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Welcome to This is Julie and today we're going to be learning how to make a simple glue-on ring. I pulled some examples of the various styles out there that are available. You can see some are quite fancy as others are plain. The important thing is that they have a flat surface to adhere to. This here is a collage ring but if you had a small enough setting you could go ahead and use it as a glue-on ring as well. Here are a few examples of already completed rings. You can see there's a large variety of choices out there everything from a glass dome to a cabochon to other settings as well. To begin making a glue-on ring choose a setting that you like. I've also taken a filigree stamping and a cabochon as well. I want to make this just a little bit fancier so I'm going to take a standard sharpie pen and I'm going to gently brush it across the tips of my flowers. You don't have to do this step and of course if you're not using black you probably won't want to do this with the black sharpie but there are colored sharpies out there and I think it's just adds a extra little touch that makes your ring quite unique. Once you're happy with that let it dry for just a minute Then we're going to take E6000 which is a wonderful industrial strength adheisive. I'm going to take a little piece of wire to use as a complicated. You can use a toothpick as well. I'm going to just placed that right on my flat surfaces of my glue-on ring. I'm going to put my stamping in the middle. You can tell that some clues actually came through the stamping. That's quite alright. I'm going to grab a little bit more E6000. Just put it in the middle. You don't need a lot. And I'm gonna take my cabochon center it and there you have it that's all it takes to make a simple yet lovely glued-on ring. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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