How to Make the Bracelet of Thrones

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to make the Bracelet of Thrones, a design by Beadaholique designer Karlin. This design features heavily textured chain paired with an elegant crown charm by Nunn Design. In the video you will see how to figure out how much chain you need as well as learn how to 'cut' a heavier chain such as this.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I wanna show you how to make this bracelet. We we're titling it The Bracelet of Thrones" because it's regal This was done by our designer Karlin and I want to show you how to put this together and I'm doing this in the video form because 1. it's a very trendy, popular design right now also you have to go ahead and open this chain with jump rings versus using a wire cutter so because there's something different with this chain I really wanna show you how to do it in video form but it's very easy to make and it looks really fantastic so first off you're gonna need to know how much chain to use and to be able to figure that out you'll need to know how much this clasp and jump rings is going to add. It's going to add about an inch and a quarter so keep that in mind when you're going to be cutting your chain so you'll buy the chain by the foot and I love this chain it just has a great hammered look to it and it's really substantial quite weighty. So if I wanted to make a 7 inch bracelet and I know that my clasp is going to add about an inch and a quarter. I need about six and a quarter inches of the chain I'll want to cut my chain right here and we're not going to actually cut the chain. We're going to separate out the chain links So these are open chain links. Some chains have open chain links and some have closed chain links. All that means is an open chain link means there is a slit where they come together that has not been soldered if you read a product description and it says a closed chain link that means is continuously soldered and you cannot open it. You have to cut it but these are open. So I'm going to take two pairs of Wubbers. I'm using Wubbers because they're very strong pliers and this is a heavier chain I wanna make sure I use pliers that are going to be able to give me some strength to them but I'm going to be using some arm strength but I also want to use a strong plier. Pry them apart and this is taking some strength. This is a solid chain but it's definitely doable We've separated it out I got my length of chain I've got two jump rings, my 22.5 millimeter lobster clasp I have a really pretty textured jump ring and it my crown made by Nunn Design I'm going to open up my jump rings link it to one of the end links of the chain as well as the clasp and close it back now on the other side I'll open another jump ring and connect it to the last chain link on that side of the bracelet and close it back up so the basic structure of my bracelet is now done and now I just need to attach my clasp if you want to make this a necklace you'd use the exact same technique, all you'd do is purchase more chain So we have "The Bracelet of Thrones" and you can find all the supplies for this project as well as hundreds of other projects and videos on Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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