How to Weave Ultra Suede Cord onto a Brass Cuff

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, learn how to weave microfiber ultra suede cord onto a brass cuff blank to make the Laced Up Cuff bracelet. This leather alternative bracelet is on trend and can be made in many different colors.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this is Megan with Today I'm going to show you how to make these microfibre ultrasuede wrapped brass cuff bracelets so the blank brass cuff bracelet looks like this and it has this kind of eye shape opening and then I just took the microfibre ultrasuede lacing and I wove it back and forth through to make a really cool designer look. I'll show you how to do it its pretty quick and pretty easy. So to start with go ahead and cut about a four foot length of the suede lacing and that is going to be a little bit more than you need but I always prefer to be safe than sorry with that kind of thing. It's not any possible to add more now the way we're going to secure these is actually just with glue. I'm using this the Super New Glue and it's really strong and it dries instantly. It's kind of a gel texture and it holds really well on these so to start with, take your lace. I'm just going to wrap it around twice and I wanna line up the edge of the second wrap with the opening there holding that in place on the front, flip over. We're gonna glue this piece down. So I just wanna put a little bit of glue right back behind there and do try to avoid getting it on the suede like I did. It'll be the inside so it's not a big deal but it'll look nicer if you don't. I'll just hold that just for a few seconds to let it dry. It dries really quickly. It sets up really quickly I'll use a pair of flush cutters to just cut right at the edge and be careful that you don't cut too far in into your next piece there. Once you feel like that's kind of set and it's not going to go anywhere after the 2nd loop you're gonna start weaving into the inside. Go ahead and come up from the bottom now we're going to do twist every time. You wanna make sure the twist happens in the opening and coming out and not on the back side. So you don't want it to be twisted here. You want it to have it be nice and flat on the ends and then twist in the opening there. So twist back towards the beginning like where it started and then again lay it flat and bring it up from the center again. Make sure that's not twisted here and then you're going to twist at the opening back towards the beginning bring it around twist back to the beginning and as you work check the backside also to make sure that you don't have any extra twists. Twist back to the beginning, just keep going until you've filled half of the space. So when you feel like you're right at the middle we'll change directions I am right about in the middle I'm going to start twisting towards the end instead of to the beginning. So holding it this way I'm going to twisting towards to the right instead of to the left because I want it to have kind of a symmetrical look to it I'm going to grab that strand and twist it the other way It's going to be just the same thing except twisting it to the other side In addition to being more symmetrical it also lays nicer at the ends when it's twisted that way if they get loose you can snug it up this suede cord does start to look stretched out a little bit if you tug on it, it won't loose it's shape as long as it's glued down, it's not gonna be having anything pull on it but while you're working if you're pulling hard on it, it will stretch out a little bit. So just be careful with that as you come to the end you're just gonna keep weaving through as long as you can. You should be able to get it right up to the edge of the opening looks like I can get one more through there and you can always push it back a little and push it forward a little bit and even it out. Just make sure that you don't have any gaps and then just like we did at the beginning where going to wrap twice around at the end hold it in place on the front apply some glue to the back just hold it down for a few seconds while it sets and then again you're just going to use a pair of flush cutters to trim that right where it ends. Then you can just even out all your little strands of cord. Make sure that it's even at the front and the end and that's it. That's how you can make this laced up cuff bracelet. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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