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Thanks for joining us here at Today I'm gonna show you how to finger crochet. Here's an example of a necklace where we did some finger crocheting and we embedded some various beads. Right next to it is a pearl knotting technique which you can see in another instructional video by But for the finger crocheting I want to show you how to do that from start to finish. It's very easy and pretty relaxing as well. You're going take your griffin silk. I'm using size four. You can use whatever size you want. Unwind it from its card. This is going to be true for whether you're doing finger crocheting or pearl knotting or any type of stringing using the silk I want to stretch it out. Try to get those kinks out. I've actually heard of people who work at her go ahead and they hang the silk from a door and then they just put some weight on the bottom of it to stretch it out for a day or two. You can do whatever you want. I find it works just fine to go ahead and just use my hands. You want to make sure you don't get any knot in it as you're doing this. One of the beautiful things about griffin silk is it comes with a needle already attached, which is very handy. I want you to go to the end that doesn't have a needle and leaving a tail of at least three to four inches go ahead and tie an over hand knot. Pull snug. Tie another knot so you make that a double knot. Okay. We're ready to begin. So we're not going to be using a crocheting hook. We're just going to be using our fingers. Take your thread, wrap it around your fingers, pull it through. I'm trying to capture my little knot in there. What you're trying to do is you're trying to narrow that circle down. You want it to be a little bit tighter than what I've got right now. Just keep working with it. Okay. Now you have a slipknot. You've got the knot where you can actually adjust it and that's exactly what you wnat right now. You're gonna pull this tight against the finger. I'm still holding the tail and that's why you want to leave a good three or four inches. Ease it off of the finger. Make sure it doesn't get caught on the knot. Pull through. Now I want to show you how to add a bead to it. You see in the example of the necklace here we've used seed beads, bicones, and czech glass. There's even little pearls in there as well. So you can really add whatever you like. I do recommend you don't add too large of a bead otherwise your crocheting is going to get a little too loose around the bead. You can see right there where you do you add the bead crochet is a little bit looser then where there it's strictly a crochet stitch. So to add a bead, I'm first going to finish one more stitch. Okay so leave the loop. Go find the other end of the silk with the needle. Pick up a bead and pull it all the way through. When you got it down to the base what you're going to do is go ahead and put your finger back into that hole you had originally. Take the strand as normal and pull it through but make sure you pull through the bead. Doing the exact same stitch as before, you just make sure that the bead gets caught in there. Put it on your finger. I like to position the bead right here so I know where it is and then same stitch so you're not altering what you do it all. You're just making sure that you can capture that bead. If you want to add a bigger bead it's the same exact technique. Go ahead find your end with the needle. Put it through your bead. Pull your bead all the way down to the other end. Go ahead and stick your thumb back through that hole. I actually noticed that mine got a little bit loose while I was doing this. I'm going to show you how to troubleshoot. Pull that last stitch out and start from the previous. Go ahead and make sure you capture that bead. Pull it through and continue with your stitching. And that's all there is to finger crocheting. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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