kind of lining it up noticing that when I pull it taut I have about two inches from about this point to this point right here so now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to start cutting the climbing rope now in this video I'm going to give you the instructions to make a seven inch bracelet and the measurements to do so if you want a larger or a smaller bracelet go ahead and try to adjust the measurements kind of as I'm about to tell you it's a little bit tricky and again always err on the side of safety so if you're looking to do a seven and a half inch bracelet a little bit more so on the ruler this will give you seven inches here but if you factor in the room for your class you're really looking at a much larger bracelet however I will say this I'm going to again take this one apart just to show you laying this out you'll see what happens because I have an almost an eight and a half inch bracelet here but when I put it together and put it on the mandrel it'll slide down to seven inches so what happens is because this is so thick there's an inner measurement that you can't measure when you measure along a ruler so I'm going to take this apart just to show you and in this video you'll just kind of see how I'm measuring this and you'll kind of have to judge for yourself so what I've done is it's about six and a half inches just a little over just to be a little safe so that's what I'm going to measure with my red cord here measure about two six and a half here and what I'm going to do now with the tape is I'm just going to tape off a little section just to prevent it from fraying while I do this so there is my guide six and a half and just taping that off it doesn't need to be perfect you'll end up cutting it off anyway so now what I'm gonna do is on the inner side of the tape is my six and a half inch mark I'm going to start cutting the climbing rope and just go slow it's very thick and it will fray justice just a little bit go ahead and cut and cut okay so now I have a little bit of a fray happening here I'm just gonna kind of give it a little trim and snip off some of that okay now being very careful take your lighter and we're going to kind of just burn the ends and if you've worked with paracord this is kind of the same thing where all you're doing is just sort of melting the fabric just to sort of seal in that end okay so see how it's just just a little burned but now it's not going to fray and give it a second to and it's it's cool to the touch so now that I have my cord that's about six and a half inches I'm going to cut one more that is identical and then I'm going to show you what to do with the third one so go ahead and measure out your second one take the tape off okay and again just give it a little hair trim make sure to burn the side before continuing six and a half inches grab a little piece of tape and the tape is really there just to prevent any unnecessary fraying but also just to kind of give you a guide that way you're not marking it up with any sort of marker or anything burn the edge and go ahead and set that one aside now I have two that are the same length that are equal and you'll notice that on the third piece here the piece that we're going to put our finding on we need to leave a little extra room now by a little I mean just about a quarter of an inch you don't want it to stick out from your bracelet but just to keep that in mind when you are doing a bracelet like this you're going to want to be careful of the findings that you have and how thick they are so again go ahead and just remove your tape it's on here it's at that aside please make sure that if you have tape here you remove it before you try to burn this otherwise you will melt the tape to the cord and you do not want to do that so always make sure that you remove that tape right in that edge get it to melts a little now we've been doing six and a half inches now I'm going to do about six and three quarters of an inch again take my little piece of tape make sure that I line it up so that I know and that way this piece is just going to be just a little bit longer to accommodate that finding that thick finding a little tray take care of some of the flyaways go ahead and burn it again please be careful when you are working with a lighter it is a flame it is hot if you're under the age of 18 please do work with an adult on this okay so now I have this one that's just a hair longer and this will be the piece that will go in the middle so let's go ahead and add that finding all you're going to do now is you're just going to slip it through and you might need to just kind of twist it and help it through because you've burned the ends so it'll have a little bit of a lip on it so just go ahead and move it through you can also take your pliers and just kind of help it through just get that round everything there you go and you'll notice I'm just kind of twisting it I find that helps it to kind of get through there now you'll notice that it came a little bit frayed so all I'm gonna do now and because this is gonna be hidden by our clasp you'll notice there's no harm and just kind of melting that down there we go okay so now I have my centerpiece taken care of so here are my three pieces and now you'll see they actually line up a little bit better so now the next part is to do the glue now I will say this I personally like to use the super new glue when I'm using a recess like this because you can kind of swirl it around and it's a little bit more liquid than the e6000 however this is a very big well so you will need a good amount of the super new glue but today I'm actually going to show you using the e6000 and the reason I'm going to use e6000 is because inside here you want to kind of fill that up a little bit without it coming out because you really want to give it a nice strong hold because this is very thick rope so before we do this what I'm gonna have you do that goes at that one is I'm gonna have you take off the clasp because what you're going to want to do is glue them separately so that they can dry completely before you try to put any pressure on it by putting the bracelet together so go ahead and unscrew it your e6000 and put a good size kind of line right in there now it might look like a lot but you'll see that it it really won't be because there's a lot a lot of ground to cover in there so now you're gonna just slide one in and slide it to the side and just kind of hold it with your fingers there we go and slide the second one in again just hold it with your fingers and now the third one and just press down and get that glue kind of all up in there and now I'm just gonna leave that alone and I'm gonna move to the second side again adding a really good-sized amount of glue you can see kind of how much I've added there might seem like a lot but it really really isn't and then go ahead and add your first one trying not to disturb the other side add your second one and add your third one go just press it in and this is how the bracelet will look when it's laid out long wise you can rotate that if it gets a little twisted now I recommend letting it dry completely like this you can also check in on it and just kind of make sure that it really gets in there nice and nice and tight but for the purposes today I'm going to pretend that it's dry and I'm going to show you how it fits on the mandrel here so there's that and it looks nice and here we go here's the test seven inches just to recap each length was six and a half inches the middle length was six and three-quarter inches and I left plenty of room for my clasp I used e-cigs thousand and you're gonna want good pliers and a really good pair of scissors to cut this please be careful with your lighter and this is very easy to do you're gonna have a lot of fun also I just want to show you how much cord you have left over so you can make a couple different bracelets if you wanted to buy a couple different colors you can put a blue one in there you can really mix it up this is a really great fun project and I think it makes a really cool statement piece so there you have it that is how to use the climbing rope to make a triple strand bracelet you

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