How to Make a Jewelry Set With Gemstone Chain and Wire Wrapped Briolettes

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will learn how to create this jewelry set by wire wrapping amethyst and carnelian briolettes onto gemstone chain. First you will see how to assemble the necklace by using jump rings to attach chain extensions and a clasp. Then you will see how to make the matching earring.
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to show you how to make a Jewelry Set with gemstone chain and wire wrapped briolettes so here we have some beautiful and prepared wire wrapped gemstone chain that's sterling silver with carnelian beads and this is about 12 inches of chain that we're going to put together with some beautiful amethyst briolettes carnelian briolettes and then a matching earring you can see here I put this earring together these colors go so beautifully together and this is on a sterling silver earring hook I should say that a couple of these components like this chain jump rings and clasp are silver plated and we'll be using some tarnish resistant silver plated wire as well so if you want to upgrade this whole project to sterling silver you can find all of those supplies at the tools we'll be using here are some round nose pliers chain nose pliers and some cutters and so to begin what I want to do is show you how I've prepared these briolettes I went ahead and wrapped the ones I knew I would need ahead of time just to save us a little time but I want to show you how to do that so I'm going to take about three inches of my artistic wire here this is 26 gauge that I'm using which is nice and supple it's great for getting around the edges of the stone without fear of cracking so here we're going to go in the top of that briolette and I'm leaving about an inch tail on one side and the remainder on the other I'm going to cross up and over the top of that stone and then with my pliers I'll angle that longer portion up off the top and wrap the tail portion around the base of that off the top like so then I'm ready to clip off that tail and with my round nose plier I'm gonna get a grip right here angle straight off the top of that coil that I made reposition my plier with the round nose on top I'm wrapping around my plier to make my loop so that's how I've prepared all of these briolettes for wrapping before I close it up of course I'm going to be latching it on to the necklace we're making so let me cut off some extra wire there leave myself just maybe half or three quarters of an inch for wrapping and just to demonstrate I'll do one more on the carnelian bead which is just a little bit smaller these beads come in an assortment of about a six per packet here at stone jewelry making is you can really make it your own every piece unique here I'm gonna come around one more time just it be consistent click my tail there angle off the top wrap around the plier and I'm set to go with that one as well so now comes the fun part we get to design I'm gonna bring my gemstone chain to the forefront here scoot my earrings back a little bit and just start to place all my stones the way I want now I also want to make sure that my chain is clipped properly I want to show you the end here when you buy your chain it may look like this because this is sold by the inch and so when it's cut it may have a little incomplete loop that you want to take off and that will leave you with maybe an extra bead or two to work with in a future project so I'm going to I'm gonna completely take that rap off make sure I get both ends of it and I see that it's also giving me a little dangle and this project is going to be good for repurposing any dangles that might come off of these Center wire wraps and now that's set to go I'll check my other end and that looks ready to go I'm just gonna start to lay out my briolettes in the order that I want them so I'm gonna bring the largest stone down to the center and just start to space my amethyst up the edge in a way that looks pleasing to me if you want you can measure but again with these stones the irregular nature of the chain the uniqueness of each piece really makes me feel like it's it's easier to just go with the flow so I'm taking against a couple of the larger carnelians that I see here and I'm starting to space them in between the amethyst and adding these briolettes to the ready-made chain just makes it so luxe and gorgeous really rich looking coming up here I have it set the way that I want I'm also going to lay out the rest of the necklace to show you what we're going for here so this is some nice delicate long and short chain that I've chosen for the backside of the necklace because when you're working with these really beautiful higher-end materials you may not necessarily need inches and inches of this sterling gemstone wire where it's not going to be seen and this may be a more comfortable way to wear the necklace also at the back of the neck so I'm just gonna lay it out in the way that I'll be constructing it like so and now for my first step of actually putting this all together I'm gonna go ahead and lift up my chain find the center point just by holding it with my finger in a way that the two ends hang down evenly I'm gonna find the rap that best centers my bead go ahead and slide on the wire wrap that I did on this briolette right on to that center portion you can see I'm not hanging it on to a dangle I'm hanging it on to that that really more substantial Center wrap and I'll take my plier grip flat onto the loop that I made and with my flat plier chain nose I'm going to close that coil up just like so clip that extra and lay this down and see where I want my next amethyst to be now from here now that I've centered it I'm gonna go ahead and bring in my ruler and see what it looks like to get just about half an inch between each stone half an inch it's gonna be a little tight I think I'm gonna go for a one-inch here so right at this wrap I'm gonna take my carnelian stone and hook it in I'll do the same thing I'm gonna grip on that loop with my round plier and coil up the tail with my chain nose plier use my flush cutters to clip the extra and I'm going to continue up either side just spacing out my gems as I go each inch take up my next amethyst and latch it onto that wire wrap there once I get these wire wrapped on I'll meet you back at the top of the necklace where we'll be finishing it off with the chain and clasp so I've added on my last briolette bead and you can see from my choice of spacing that's left me with a couple of extra beads that I can either choose to add to my earrings or use for a future project so now that I'm ready with my chain portion here I'm going to add it to the back end so let me take up this four millimeter jump ring it's a 21 gauge and I'm gonna go ahead and latch that on to the end wrap like so not on to the dangle but the other wrap then I'm gonna link on my long and short chain take up my other plier and close that jump ring I'll do that on the other side let it stick my link on there there we go right now for the clasp basically with jump rings you just want to pick a size it's going to work for most every aspect of your piece go ahead and open that up and put my clasp on there and finally the jump ring the clasp Blatche on to mmm there we have our beautiful necklace go ahead and hook this so you can hold it up and see just how beautiful that turned out I'm gonna also lay it out against a ruler and see what our length is like I know that each of these chain portions in the back was three inches so let's see what that gives us all together here god with the clasp about 12:00 call it eighteen and a half inches there so you can choose to make that longer or shorter whatever you'd like and now let's move on to the earring so this earring measures two inches total and that is with one inch of the gemstone chain so we're gonna take our portion of gemstone chain here and make sure that measures up against I've got a broken end that I'm going to be snipping but the other end looks good so let me hold that up and make sure I'm gonna get the right measurement here inch to inch so I'm gonna go ahead and clip right where I see this connection here careful not to clip both but only the one link and again you see I popped off a little dangle and I'm going to go ahead and incorporate that into my earring so I've got my length of chain I've got my little dangle I've got some extra bits there and now I'm gonna take up my amethyst briolette and choose a side I'm gonna latch it on to the end link of one of those Center wire wraps close this up I think oh I think I'll add on one dangle just like so I'm gonna slide slide that on to my wire wrap and incorporate that into my design close up my wire around and then move to the top I'm going to bring in my sterling earring hook here move that loop off to the side find my top wrap that I want to hang from get that looped on I'm also gonna loop on this little extra dangle straight on to my earring hook close that up and we have two beautiful earrings to go with our necklace I just love this set so that's how to make a beautiful jewelry set with gemstone chain and wire wrapped briolettes all of these beads and supplies are available at thanks very much for watching and please do subscribe to our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks

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