How to Make the Mother's Love Strung Bracelet using Magical Crimps

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the Mother's Love bracelet. This bracelet utilizes basic jewelry stringing techniques and the design is finished off with magical crimps, thread and wire protectors, and a magnetic clasp. The bracelet itself features message beads of 'love,' 'mom,' and 'joy.' Surrounding the message beads are rose quartz pink gemstone beads and pretty bead caps.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with others love a bracelet so there's be great for the special mom in your life maybe even a Mother's Day or a birthday gift and really what we've used here and I've pre strung it so you can go ahead and see what the design is gonna be like we've used these message beads here we have mom love and joy and the little pink beads our rose quartz gemstone beads and there are size six millimeters and we've used some bead caps to surround them the beading wire itself is actually right here this is by bead along and it's a point zero one eight-inch beading wire you can see what that looks like and then to finish our bracelet where you're going to use a little magnetic clasp which is really easy to get on and off but very secure as well we're gonna add a little thread and wire protector to each end of it that's gonna really just a little finishing touch and then we're going to be using magical crimps which I'm going to show you how to use and that is gonna be our crimp bead it's going to form like a little ball like a little bead of itself and so we don't have to use a crimp cover and so I have the magical crimps over here you do get them in a pack of four different colors and these are a two by two millimeter size which will coordinate well with that beading wire then for our tools you're going to need a pair of cutters you're gonna need the magical crimping pliers to use the magical crimps and some bead Stoppers all right so I'm gonna pull this down here I'm going to show you the exact sequence of beads since I did pre string it and the way these bead Stoppers work is they're like little accordions and you just pinch them and then you put them around your wire I started with 15 inches of wire and on it I strung if you look at my sequence I've got a bead cap on each end surrounding a little six millimeter bead I repeated that then I had three beads without bead caps and this is where you're going to be able to adjust if you want to make the bracelet longer simply add more beads right here or subtract got three more of those little beads surround by the bead caps a message bead a bead with bead caps a message bead a bead with bead caps a message bead three more of those little gemstone beads with the bead caps surrounding them then three more without so whatever you add to the first side or subtract do that on the other side so it is balanced so if you want to bring it down to just two on each side or you want to bring it up to five just make sure you do it on both sides and then we've got another little gemstone bead surrounded by the bead caps and another one so that is our sequence and all we did to get these guys on and off of here if you're not familiar with stringing we just took our wire and we put the bead cap on put a bead on slid it down and did another bead cap and we did that that was our basic stringing technique so you don't need a needle or anything else if you're using beading wire alright so that's all we needed for that and now we're ready to finish one side so to finish a side keep your bead stopper on one end so your beads don't slide off we're gonna go ahead and string on one of our little magical crimps and just slide that down then we're gonna take our magnetic clasp and separate it it doesn't make it a little bit easier so that's ready to go for us but before we do that we're gonna take our little thread and wire protector and there's a little hole here we're just gonna slide our wire right through it and then loop it around and back down through the other end like so and then we're going to pull this down here in just a minute but we also need it this time to slide on our clasp before we do our crimping so just slide that guy down - and you want him to rest in the little like horseshoe there you go and that's just going to give you a little bit of protection as you wear your bracelet that the clasp doesn't keep rubbing on the beading wire you have this little nice metal bridge under here now all right so you can slide this down if you want just by pulling it so you got closer but because this is the first end we're doing we can always scoot these guys up to meet it if that's easier for you so now go ahead and scooch up your crimp bead you're gonna go back down through it with your eating wire go and pull it and then bring it towards your thread a wire protector what you can actually do is push these sides together so they come together closer now and pull that up there and now we're going to use our magical crimping pliers this is what you're going to be doing to create basically a little silver bead right there okay grab it and if you look here there's grooves there's like a little circular notch on each side of the interior of your pliers and you're going to set your crimp bead down into it just like that and then squeeze very gently and then what you want to do is rotate it well it's still in that little groove you can see we're starting to squash it that now we want to try to go from all angles so we get a nice rounded shape to it so make sure it's in that groove squeeze some more and we're just gonna keep going around just always making sure it's nice and in that groove and I'll let you know if you're making this at home the magnetic clasp does tend to stick to your pliers a little bit so you just have to work around it but that's why it's flopping over like that because it is being attracted to your pliers okay and I'm happy with that it's nice and secure I'm just gonna trim my tail now you can go ahead and feed your tail back through a couple beads if you so desire or you can trim it up close and this is a pull on this for you this is not going anywhere so I'm going to trim it right next to it and then scoot all my beads towards that end so we just did one side and now what you want to make sure you do is when you do this other side you do want to make sure that all your beads are nice and tight lined up against that first crimp bead because you don't want any gaps okay so we're going to follow the same pattern again we're gonna make sure that we've string on the thread and wire protector and loop it around don't forget before you actually do any of your crimping got to make sure that clasp is on there you do you want it to sit right down in that little hook and pull and now we're gonna go ahead and feed our wire back through the crimp bead pull and now pull it all down so it's nice and tight and you'll see what its gonna look like when it loops so we don't have any gaps okay and don't forget squeeze your little thread a wire protector bring the two ends a little bit closer together there we go you know let's do our magical crimping again set that bead or a bead it is a bead but the crimp bead down into the knotch squeeze you see we've already rounded it a little bit and rotate it squeeze again and now we're just gonna gently twist it loss in that notch so we're making a nice little round bead once you're happy with it go ahead and haha magnetic clasp but loves all the pliers trim it and you are done and you've just made a really pretty bracelet and you can see that the way we finished it is really nice and tidy and it's very secure and we've got all those pretty bead caps gemstone beads and message beads and then I was gonna say if you want to make this design but you don't necessarily want it to say mom maybe you want to adapt it for a friend or someone else we do have other little message beads available at you can just go there and check because everything you see here is available along with a lot of variation so you can really customize this swap out the message beads for different messages swap out the gemstone beads for different gemstones make this into a gold designs to silver a lot of things you can do so have fun shopping over there and in the meantime if you like this video please do check out our other videos and don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube channel thanks for watching

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