How to Make a Looped Climbing Rope Bracelet

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, you will see how to use the Climbing Rope to make a looped bracelet as seen in the Tiffani Bracelet. This video includes the instructions from start to finish for this bracelet. You will see how to measure and assemble this climbing rope bracelet.
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Hi, this is Kat with and of it over this arrowhead finding right here so to do this what we're gonna need today is we're gonna need a really good pair of scissors you're gonna need a caliper to help measure the millimeters a ruler we're gonna need some e6000 we're also going to be using a lighter so please be careful I also have some scotch tape here a little bit of black s lon you can use whichever color you like and I have climbing rope now just to give you a good idea when you order the climbing rope from you're going to get this whole package this is one lot of our climbing rope so you'll notice that you'll be able to make several different bracelets so just to get started here let's go ahead and look at what I've done here now again like I said you're going to end up creating a loop out of one whole piece of the climbing rope so this is just one piece that I've run up and around and I've tied the s LAN around there so let me go ahead and show you how to do it and one thing that is very important with this project is the measurements so today I'm going to show you how to make a seven inch bracelet as you can see I put it on the mandrel here and that's the size that we're going to make even though when you lay it out it's going to feel like it's much longer and that measure is about nine inches but take away the loop so there's room for the clasp you're looking at about eight inches the good thing about this is that when you are measuring you can always leave a little bit extra and sort of cut down as you need to as you're measuring it for your own wrist we certainly do give you plenty of climbing rope so you don't need to be stingy with your measurements so let's get started what I'm going to do first is I'm going to measure out my climbing rope so by taking one end the measurement to get a seven inch bracelet is you're going to be using sixteen and a half inches of climbing or so I'm gonna go ahead and measure this out and that's 15 inches I'm just gonna move my measurement so 16 and 1/2 so now I'm going to leave that right there I'm going to take my tape and this is just to help guide my measurement also to help make sure that I don't fray my rope so there's my 16 inch 16 and a half inch mark I'm going to put my tape down and use this as a guide so you now cut my rope so go ahead and take your scissors and again like I said you're gonna want a really good pair of scissors and you're gonna start to cut now you'll notice you kind of have to saw through a little bit hopefully your scissors are maybe a little sharper than mine but just be patient you don't want it too afraid to much and you'll notice that there's actually a little bit of a core to these guys now if you've worked with paracord it's actually very similar to that so go ahead and just give it a little trim and trim trim that up and then you're going to take your lighter again like you do in paracord and you're just going to sort of burn at the ends and just melt them a little bit just give that a really nice solid no fray and if you are working with a lighter please do be very careful and in just a minute or two it'll be cool to the touch now what I'm going to do is I'm going to fold this in half and the best way to do this now is to test the size you want so you can go ahead and place your end cap on I'm not using any glue at this point so go ahead and put your end in there and you can close that up and kind of judge the size you can either try it on or you can use a mandrel if you like ok so now what I'm going to do is just line up my ends you can keep them in the end cap if you like but what I'm going to do is line up my ends and judge see how I did on this one I judged how far I needed it the hook so I'm just gonna hold it with my fingers and pinch about let's see it's about two inches one-on-one in three quarters two inches down to where I think I'm going to need my hook so now that hooks in nice and easy there will be enough tension to hold it into place and it can slip out so that I think I'm happy with that so now I'm gonna take my s lon and what I'm gonna do first is without cutting it go ahead and mark off where you want to start your wrapping so I just hide an overhand knot and pull it tight let's see it's a little closer to two inches I want to move it up a little there we go about one and three quarters of an inch I'm happy with that so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna tie another knot just up and over just another knot not any kind of special knot just to secure that into place so now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to start wrapping what you're going to do is you're gonna take your e6000 and just put a little bit on the cord moving this way only as far as you want to do your wrap so just a little bit just a little dab just to kind of keep it in place there and just a little bit on both sides remember not too much this is just to kind of hold it cause if your glue and now we're going to begin wrapping this is my my small tail so I'm just gonna tuck that down in between and I'm going to start wrapping notice I haven't put any glue on what will be the front of the bracelet just because I want that to be nice and smooth and just get it nice and tight there keep good tension and you'll notice I haven't cut my s lon because I'm not sure exactly how far I want to wrap this and how much s line I'm going to use so just keep wrapping and you want it to be nice and smooth you'll notice the glues kind of coming through the S on there don't worry about that you'll be able to kind of pick that off later it won't show through I promise okay so one last rep and I'm gonna come around and make sure your finishing on the back now this tale that I've left is sort of coming down through the bottom here you'll notice there's the glue you just pick that off now go ahead and cut your s lon so what you're going to do now is you're going to tie another knot using these two end cords here and again it's just a simple overhand knot nothing fancy and tie that knot and then go ahead and double knot it and now take your e6000 and what you're going to do is you're going to sort of spread the cord here and what you're going to do is kind of tuck that down in there and you'll see that it separates just smidge go ahead and get a little bit of glue in there just a little you can also use a little toothpick to kind of get that in there and it's nice and hidden and you just sort of tuck it under with your finger that way you won't be able to see it and again once that glue dries you'll be able to just pick that right out there so but that's the front side it's nice and clean because we didn't put any glue there and this is the back side now or the side that will face your wrist go ahead and let this dry and when it does you're going to want to clip the tails here but go ahead and let it dry let wait it'll get a nice setting in there so now that it's dried and I've clipped my ends we're going to add on the clasp again taking your e6000 you're going to go ahead and add a good good dollop inside the recess here and you can see that I actually added a fair amount of glue because I really want this to have a really nice hold to it so go ahead and take your two ends make sure that when you add the clasp that this part is facing your front so go ahead and place one end in there get that nice and tight and at the second end and just go ahead and smoosh that down and go ahead and let that dry completely but just to show you how it's going to look when you're all finished you can go ahead and close up your bracelet slip the loop over and that is how it will look when it is nice and completed and dried and ready to wear but again do let it sit overnight before you do try to wear it now these are the instructions for a seven inch bracelet and I as you saw I cut sixteen and a half inches if you want to go for a longer bracelet or a smaller bracelet you can adjust your measurements this is how much we have left over from just making one bracelet so you will have plenty of room so again don't be stingy with those measurements make sure that if you want to finish off your lot so it's ready to go next time just make sure to bring those ends with that lighter please be sure to take off the tape before you do so but this will be all set and it won't fray so if you want to put this away for a while and then come back to it you're welcome to do that but there you have it that is how to make a looped climbing rope bracelet and you can find all the supplies to make this project at you

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