How to Make Austrian Crystal Cluster Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make a wonderfully playful pair of Austrian crystal cluster earrings. An Austrian crystal pear pendant is topped with 24 sparkling bicone baubles and hung from a sleek modern earring finding. Also learn how to make wrapped wire loops and how to open and close jump rings in this video.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

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Hi, this is Julie with and so this is actually not very hard to make a super fun it's really one of those items that you'll just enjoy wearing and you have a lot of fun playing with the color combo here so for my particular project I chose this wonderful majestic blue color which is just such a pretty vibrant color and then I based my other color choices off of it but we do have other choices available at where you can find all the supplies for this project and you see I have other pairs these are sixteen millimeter in size and they're four millimeter little by cones I paired on us so you could see you could just do some wonderful like purple green turquoise combos I don't know I think this would be lovely over here as well so just have a lot of fun with this design because it is a really playful earring now I've also chose this nice sleek earring hook if you look at it here there's a little loop on the back which is really nice and we do have other styles of this type of earring hook as well with that loop right on the back as well but if you want to make an earring that looks just like the one I have here what you're going to need are two of these little pairs size 16 millimeter you're going to need one color of 4 millimeter bicones and you're going to need 24 of it you're going to need a second color of 4 millimeter bicones another 24 you're going to need 48 head pins and these are 2 inches long 22 gauge you're going to need your pair of earring hooks you're going to need some ear backs I have a little bullet right here and then you're going to need for each earring 2 of these 6 millimeter open jump rings so you see I've already done some of the work here but I'm going to show you how to go ahead and set these guys and create little wrapped wire loops so I've left a couple available to still do and then I'm going to show you how to actually put them on the jump rings connect everything together and finish your earring the tools that you're going to need is a haier of either round nose pliers or wire looping pliers I love my wire looping pliers if you've seen other beauty holic videos on either YouTube or on our website I do use these a lot they're great they have one nose which is a little bit concave and one which is round it really helps if you're gonna be doing a project like this that you're gonna be making well 48 wrapped wire loops you're gonna need a pair of cutters and a couple pairs of chain nose pliers so let's go ahead and begin so I've already made up these guys and you see what they look like it's just that little bicone with a wrapped wire loop up top to make that you take your head pin you place your bicone onto it and you let it go down to the bottom then you take your wire looping pliers and you grab it just above where it exits the bead you want to give yourself just a touch of room not very much and you squeeze and you see that that already helped to make part of my loop for me get him bend that down rotate your pliers up top and you can still grab it at this point which is why I really love these wire looping pliers and then you're going to pull it so it Criss crosses and then you can either now switch to a chain nose plier or you can keep gripping it with the round nose and just take that tail and wrap it around and just one one-and-a-half loops that's all you really need then you're going to take your cutter and just snip it you'll probably have a little bit of a tail and so with that you are just going to take your chain nose pliers and tuck that tail and I'm going to show you how to do this one more time so again take that bicone have it sit down on the base of your head pin grab the wire when it exits the bead I'm just a little above it then rotate to the top and like I said you could switch to chain nose so if you want to switch to chain nose all you do is you would then just grab that loop like this so whichever is easiest for you and I really do recommend a two-inch head pin I know you do cut off a lot it just makes a lot easier to grab this tail it gives you more to work with there we go grab your cutters again trim it and then just tuck it in so you don't have any little pointy wires at us it makes it for a neater loop so for each earring you're gonna do 12 of color one and 12 of color too if you want the specifics on what these colors are and the links to purchase them they are in the description of this video and in the project description on the beadaholique website okay so now we are ready to assemble our earring so we're going to take a jump ring and this is a six millimeter and we're gonna grip it on either side with our chain nose pliers and twist it open I'm gonna put this 16 millimeter pair on it and now we're going to take our little bobbles and we're going to put six on so one two three four you can kind of shake it a little so they go down four five and six okay once you've got six on one side you're going to grab that side with your other pair of pliers and you're going to put six now on this side so one two three four if it starts to get a little bit tight in there I would say start to close it up just a little bit you don't have quite as much work to do here in a minute five it's a little hard for me to see from this angle you know what and go ahead and put it on this other side let's get one more on this side where we have just a little bit more room now we're gonna close that and since we did put seven on one side I want to just make sure one pops over so I've got six on each side and jiggle it a little bit I'll help to scoot them down lay this down on our table kind of making a note of where that middle part is you can always count yours later but just gonna almost point to it with my plier tube all right now we're going to open this jump ring and loop it on to that midsection or we might just have to count so four one two three four or five yeah all right we're gonna add our second color and I really do want to emphasize have fun with the color combos there's so many different colors or swarovski bicones and pairs you can really play with it even this design I think would look really pretty in gold so play with your metal finishes as well all right so we're gonna try to get in the center here or so we have six on each side see if we were able to do that on the first try okay so what we're going to do is we're going to add again six to each side and then you can be a little loose with this it doesn't have to be exact it just makes it so that it's balanced when it hangs but you have five and seven if you're having a hard time getting these guys to sit right don't worry about it you've got so many that you're playing with that's really ok let's let's see I've got four five six over there so I need two more okay now what you can do is you can close this up I'm gonna close it almost all the way just so that they're a little bit more stable on there now I'm gonna add my little loop at the base of my earring finding close that jump ring I make sure is really closed now that is an open loop at the base of that earring finding if you'd rather add it later that's totally fine too but there we've got a little clusters all these fun little baubles and then for the finishing touch you just want to have a little earring back and I really like these bullets you just put that on so that you'll stay on your ear of course but there we have fun cluster earring full of all these crystals and really that vibrant majestic blue just pops and that is how you make a pair of Swarovski crystal cluster earrings if you enjoyed this tutorial please do subscribe to our youtube channel and check out where you can find all the supplies for this project and many other jewelry tutorials as well you

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