How to Make a Quick and Easy Bezel Bracelet

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to really quickly and easily put together a lovely bezel bracelet with faceted flat back glass cabochons. Create these to give as gifts, as bridesmaids jewelry, or to wear for a night on the town.
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Hi, this is Julie with and I have a really quick and easy jewelry project for you Our designer Kat came up with this bracelet. She calls it the January Elegance bracelet I think it'll be really great for Valentine's Day or Christmas This is so quick and easy to do that I wanted to show you how to do it in a video because I love showing how to make under five minutes jewelry projects especially when they're ones that can be personalized with like a birthstone color to give as a kit. First I'm starting with this Nunn design bracelet. It is pre-made. It's a bezel bracelet so it's got all these wonderful bezels and it's got the lovely finish of a Nunn Designed antique silver and then I'm going to use some aquamarine this time these are flat back glass cabochon on that have been faceted and I'm gonna need to use 5 of them and aquamarine is the birthstone color for March I thought this would be a really nice color variation and to adhere these I'll use E6000 I'll show you how quick and easy this project really is. I'm just going to actually put a dab in the first two E6000 dries super quick. So I don't want to go more than two at a time place the glass cabochon into the glue, smush it down and just press it into place and I'm moving it around just a little bit too spread the glue gonna do the next two this is not even a under five minute project, this is a under three minute project Now that I'm looking at this I think it'll actually be a really pretty bridesmaid bracelet as well if you had to make maybe 6 of these for your bridesmaids It'll be really pretty to do and really quick so I'm just gonna let that dry overnight and then you'll end up with something like this and I'll show you the clasp on this bracelet. It's a really elegant one You can find the supplies for these bracelets and many more at Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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