How to Make a Long Y Necklace with Acetate Zola Elements

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to make a long Y-shape necklace using link and pendant components from Zola Elements and Nunn Design. This classic silhouette is easy to make your own by choosing different shapes and playing with the scale and sizes of the pieces.
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Hi, this is Kat with donuts now these are beautiful geometric shapes and I'm actually going to talk about some of the different ways when you can do this very simple design but first I want to start by talking about some of the beautiful colors that I have in my table here now this is just a selection of the items that we have but I just want to draw your eye first up here to look at this beautiful pearl color now this illness is reminiscent of like a mother of pearl but what I love is this is a resin acetate so it's gonna be really nice and lightweight so that is our beautiful pearl color and you can see that we have many geometric shapes there and then over here this might be one of my favorites this is called mermaid and you can see that it has these beautiful little flecks of teal and pink it also has a little bit of that pearl element in there as well so again you can just sort of see the scale next to each other we have some big rectangular pieces some nice oval pieces and then we have some really nice and saturated little components here as well and then over here we're gonna call this one the black pearl because again it has that really pearlized resin happening there but it's got a little bit of that black kind of streamed throughout just really nice and really really warm so I love this one and again you can see it we have in those geometric shapes so for my example here I'm gonna be using the light tortoiseshell now this again is a nice creamy tortoiseshell so it has a little bit of kind of I don't want to call it a yellow it's a little bit more of an ivory that's happening in there so what I wanted to do is I really thought that it would pair very nicely with gold so let me just kind of show you the necklace that I have in my mind so I wanted to use this geometric element here this is a nice big rectangle and I wanted that to sort of be my focal so this rectangle has one hole at the top so this is going to be the base of my necklace and now I found these Nunn design links and they have two holes and I just thought they were you really kind of neat there so I was like alright I can link that together with a jump ring and then these light tortoise shells they also come in links so it was actually about the same scale so I really liked that so it has a hole at the bottom and at the top and I figured just to kind of give it a longer element here I'm just gonna put these together and I think I wanted to do three of the gold pieces and two of that tortoise shell but it's really kind of three so it's a nice visual balance and then I have some chain over here and I wanted to just take the chain and I'm just gonna kind of lay it out here so what you're gonna get is you're gonna get that nice little Y happening here now let me just sort of move these pieces down because I want to show you some of the options that you can really explore with this type of design all right now I have about three feet of chain here that's because I wanted to do a nice long necklace it's very in style and I just thought just to really give a nice focal to what's happening down here at the bottom have a nice long chain also this way you can adjust that from the back of the chain as well to get the perfect length that you want so this is kind of my little Y shape that I have happening here so one alternative that you could do is instead of utilizing the gold there you can actually move it up the chain and you can cut your chain in half and kind of continue your design you can also just remove these pieces as well and let me set that aside because we have a lot of circles going on there but these also come in little rectangular links so if you wanted to kind of keep a little more interest happening there you can do that but also watch what happens when I use a larger link here at the bottom and it just is gonna play with scale really nicely and there's my second one so you can also do something like that to where this is going to be a little bit more in the same width so this type of design is really really simple to do but I just want to kind of visually show you some of the other things that you could do now you can do an oval down here at the bottom you don't have to do that rectangle you can also go for something really nice and slim you can just really keep it to a slim y-you can actually kind of taper that down if you wanted to you can keep it really nice and slim here by just adding in these as well you also don't have to use the metal elements you can just link these together if you just wanted something like that I like the metal elements personally so that's what I'm gonna use so I'm actually gonna go back to my original design here but I just wanted to show you some of the ways that it's really easy to take this design and make it your own alright so let's kind of put my necklace back together here so I'm gonna go for this I really like this I also think I'm just going to keep it really simple here I'm not going to cut that chain but if you did want to do that you can absolutely do that you can even add some different geometric elements up here as well so let's just keep it really nice and simple and dive into our design here so again I have some chain I have my Nunn design metal components I have my two little links there and I have my rectangular pendant here I'm going to be using some five millimeter 20 gauge jump rings and these work really well with the acetate with the thickness of it and then as far as tools go I'm just going to be using a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of benching those pliers and then if you did want to cut that chain you're gonna want to have a pair of flush cutters handy alright so let's just go ahead and honestly it's just linking jump rings so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna open up that jump ring by giving it a little gentle twist just like so and I'm just going to hook it on and then I'm going to hook on my little Nunn design link here and what I like about the five millimeter jump rings is they are tight but when you lay it down they're nice and slim so I want to definitely use those and I'm just making sure that it's come really nice and closed alright so then we just move to the next one here and again just opening up that jump ring and you'll notice sometimes with the acetate pieces they can be on one side they can have a certain look and on the other side they can have a completely different look so you just need to decide which side you want and like maybe you want the bold side to be up so it's just entirely up to you but they are nice and smooth on both sides so there is no front and back so it allows you to really choose the design and each piece is unique so that's always really fun with a design so each piece is going to be one of a kind alright so just continuing here now with these and then design pieces I just do want to let you know that there is actually a front aback to these you can see that the back is a little bit flatter and the front is a little bit rounder so again just making sure that everything is facing the way you want it to yeah just close that up again making sure we have a nice good closure there we don't want to lose our jewelry and you can even see that you can make this into an earring if you wanted to make a matching set I think that would be really really fun we do have other videos showing you how to use the Zola acetate pieces and they're just so wonderful and you know what I love that it's a really lightweight piece a really lightweight necklace they make great earrings because of that so you can really play with the scale and not add too much weight because sometimes it's just not comfortable to wear something that is too heavy you know especially if you have sensitive ears so that's again just one thing that I really love about this line I just had to open my jump ring a little bit more there we go and closing that up all right and I have one more piece to attach here because like I said I want this to be a nice long stylish necklace and looping it in there and again being aware that those Nunn design components have a front and a back alright so this is my main piece here so all I need to do is I'm just gonna take my chain and line up the ends here and then just find a middle link in my chain and open up one more jump ring there slip it on to the component and then I see the link that I want and I'm just gonna go in there and scoop it up and that should be nice and halfway and close that up alright so now it's actually attached to that so it's not gonna slide around if you did want it to slide around a little bit I suggest using a larger jump ring to kind of go over the chain but that 5 millimeter is gonna work just perfectly right there and then to add the finishing touches to our necklace here I just need to add a clasp now if you wanted to make this a go over the head type of a necklace you can just add a jump ring and just link those two together but I am going to actually add a clasp to this one and just as a little tip if you're making jewelry to sell you'll most often want to place the lobster clasp where it's going to fit on the right hand of the person wearing it so you can see for me it's on the left because if I'd go to put this on it's going to be on the right but that's just a little tip so most people are right-handed so they expect the little you know the harder part of the clasp to be in their right hand but it's entirely up to you alright engine just close this jump ring up right here make sure we have a nice good closure because this is our claps so we don't want to lose that and close it up and we have our beautiful y-necklace there we go alright and you can see that I have lots of extra chain here so this is going to be nice and long and beautiful alright so that is how you make a long Y necklace with the acetate pieces from zola elements so just choose your favorite geometric design and have fun making this design your own you can shop all that you've seen here and even the tools by heading over to and if you're new to our YouTube channel and be sure to hit that subscribe button below

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