How to Make a Pair of Crystal and Colorful Resin Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the striking Orleans Earrings. These earrings feature a beautiful and bold Zola Elements resin oval ring hung below an Austrian crystal set into a Gita Jewelry finding. The earrings are very easy to make yet look like a high fashion designer accessory. The Zola Elements resin featured is called Garden Party because of its colorful nature, there is also a blue version called Twilight and a classic Tortoise Shell design. Mix and match with your favorite Austrian crystal stone settings.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with bind with this wonderful resin as a colorful resin this is by Zola elements so the crystal we're using is Swarovski crystal the earring finding is by Geetha jewelry and then the actual focal here which is so cool is by Zola elements so this is what we're calling colorful resin you can see it is very colorful and it what's nice is you can pick out other stones to really make certain colors pop in it like this one you keep in pair of red with and it comes in a variety of shapes and some of these are links and some of these are little pendants or drops it also comes in this great blue as well as a more classic tortoiseshell type design so really quick before I actually show you how to make this pair of earrings I just want to show you a couple of these pieces because we've been having so much fun combining them so you see that we have this little drop here now this has a single hole up at the top but there's actually the same size with two holes it becomes a link so you could just go like that and make a little tiered pair of earrings same with this bigger around there's ovals there's these great little sticks so they have it's gonna be really hard to see here but they have a little hole drilled in them as well so very easy to just create almost like this resin fringe and then there's ovals there's these little rectangles these big circles and with these big circles they actually don't have any holes but you can easily connect them together with jump rings even create a fun chain and then these huge rectangles with the cutouts which we just love if you look at all of those colors coming into play then there's the blue and the tortoiseshell okay let's make this earring because it's really very simple to do for the tools you're going to need two pairs of chain nose pliers to be able to open and close that jump ring and a regular old popsicle stick to set your stone down into the Gaeta jewelry setting I am going to be using the peony pink Swarovski shot on an SS 39 I want to show you though how great I feel like the burgundy Delight woodwork or the blush rose so a couple different options there but I did go with the bright pink because I want to pull out that a little bit of pink in this colorful resident this is what we're calling garden party so you can find it at and it will be listed under garden party okay how do you do this we're going to set our stone first you see that this setting has these prongs we are just going to pop in our sheet on and we're going to take our popsicle stick and we're gonna hold our sheet on in place and we're gonna bend over one of the prongs just by pressing on it and then we're going to go to the opposite side so we're gonna go DAG and all across yeah we're gonna bend over that prong and now we're gonna go to the one next to it bend it over and I'm using some pressure but not a ton because I'm gonna go back and reset all these this is just to really anchor my stone in place to begin with I don't want it sliding around now that I've got these all somewhat curved over I'm going to go back and really add more pressure and press that down because I don't want to snag on anything I want to make sure that stone is really set in there and I'm just going from the side even pushing up rolling a little bit and the popsicle stick is made of a nice wood so it's not going to scratch the top of your crystal all right this guy's I think this guy's done he's set so now I'm gonna find the side here with a hole now these large ovals just have that single hole up at the top and I'm going to be using a six millimeter oval jump ring to open it and we're just gonna grab it and grab both sides with the opening up top and we're gonna open it I'm going to actually open this one pretty wide because they need to get through this nice piece of resin like so and then I'm going to take the little loop at the base of my Ghita setting go back grab the jump ring and bring it together so it's closed and we're good to go so now we've got this really fun pair of earrings and this is a very on-trend look we are seeing this in a lot of boutiques we're seeing this in a lot of fashion magazines and it's great to be able to make this so quickly and so easily yourself so please do check out for everything you see here as well as all the different pieces are in the two other colors of this wonderful resin and then of course we've got more G defying these or a lot you can do with it and we've created a lot of other inspiration projects using these pieces because we've just been having too much fun with it so I hope you enjoyed this very quick tutorial and please don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you enjoyed it and also go to to find more free tutorials and projects

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