How to Set an Austrian Crystal Heart Fancy Stone and Make a Pair of Earrings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to add a dab of E6000 into a pendant setting for the Austrian crystal Heart Fancy Stones and make a pair of quick and easy earrings.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and their settings now these settings are perfectly molded to fit these beautiful fancy stones so a fancy stone like we have here it doesn't have a hole so when you kind of flip it over it has a nice foiled back and it's got a nice little point to it so when you look at the setting it fits it nice and perfectly and then let me just flip over that setting so you can see that it matches and mirrors those facets perfectly so we're just gonna set that in there using a little ecig thousand now with these come in two different sizes and two different finishes so let me go over that before I dive into my quick and easy little project here all right so we do have our silver color and that's actually a rhodium which is really beautiful it's a nice bright silver and then we also have our gold-plated here as well so if the two sizes you can see them side-by-side here and we have the crystal and the light Siam here and then I'm going to be using the rose in my example but we do have and the larger ones are 11 millimeters by 10 and the smaller ones here are going to be 8.8 millimeters by 8 so just a little bit of a different size you know you can do these ones they're still very accessible for earrings but they're just a little bit bolder and if you want something maybe a little bit more subtle or just to add a tiny little embellishment to something you can go with that smaller size alright so we have these two colors and we have again our gold and our silver colors and what I'm going to be doing down here is I'm going to be showing you how to set those in and I have this beautiful rose color here so we have a nice little pink so these are definitely geared for Valentine's Day but they can be used absolutely year-round so like I said we're gonna be using e6000 for this it's going to give you your strongest bond for this this is definitely the glue we recommend if you did want to try to use something else Gia's hypo cement is probably a good one as well but I'm definitely going to recommend the e6000 for this we don't want you to lose your beautiful crystal and have your piece fall apart all right so we are going to be using a couple of toothpicks to help us out and then I have some nice kidney ear wires here and the reason I'm going to use those is because I don't need any additional jump rings to complete my earrings so let's go ahead and we're gonna show you how to do this now I just have a little plastic bag here just to protect my work surface so I'm going to go ahead and open up that e6000 just making sure all right so now I'm just gonna get a nice little dab onto the end of my toothpick doesn't need to be a lot and I mean I am using the smaller size here so what you want to do is you want to take that little dab of glue and place it down into the very center of the well making sure it kind of gets mostly concentrated there at the center you can spread it out a little bit but I I will tell you it's easier if it's in the center cuz then we just want to make sure we don't get any flyaways there there we go when you push your fancy stone into the setting very carefully that glue is going to separate and kind of come up all around it so now I'm just gonna make sure that it gets nice and in there and I don't want it to spill out the side so I'm just going around very carefully very gently just making sure that it sits into that well all right so I'm gonna do that again with the other one here there you go a little air bubble in there I'm just gonna scrape that off there we go alright you can see I'm just using just a little bit of that e6000 not too much like I said we don't want any glue to spill over if you do have any glue spill over wait for it to dry and then you can kind of pick it off it will sort of come off fairly easily for you but the reason I say to not do it while it is still wet is you could actually kind of end up with more glue on the crystal than you probably want and then you're going to have a crystal that has glue on it and that's a little bit harder to get off all right it's just very gently just going around just you can just see I'm just kind of gently pressing it down in there with my fingers alright and we have a nice beautiful little loop at the top and it still just looks like that crystal so it's really really nice it's a nice sleek setting for these Swarovski crystal hearts all right so I'm gonna go ahead and finish these but I do want to say you might want to wait about 24 hours before wearing this just to let that glue take its full bond because again we don't want you to lose your beautiful crystals all right so I'm just gonna take my little loop there and just string it along the bottom and it's gonna sit right down into that nice little well of that kidney wire and then you can just close that back up so it's a nice sweet little earring again you can actually do this with that larger size as well if you want a little bit more of a bold statement but this is a nice little little Valentine's Day earring or any kind of special occasion just a nice little pop of color and that beautiful little Ostrovsky crystal heart all right so I'm gonna let these dry for it like I said at least 24 hours before I wear those beauties but you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorials by heading over to

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