How to Make a Stopper Bead on a Bangle Bracelet

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video you will learn how to easily take a large crimp bead cover and transform it into a stopper bead on a bangle bracelet. This is a very easy trick for keeping all your dangles in one place.
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Audio Transcript
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(gentle music) - [Julie] Hi, this is Julie with Beadaholique and in this video I'm gonna show you how to create a stopper bead on a bangle bracelet. So I love this style of bangle bracelet and this is one I made sports themed and if you look at how it's made, it has this hook right here and that's great because you can take things on and off of it. Well, I wanted to find a way to go ahead and just make things more a permanent fix on here and also keep them more centered. So instead of having these move all around I thought I would anchor them between these two points. So to do that what I came up with is using crimp bead covers which is what you see here. So traditionally what these are used for is to cover a crimp bead in a stringing project so that it looks more like a bead versus a crimped crimp bead. And they come in different sizes. This is a really large size, this is a five millimeter and that's what I need for this particular project. So what you see is this opening and we actually wanna widen that a little bit. So to widen it we're gonna stick our chain nose pliers into the recess of it and we're just going to stretch it out a little bit. Let's see if I stretched it out enough and now we're gonna take it in our pliers and we are going to put it over our bangle bracelet like that. So now it's really just kind of grabbing onto it. And now we're gonna take our chain nose pliers, I'm gonna try to do this in a way that you can see it here on camera, and we're just gonna start to squish it. So you see that we're starting to form it around the bangle. And we're gonna use our pliers to just bring those sides together like so. We just have a little seam in there but you look at the other side and now what it's gonna do is it's gonna stop those dangles from moving. Now you can still have it where it moves a little bit if you want but what's nice is it won't go around this curve or you can just squish it a little bit more and now it won't move. So I'm gonna show you that once more. Go ahead, widen it a little bit. Actually I'm gonna maybe just pop this guy on here without having to use the pliers to begin with. Okay, so once it's on there. There we go, and that should hopefully be a better angle. There we go. And I'm gonna leave it so I can move it for a second so it's still got some movement to it but you'll notice when it gets up to this curve it's not going anywhere so that's a really nice stopper bead. And if we really don't want it to move beyond its fixed location just squeeze it a little bit more. And there we go. So that is how you create a stopper bead for a bangle bracelet using a crimp bead cover. And again this is a five millimeter size. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this really quick and easy solution to keep your dangles in place on a bangle bracelet.

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